Where's Your Vibration?

Back in the 1990s it was popular to ask someone what their astrological sign was, because knowing someone's star sign would determine whether a match could be made. And there is some truth to this because some signs do not get along as well as others (although there is more than sun signs to consider). But now we need to ask about vibration, the critical element to letting us know where we are in our own spiritual growth. We can know whether we surrendering to the process or standing firmly in our need to control by what our vibration is attracting.

How do we know our level of vibration? It is mirrored in our outer reality. This is one truth we can always count on, which shows us where we are on every step of our journey. Whatever connects to us is not good or bad, it is responding to a vibrational opening in our energetic field. These are the guideposts on our journey that show us where the ego wants to control, which becomes our lesson in surrender. With this knowledge we can learn to let go and flow out of that experience into a higher vibration and create a new reality.

 This is a constant process that shifts with each situation. At every moment we are controlling or surrendering, deciding how easy or difficult our journey will be. It is usually an unconscious process that we become aware of when our life becomes too hard, difficult people challenge us, things do not work out or we feel stuck. Here the ego digs in its heels for a fight and spirit whispers to us that we need to surrender. What we do in that moment determines whether we are flowing or stuck, in the present moment or in the past.

Everything in our reality flows us, effortlessly or painfully, into higher dimensions. The challenging people and situations are our lessons in surrender although our first response is to show them that we are in control. The answer we need to move on in our journey is found in their vibration. This is our lesson in surrender. If we will pause and ask this question we can learn from our teachers and move ahead on our journey, allowing the energy of lessons and pain to move out of our reality and replace them with an effortless flow of joy and abundance.


Terry 28th January 2010 10:04 am

How do you surrender? What is the difference between surrendering and giving up? Clearly I don't know how because what I feel is surrendering gets me stuck, no movement, depressed, experiencing the same problems over & over again and it seems that what I've actually done is nothing. Or I'm waiting & waiting & waiting. What exactly is surrender?

jeanniesrq 28th January 2010 10:44 am

Surrender is letting go of the illusion of control. It is the ultimate power we can attain in life and the diametrical opposite of giving our power away as in "giving up". Surrendering never gets us "stuck". What gets us stuck is trying to control and failing.

We experience the same problems over and over again expressly so we can learn to surrender. Once that lesson is learned there is no need to continue experiencing these problems.

Terry 28th January 2010 10:47 am

How...that is my question. Not what is Surrender but how do you surrender.

angelika 28th January 2010 10:57 am

I've learned that when there is something I wish to create, I do everything I possibly can to help bring this about, positive affirmations, talking to the angels, talking to others about my wishes and asking for help where appropriate and then I say to the angels, ok, I've done all I can, now its over to you. Please bring my wish about or something even better! There are some lovely prayers to be found, they too work a treat! Doreen Virtue and Diana Cooper have some lovely ones.

After that I do my best not to keep thinking or worrying about this. Every now and then I just reaffirm my wish.

It's helped me to resolve relationship issues, find the people for the right job and lots more. Good luck : )

k 28th January 2010 11:01 am

I am not sure Terry. This same issue plagues me. When I want something really bad and it just will not manifest, I think the best approach is to let it go, but in the process of letting go we have courage and pull out another fresh canvas to paint on. As we let go we try to create something new, so we are not left with the feeling of giving up. We have to have hopes and dreams otherwise we will not have a will to live....we give up on living. Even God let go of his vision of his ideal creation when He created the flood. He destroyed His creation because it was not what He wanted, it had not worked out for Him. But, He started over with a new plan. He no doubt learned from His previous creation and was a better creator because of His failed creation. As infant creators we will create unrealistic expections that do not serve our higher good, but as we learn to be responsible creators we learn to let go of the failed creations, learn the lessons and recreate.

jeanniesrq 28th January 2010 11:05 am

You surrender by letting go of the need to control. You surrender when you realize that you really can't control anything and you don't really need to control anything.

Surrender is the ultimate act of TRUST in the universe and God as you understand this concept. When you surrender you ALLOW your highest good to flow to you. When your resist life-- you are swimming against the tide of your highest good. How do you surrender? Flow with the current rather than swim against it. Trust that all good will come to you.

When you surrender you let go of resistance to your highest good and ALLOW it to flow naturally into your life.

jeanniesrq 28th January 2010 11:11 am

The reason we cannot attract what we really, really want into our lives is because we are still energetically focused at some level on what we don't want. The Law of Attraction always, infallibly, gives up what we are in vibration alignment with.

PixieGirl 28th January 2010 11:18 am

I'm with Terry. I can't tell the difference between surrendering and giving in vs. being in control and standing up for myself.

Yes, when I go to get a mammogram, I know I have no control over the outcome. And I am peace with that. But when my husband's visiting friend calls four times a day and wants to come to our house for dinner every night... what is surrendering? What is giving in? What is standing up for myself? Where is the line that says controlling?

I just don't know...

Can anyone explain it like I'm a five year old?

k 28th January 2010 11:51 am

The idea of giving up control is also an issue. I think we have to feel empowered to create positive changes and in that sense we are in control. We may not get what we want, but that only means that what we want is not in our best interest. There we have to trust the Source to aways provide us with what is best for us. If we do not get what we want, it means there is something better for us down the road. But, we should not give up on trying to create, even if we fail, because learning to be responsible creators is one of our tasks here in the physical existance. But, in order to create sometmes we have to be able to destroy to clear space for a new creation. We have to feel to a degree we are in control and are able to make a difference, otherwise we feel very helpless.

jeanniesrq 28th January 2010 12:00 pm

Surrender is letting go of the ego's need to control any thing or anyone. Giving up is giving the ego total control.

To know if your ego is in control, check your motives. Are you trying to control someone or something in order to feel more comfortable to be right? Do you feel you always know best what is right for another. Do you offer unsolicited advice or are you empowering others to have their own beliefs? ? Do you go into resistance (feel frustrated) when things don't go according to your plans.

When you are operating authentically, you understand that not only can you not truly control anyone of anything....you realize that you don't need to.

Control is always about the ego's need to feel strengthened. It can be a very pesky unconscious pattern. I would suggest that you ask for guidance on how to know when you are being controlling and you might be surprised what synchronistically shows up in your life. Just know that you have to recognize these signs...otherwise they can be interpreted by the ego as problems and defeat the purpose of our lessons.

k 28th January 2010 12:01 pm

PixieGirl, we should not ever "give in" to the demands of others if it is not in alignment with our true self. If it is not in your heart to invite a freind then do not force yourself to do it. We have the right to do what is best for ourselves and not be a victim by thinking we are here to please at the sacrifice of our own integrity.

jeanniesrq 28th January 2010 12:30 pm

Giving "in" and giving "up" and surrender, as we are using here, are very different concepts. Surrender means to let go of resistance to what is best for you. It is empowering.

Giving "in" or "up" are dis-empowering and of ego. I know this is all very confusing but there are fabulous resources out there to guide you toward a clearer understanding. Go to Amazon and type in surrender or law of allowing and I bet you will find lots of wonderful things.

k 28th January 2010 1:59 pm

I think this message is some respects reveals that we live in an illusion and what we feel and think are reflected out into that illusion. Maybe it is the way we preceive things also. One person can see something as being beautiful and another see the same thing as being ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is the veil that covers our perception, the veil of our ego that obscures the real beauty of the world. As we change our perception and our vibrations the whirling illusion around us changes. We are able to see the things that vibrate at a higher level, the unseen world can be sensed. Then we start to understand how really unimportant the little dramas and cares of this world really are and we strive for that higher level where we find peace and love. We realize that we are not here to have marterial things or everything that we want, but to evolve through experiences. How to exist in the human condition is a challenge, but I guess it is the only way we can learn.

Rhiannon 28th January 2010 3:16 pm

Very well said, k."...As we let go we try to create something new, so we are not left with the feeling of giving up. We have to have hopes and dreams otherwise we will not have a will to live....we give up on living."

My addition is - that some of those hopes that we let go of- float up to the atmesphere and that is when a higher source of help - Angelic help can take hold of that dream- to aid in its manisfestation, as you are on to the next step of keeping alive the new dream; keeping alive your spirit. And an "alive" spirit... co-creates 'as if for the frist time'...the fresh canvas?

And, naturally the manisfestation is not always what we had in our limitied views, not even something that is manifested for the dreamer; rather a cather of that dream.
An ode to the desceased auther of "The Catcher in the Rye"- J.D. Salinger
Good post- addressing some of the recent "blogs" of comments from members here at Spirit Library. :)

one soul of light and love, Rhiannon

k 28th January 2010 3:57 pm

I think what the teachers have been trying to tell us sinking into my hard head (maybe). We are the creators of our own illusion. What we hold inside is reflected into that illusion. We can love what is on the outside or love what is on the inside of us, but the bottom line it is all the same in some respects. When we encounter an experience we have to ask ourselves why, becasue it probably represents something inside of us that we need to pay attention to. It maybe the means by which our guides force us onto a spiritual path. When God calls, He will not be ignored and we will be miserable until we surrender to the path and to His will. The hero's journey is hard, but each time we gain victory over a demon or pass a trial we are closer to the goal of knowing we really are Gods in human form and that we create what we preceive as reality by our thoughts, emotions and intentions.

PixieGirl 28th January 2010 5:34 pm

Thank you, everyone, for all of your explanations and suggestions. This topic has a lot of facets, and I know it may take time to actually "hear" all of it.

I have always been a control freak, with my specialty being giving up. (Though I called it "not making waves", "being generous", "making others happy".) I know other empaths who have the same issue, and part of the issue is how we are wired. Listening to my heart's desires & acting upon them is a fairly new concept to me, so you can imagine where I am at with surrendering, allowing, and receiving. :roll:

Only recently did I realize that I had given up on my hopes and dreams. While God certainly responded to my healing requests (because I could feel it instantly) I couldn't seem to manifest anything. Not even a pint of strawberries.
I will take another look at my prayers and see where the resistance is. No doubt surrender will have something to do with it!

mifasolasi 28th January 2010 5:59 pm

Two days ago I faced exactly this lesson!! A very strong challenge !! For a moment my mind said : respond!! .. but it was just a moment..and it was just my mind.. my heart was still.. and deeply peaceful.. this fight between human nature and soul this very moment is so often and so distinguished.. leaving ourselves to flow into the energy, sending light.. and love ( it needs a lot of courage, but it works if it is pure and conscious ) to the challenges is the way for keeping balance these very strange but powerful times !!! :angel:
Thank you Jennifer :)
Love :smitten:


rdmiller 28th January 2010 6:12 pm


I enjoyed reading through your comments on this topic and can relate quite well to what you have said based on my own experience.

That said, the "Law of Attraction", as you described it, is not a law nor an accurate statement about reality, IMHO. I know many folks say it is (i.e. The Secret, Abraham and the Hicks, etc.), but this is a misnomer which actually creates considerable confusion and pain. There is a great deal of unquestionable evidence that some people who are negative and doubting reliably attract what they want, and others who are amazingly positive and firm do not. "Like" does not attract like. Look at a magnet. Like repels like.

Energetic focus is not the key component to manifestation. This topic is far more complicated than the so-called laws of attraction and allowing. So folks... if you are doing your best at attracting something into your life and it isn't quite showing up, it is unlikely the reason is because you are "energetically focused at some level on what you don't want". The concept of vibrational alignment is more complex than this.

misafir 31st January 2010 8:05 am

Surrender is the act of 'Partnering with God'. It is to act 'Partnering with God'. (BTW, 'Partnering with God' is the name of one of Kryon books..)
Therefore, the quality of surrender depends on the quality of 'Partnering with God'. (Meaning, being in alignment with that energy, and acting through it..)
Then, acting thru Ego becomes the opposite..
Surrender uses the (fine tuned) tools of intuition and love, and the ego tries to control&manipulate with crude tools of logic (external appearance based) and imposing force, and the ego beleives hard (actually a fanatic of) (a misinterpreted version of) the 'survival of the fittest' theory.. :)
(oooppss.. when a comment is re-edited the order of comments changes.. :) )

johneblums 28th January 2010 8:47 pm

SPIRITUAL ZODIAC AND NUMBERS. On the spiritual level my vibration is "2012".This is composed of the values of certain hebrew letters in the formula [5(1+400)+ 7]. 401 is the value of Alfa+Omega (Alef+Tav) and its reverse (104) is the Chalice Messier M104 in Virgo.The 7 double hebrew letters also represent the 7rings/rays of the elohim galaxies within the M104 (the Great central Sun) or as the 7 primary auric chakra of the Rainbow. Number 5 is the "SER-PENT-ALFA" ( the 5 pointed Star of SHER-AN, H-EART-H OF M104 ). The primary spiritual zodiacs related to this are Virgo/Aries (the Christ-all(Ram) spirit(virgo) energies); Pisces/Aquarius( the unified male/female twinflames from the Holy Sea of Light(Solar Lion Kingdom M104)swimming/moving as living spirit through the universal cosmic matrix and shining the radiant light of the "Office of Christ"(ie God-dess) into new and old creations.

k 28th January 2010 9:08 pm

I do not know what vibration I am attracting. My dogs seem to look and feel and vibrate the same this week as they did last week. :). Otherwise I am not attracting anything or anyone into my life.

k 28th January 2010 10:16 pm

I agree rdmiller, so many "coaches" etc, are making a career out of training people to manifest their desires. I have talked to people who think it is something they did wrong, they are not trying hard enough, holding their mouth right or something, because what they want regardless of how hard they try does not manifest. I personally have a very negative veiw of people who promote "manifesting" material things or things that serve our ego. We have lessons to learn to fullfill our soul's contract and we will have experiences that will help us learn the lessons. The opportunity to learn the lessons will be repeated until we fight the monster and win. The programs on manifesting usually disregard this aspect of our experience. Not only this, but I think sometimes we experience things that are not always a result of our own thoughts and emotions, but is a result of the collective thoughts. I think as a part of our prayers we like Jesus should ask to be delivered from evil and be protected from the thought forms of those with negetive intentions seen and unseen.

Convalia 28th January 2010 10:18 pm

This (and more of wonderful Pamela writings) might be helpful here:


("Surrender and Control") by Jeshua/Pamela Kribbe

Good luck!

thehalfwit 28th January 2010 10:38 pm

Jennifer has always been spot on with the right message at the right time, but I have never before seen a post on spiritlibrary generate such an outpouring of positive and helpful response.

Well done, everyone.

k 28th January 2010 11:02 pm

At the risk of over posting, I am going to put out more of my thoughts. I do not think that everything in my experience has been just from my own thoughts and feelings. I am sure that as I work though my ego and vibrate at a higher level, harmful thought forms will not be a factor so much in my life. Either I will not attract negative experiences or I will be better equiped to handle them as my perception will enable me to see beyond the negative aspects of the experience. I will hopefully at some point be finished working through the pain and darkness will flee before me.
I know there have been times when I, just like all of us at one time or another, have had the experience of dealing with suffering of animals or people. As we work through that pain and try to understand how it is we brought that into our "reality". What purpose could it serve? I have concluded that it is the result of negative thought forms from the dark forces that enters our preceptual field, to make us have emotional pain. It is our job then to not give in, to face the darkness with faith in God's mercy & love

missvindigo 29th January 2010 1:34 am

I love your advice Jeannie!!! Thank you!!! It all made sense because you explained it all so beautifully!!! <3

I love everyone's feedback, helped me tremendously. :)

Much love,

Terry 30th January 2010 4:31 pm

I wrote the first response to this message & asked "How" to surrender. I'm really delighted to see all of the energy it attracted & although I'm not sure if anyone will revisit this today I'd like to add something.
If we factor in the collective consciousness, maybe throw in some past or current life karma, and hey how about some holding the light through the Ascension process... then it seems there's alot going on other than our personal vibration that may be causing certain things in our individual lives to be more difficult to change & not necessarily about us doing something wrong, like not properly surrendering ...I hope!
Lastly I had to laugh when I realized that just a couple of weeks ago I had written a very enthusiastic response to a message from Jennifer/Uriel entitled "From Control to Surrender" which I totally got at the time lol! So that's how I'll close here by saying that I think laughter is also a great way to surrender...and so are a few good deep breaths.
To laugh & to breathe....that's all I need! lol (Like Steve Martin in the movie "The Jerk":)

Rhiannon 30th January 2010 3:59 pm

Dear k at, the risk of too much praise, your thoughts on this post and many others are very insightful and uplifting.
My impression is that you have [also] engaged the help of the King of Angels, and understand the aspect- ever-so-elusive- that we are all embodying the Christ Consciousness inside and out. :)

one soul of light and love, Rhiannon

misafir 30th January 2010 6:25 pm

I think this message of Uriel's contain a specialty in it, since it seemed to have triggered opinions of many to fall onto the table. So, I see a bit of magic, an'kind'a, 'hidden message' in it. Maybe, Jennifer can channell for more insight for this situation, for more on the 'surrender' topic, and why this message triggered so much in so many. Thank you Uriel, Jennifer, contributors, and all.. :)

k 30th January 2010 7:19 pm

Thanks Rhiannon, but like Terry, there some times when I seem to get it and then I encounter another challenge and wonder if I understand anything at all. I try to keep things in the proper perspective, but in the thick of things in the physical world it is not always an easy thing to do. I guess it just take pratice. I hope each time I face a difficult situation I become better adept at dealing with it in an appropraite manner and thus keeping my inner balance.


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