Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading December 5 - 11, 2016

It's an emotional week, and your heart may feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, you have lots of help and support - especially from Heaven. 

Your guardian angels are empowering you to take positive and healthy action to deal with emotions, such as talking with God, journaling about your feelings, and charity or volunteer work to help the issues you're concerned about in the world. 

This week's video includes prayers, meditations, and treatments to bring you strength and peace. 


FresnoHye 6th December 2016 2:18 am

Dear Doreen,
(forgetting the "R-word", (religion), entirely). In your prayer to God, Our Father in the Heavens, you failed to do so in Christ's name, "Jesus", which you did mention; however, not where it is most vital, at the onset of your prayer. It's like a verbal "pin code" to open a door. When you give the correct pin code you get the correct door open. If you don't use the correct pin code, or by-pass using it, the door might open, but it may not lead you to where you want or should be going. There are many gods, and some even consider satan the devil to be one, and he's mentioned in the Bible too. Just attempting to protect you and your reputation. may Google, when we pray to God are we supposed to pray in Jesus' name. Thank you.


p.s.: He is Like A Brother, I Know ;-)


You Must Always Remain Silent In Order To Listen