Which Side of the Veil Are You On?

In the Light Beacons Portal group, someone angrily left the group because she only wanted to be around ‘love and light’ messages and posts. What she meant was she didn’t want to have anything to do with 3D reality and was going to turn away from everything that referred to it. But that’s not possible because while it feels better to be in the light, our work is lighting up what’s dark. The lighthouse isn’t located in the middle of the town square with the street lights, it sits on the dangerous coastline, warning ships of danger if they get too close. While we all want to be on the spiritual side of the veil, the truth is there is no veil now, it is gone. It left with the arrival of the 4D bridge so now we’re all on the same playing field and we cannot escape the material world by hopping across to the spiritual world because it is now all one world.

What do we do without the veil? Our work becomes more challenging in one sense because there is nowhere to escape to. Where we once sought the safety and comfortable familiarity of going behind the veil that is no longer an option. But that is not a problem because in that sense our mission is much easier as we now have all of the resources of the Universe available to us, right here, right now, as long as we remember that the veil is gone. We also cannot take the superior spiritual high ground and judge the 3D world as one we don’t want to interact with because it is all the same. But we don’t have to dive into the 3D pool either, we just have to remember why we are here and our larger mission of lighting up the world.

So now we’re all on the same, level playing field but we are not in the same place on that field. Some are closer to the integration point, others are very far away and everyone is exactly where they need to be. Now we’re the Light Beacons, lighting the path to the integration point that they need to move towards, instead of a warning light to keep them away. But for some our light is a warning of the dire path of integration and they will choose not to go there and that’s OK too. Ascension and 5D integration is not part of everyone’s path, just the ones who want it and are ready for it.

Where we once had to be content with a small amount of light, now we have an entire buffet. We can use as much as we want and share as much as we can, that’s all we need to do. It is our mission to be Light Beacons which is a graduation from Light Work. Yes it was our mission for a long time to work hard at maintaining, holding, and being the source of light as in ensuring that we were keeping that future 3D/5D integration option open but now we are done with that. Others can take up the light work, we need to move to the integration point and light it up for the rest of the world. And in doing so remember that everyone is where they need to be and we are better energy containers when we are joyful, joy-filled and enjoying ourselves and our lives.

Here’s the video that explains the removal of the veil and what that means to us.



nikos.v.3 16th August 2017 2:16 pm

All-everything is ephemeral...

In this world

Especially our self importance.


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