Identity Breakdowns and Breakthroughs

Are you feeling a massive shift within where you aren't really sure who you are any more or where you're going? Here in Facebook Live Friday #1 Dana talks about her personal changes over the last few years, as well as the various stages of change that you may be finding yourself in. 


cyndy 9th August 2017 10:50 am

I confess I have not listened to the video yet. When I read the description I immediately had 2 thoughts.
I can't get lost if I don't know where I am going.
And "The mind does not need to know who we are." --Eckert Tolle


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Dana Mrkich

Dana Mrkich

Energy Intuitive and Author of A New Chapter Dana Mrkich is an inspiring Writer, Speaker & Teacher with a passion for reminding others of their innate truth and essence. Holding the vision of a new reality from a young age guided by her star elders, Dana’s life focus has been to help people remember who they really are so that together we can create the best possible reality for ourselves and the planet.  


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