October - December 2017 Multi-Dimensional Quantum Energy Report

This is only a portion of the Energy Report, yet I chose to put this out now and release the next ones in sections as we go....

This will apply to the next 3 months (and after for many)... The focus on NEW EARTH EXISTENCE increases as we go through these initiatory/anchoring/integration processes of HOLDING THE HIGHEST TIMELINES IN PLACE and transcending all lower programmed realities built on unconscious structures, with systems that were held in place by OUR unconsciousness and agreement to CONCLUDE the human experience/experiment to move into our highest Soul Purposes & Galactic Purposes by way of our Earthly Roles here.

This is part of the new Zero Point Field Range that was anchored in the whole month as of the August 21 Eclipse/Particle & Re-harmonizing Convergence that still occurs and accelerates this for all.

This is CHOICE POINT for many transitioning over to "get off the fence" of straddling the old & new to prepare to JUMP Quantum Style (non-linearly and "fast") into much higher timelines by holding that consciousness and DOing Soul-aligned realities (instead of human/ego aligned ones).

Zero point is where all realities are CREATED (accessed for those who have gained access through PURITY CONSCIOUSNESS again). We "see" and we "do" and we anchor realities into the physical continually through Embodiment.....

Observe, break those old distorted realities and constructs down yourselves and shift, dissolve all back into love/unity and shift all yourself. Re-connect and STAY connected and let go of your old linear everything ..... This is a Vibrational Existence AS ENERGY.... Multi-Dimensional Earth is within you, all around you... open up fully to the highest experience here!

More soon!

Feel free to share-away for those who might resonate/benefit too. We do this together... it's a part of our Unity Consciousness for everyone...Let go of any judgment that holds you to your old limited-separated realities, which is unconscious programs too. Open up fully. It's exquisite and freeing as we all do!


Toni 4th October 2017 7:50 pm

I see similar at this timing... all timelines came together in one big nexus with 3 major lines growing from it. One timeline loops back to the past, another is a nano timeline that splits into for the good of all & for the control of all. Then there's the golden spiral that has its foundation in conscious truth & maintaining truth without needing to hide. Hiding truth effects the nervous system.

We think we can do a myriad of things yet when grounding it into physical reality the nervous system often aligns to another vibration.

"On course for conscious Heaven on Earth Captain... quantum speed ahead".

Love you too Lisa. :thumbs: