Goodbye December 21 and 2012

How is everyone feeling after the much anticipated date of Dec 21, 2012 that was a very calm day! Where to from here? Where are we at with global awakening and transformation? Why aren't things changing faster? What were all the prophecies and predictions all about? This is the full video version with commentary of the written blog here:

"People have talked about there being two remaining timelines leading up to December 21, one of awakening and global transformation, and the other of destruction. This didn't mean that either of those things would happen on that day, rather that humanity would ultimately choose one or the other of those two timeline train tracks as we entered the new cycle, no longer able to have both as an option."

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Dana Mrkich

Dana Mrkich

Energy Intuitive and Author of A New Chapter Dana Mrkich is an inspiring Writer, Speaker & Teacher with a passion for reminding others of their innate truth and essence. Holding the vision of a new reality from a young age guided by her star elders, Dana’s life focus has been to help people remember who they really are so that together we can create the best possible reality for ourselves and the planet.  


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