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Video > Integrating Huge Amounts of Light in our Physical, Stop Pushing

Energy bodies/existence is much different than before...

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Video > Conscious Clearing, Relationships, Weather & Living Multi-Dimensionally

All things SOUL Awakening, Remembering, Ascension, Expansion, Transcendence, Embodiment, Multi-dimensional Mastery....

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Video > Timelines Playing Out, Death & Resurrection Energies, Void Spaces, Mandela Effect for all

Each timeline has a totally different physical reality. So much cleansing our bodies on a cellular level with new atomic & molecular codes, we've entered a "re-distribution process" on every level (I'll write about this more very soon)...

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Video > Choosing Your Reality

Everyone is equal here, everyone has the ability to open their heart/mind. We see who is willing and who is not and we can see vibrational realities that allow us to choose our own timelines and honor each's choice to experience their own timelines however they desire/need to. 

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Video > Super Quantum Energy Report 03-16-17 Karma, Abundance, Unity, Timelines

It's time to fully recognize and deal with your own human'ness (ego), separation unconsciousness, clear those old programs/realities, collapse them yourselves, shift/move/transcend/step-up and move into your highest version timeline of realities now.

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Video > Clearing between Eclipses, NEW Codes Anchored, Continual Physical Upgrades

This is an important time to resolve things as we prepare to move through this Gateway and shift timelines huge. We've been clearing and collapsing the old like crazy, huge physical body upgrades/integrations/re-structuring. 

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