Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading April 3 - 9, 2017

As you let go of the old and heal from losses, your heart opens even more to Divine Love. As you go through big changes, it's normal to have mixed emotions. In Part 1 of this video, Doreen leads prayerful meditations to help you to let go of the past, increase your faith, and comfort grief. Doreen works with and gives messages from the Butterfly Oracle Cards for Life Changes.

Part 2 of the video continues the healing discussion of opening your heart to love, with a focus this week upon healing shame and guilt, and the goats join Doreen at the end of Part 2. Part 3 of the video gives announcements. 


spiritdiver 4th April 2017 9:45 am

Hi Doreen,

Thank you for adding your discussions in part 2.

Regarding this one in particular, it came to me last night after listening yesterday... a loving message, that even though there are the lower energies we can get entrapted in, they are also loving as they are a part of us. So that cannot help but be. The shadow afterall only further, through awareness, illuminates the light. And even though when going through this moment, the feeling of aloneness and alienation caused by the "night of the soul", knowing it is ultimately offering the gift, to see we are surrounded by and leading back to light and love, that we are then again reflected in wholeness/ healed. That is the blessing.