Mt Shasta Solar Eclipse with Aluna Joy - part 2

May 2012 Eclipse - Rebooting the System and the Earth Grid - Aluna Joy gives a 2 part presentation during the May 20, 2012, Solar Eclipse weekend in Mt Shasta CA. This heart centered presentation guided by the Star Elders and Ascended Masters of the northern and southern hemispheres and ancient solar cultures will clarify what is going on now with you, our planet and the universe... and what you can do about it and how you can help.

** Part 1 Clearing the Way -- Detoxing and defragging our past, history, memory and patterns in preparation for the rebooting of the system.

** Part 2 Rebooting the System -- Aligning with the new grids, opening the Star Gates and down loading the new software ... the creative force of the universe. 

A note from Aluna Joy...

I was in the path of a solar eclipse when I was a young child . . . I remember it clearly. The sky slowly darkened. The birds sang their evening songs and then they all went still. I heard the crickets begin their chorus. That is when I looked up expecting clouds; instead I saw a shadow crossing the sun. I was alone out in nature, but I was not alone. I was one with the Earth and sky, and the distance between the two had just shrunk to the point that I felt one with everything. There was a deep stillness overlaying a potent raw power of the universe. I could clearly feel my place in the scheme of life. It was a powerful and life changing moment in time for me. 

When I was visiting Mount Shasta in late June this year, the whole town was buzzing about the upcoming 2012 May 20th Eclipse. The excitement that it was arousing among my Shasta friends felt like the energy I experienced over the Harmonic Convergence way back in 1987. It was great to feel that frequency again. I was in Mount Shasta for the Harmonic Convergence only by luck, synchronicity or accident; but it changed my life radially. It was a huge turning point. It changed the course of my life and activated what I am doing to this very day! 

I forgot about this eclipse for a while; but this eclipse did not forget about me. Soon it was coming back up on my radar. I called a Shasta friend Troika, and as we were talking, the eclipse came up again. She was already planning a weekend to celebrate the event. So we joined forces. Yet another great reason to go back to Mount Shasta. Now I get to celebrate this event with a nice group of like-minded friends! 

Then I remembered an old English pal of mine, Marcus Mason, who is an eclipse astrologer and an expert on eclipse paths, sacred sites and the effect that eclipses have on those areas. So I wrote him to see if he wanted to join us. He was already into full gear placing himself right in the middle of the eclipse path in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. The major stun factor hit Marcus when he discovered that the Aleutian Islands will be at the pivot point; exactly midway between Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Shasta. These are two locations where the Eclipse path crosses the Great Male Dragon energy. . . the planetary Plumed Serpent Line which goes on through Mexico, etc.... This is yet another reminder that 2012 is and will be a very powerful and life changing year; no matter if the predictions about the Maya calendars are right or not.

There were gatherings being held at all three locations during the eclipse time: Mount Shasta, the Aleutian Islands and Mount Fuji. Solar eclipses have great impact for those that are along its path for nearly a year. The eclipse will create doorway between where we were, and were we are going. The Sun will reboot and begin transmitting a new program to anchor our new base camp into a new world. This eclipse is proving to have the same kind of life changing potential and powerful impact that the Harmonic Convergence had. 

From the article.... 2012 - REBOOTING THE SYSTEM - The Star Elders with Aluna Joy posted at - In the path of this total solar eclipse, your dimension will begin an entire reboot of its operating system on your Earth. As the sun is blocked so perfectly by your moon, in this very still, no-time place, a new operation system will be created and uploaded into your body as well as your world, solar system and universe. Remember that this is a universal shift and recalibration . . . not just a planetary one. We are shifting with you, as well as Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms. We are all transforming together as ONE in unity. If you are in the path of the shadow of this eclipse, the download will be quicker, more complete and graceful. You will become the living messengers for this new download for the rest of the world that did not have the luxury to travel into the eclipse path. This new operating system will begin to spread across the Earth over some time. This transformation of our reality is already victorious.


Pat Timmermans.... 2nd July 2012 3:26 pm

Had wanted to join in with You at Mount Shasta & now...It Is Done! Thank You so very much, Aluna!
Love Always & Forever,
Pat Timmermans...Purveyor of "Endless Possibilities!"