Overcome Anxiety, Get a Job You Love, Healthy Grieving & more

Overcome Anxiety, Get a Job You Love, Healthy Grieving and more

Handling Anxiety, Grieving the Loss of a Pet, Growing a Small Business, Having a Baby and more

And another rainbow - a double one!

Thanks for joining the fun today. Here are all the resources I mentioned:

First, the movie with Sally Field is Hello, My Name is Doris :)

~*~ Ed Shea - Marriage and Family Therapist - (630) 530-1060

~*~ Jessica Sweet - Career Coach - http://wishingwellcoach.com

~*~ Kerri Richardson - Small Business Coach - http://KerriRichardson.com

~*~ International Coach Federation - http://coachfederation.org (coach referral service)

~*~ Psychology Today Find a Therapist resource - psychologytoday.com

~*~ YouTube Channel- CherylRichardsonTV - Tap Away Your Anxiety - http://bit.ly/2sYCw2o

~*~ Health Care by the Sea October retreat - http://www.cherylrichardson.com/healt...

~*~ http://TheTappingSolution.com

~*~ The Whole Person Fertility Program by Niravi Payne 

And I have to find the writing book I mentioned so stay tuned...

xo Cheryl



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