Weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading June 5 - 11, 2017

It's super windy here today, so we filmed indoors to have better sound quality. 

In Part 1, we work in a meditation with Archangel Michael to lift fear and clear lower energies, and clearly tuning into our divine guidance. It's a time of exploring your options to move forward as God is guiding you with your home, career, spiritual path, and lifestyle. 

In Part 2, we work on healing our hearts from post-traumatic experiences, so that we can be peaceful and open to love. 

In Part 3, we announce the winning name for Michael's rescued myna bird and show the 2 new animals who arrived (on their own by walking) at the rescue ranch during the filming of this video. 


Sullja12 6th June 2017 6:36 am

Love the videos and the new segments on healing the heart. I'd like to mention that there's a lot of new techniques out there today to address what has long been unknown to therapists, namely spiritual attachments and spiritual energies affecting people. I'd like to suggest that people interested in learning about this read William Baldwin's introductory book Healing Lost Souls and and his technique manual Spiritual Releasement Therapy. More recently, Dr. Charles Tramont published two books on the subject from his perspective as a combat surgeon and an OBGYN doctor and surgeon, Birth and Rebirth and his most recent sequel that just came out: What's MIssing In Medicine. For a more historical background to the subject I can recommend Thirty Years Among the Dead by Carl Wickland.