Choosing Your Reality

We spend a lot of time breaking down old systems, old beliefs, old mentalities of separation (un)consciousness. We've observed many having to shed the old Guru Energy/seeking outside instead of inside. No more dependency, as this is an old program that is obsolete here. There is a huge difference between guru and guide. Pedestals went out the window when NEW Earth opened up for all to ascend in the physical. All was replaced with deep sacred respect for each other, each having the same ability to go inward to access their own answers. As Guides, we point all inside. As Sages/Oracles/Seers/Frequency Readers with holographic/vibrational access, we share what is visible energetically for each to utilize this information to transcend separation from within. A guide will assist you with going inside to connect and access your own inner power/answers again..... Everyone is equal here, everyone has the ability to open their heart/mind. We see who is willing and who is not and we can see vibrational realities that allow us to choose our own timelines and honor each's choice to experience their own timelines however they desire/need to. 

Timelines collapse, converge, unify/merge.... We have the capability to collapse intentionally, all other times (as these are just vibrational realities that create the physical). We've practiced collapsing "past & future" timelines for years, yet these latest abilities allow us to collapse "futures" intentionally, by showing us the structures, dynamics and outcome so far in advance that we now are to collapse all not able to align with the bigger picture instantly...... huge ones can be abrupt, which is why it's so important for each to be totally self-aware, totally in-tune and totally open/connected as their own highest selves.... The moment things are unable to align/synchronize, this information now becomes available so each can "not go down that path"..... (karmic patterns). Full consciousness gives one the ability to see the pattern and stop it and shift to a timeline where that no longer exists..... (Intentional re-patterning)... 

Physical body upgrades increasing substantially for all... (read my recent writings and 2017 Energy Reports), Higher Mind Consciousness for coming on-board and moving further into Unity Consciousness existence with holographic access.... 

I shared a few andaras for fun and wandered non-linearly (as we do)..... touched a bit about April - June and everything in-between too!

Love from Kauai (LeMUrian Energies) and me to you!