Doreen Virtue: Moving Forward on Your Life Purpose

Gain confidence, courage, and motivation to move forward with your dreams and Divine life purpose, as Doreen Virtue discusses in this inspiring video.


missvindigo 3rd January 2010 2:44 pm

Oh, my gosh Doreen! That was so inspirational, I felt like it was meant for me. I even had a deja vu moment, which I know is AA Michael's doing. Thank you so much! I almost feel like crying!

Much love,
Luiza :smitten:

passionatemystic 4th January 2010 10:42 am

Thank you beautiful angel! Just what I needed to hear.

live_in_love.NJ 4th January 2010 10:04 pm

This message is so inspiring and uplifting. I give so much credit to Doreen Virtue not only for teaching us about angels and how we all have a purpose in this life that benefits the world but for standing up and doing the work necessary to discover her life purpose so that we could learn from her example. It's a scary undertaking - going for your dreams - it's hard to know when your ego self is driving you but personally, I do find that turning to the angels for guidance and support helps me to center myself and points me in the right direction. I enjoy writing daily now and I'm using the experience to explore what my divine plan is in this lifetime. Thank you Doreen for your positive thoughts and prayers..


HighlandHealer 4th January 2010 11:02 pm

Thanks, Doreen, wonderful advice, spoken from that great, yet humble, inspirational place of power you have created for yourself. Thanks also for the daily oracle card readings you have started sharing, practical wisdom for these exciting times.

With Love from Scotland,