2017 Year Angel Card Reading

This one-hour video is Doreen's discussion of her visions, divine downloads, recommendations, and card interpretations for 2017. She discusses the overall global situations (without getting specifically political), and about the healings, lessons, and blessings that you and everyone will personally receive. 

It's advised that you first center yourself prior to watching the video. While the reading is love-based, Doreen does reveal some scenarios that some may find intense. Ultimately, she helps you to find the blessing and the lesson within every situation. She also reassures you that God, Jesus, and the angels are watching over all of us. She says that 2017 will have a lot of divine intervention miracles to protect us all.


lauriealice 9th January 2017 2:55 pm

Thank you Doreen and Michael (long time to hold the camera!). Please know that we already knew what was coming-I would be surprised that anyone doesn't really know what may happen when there are a few world leaders (now ours included) that only personally want world domination-who has the biggest...? I have been preparing myself to withdraw from most news-as an Indigo I'm ready to put on black leather and go vigilante-but I will do it in my mind and put love out there-maybe a little divine magic too(!) I have talked to several young people and said that now they will have to redo all we did in the 60's-80's. I feel bad for them, but maybe you never really understand your freedom if you haven't had to fight for it. Faith will be our buoy to hold onto in the raging seas-and you will be a rock we reach out and embrace. WE LOVE YOU!!!