Timelines Playing Out, Death & Resurrection Energies, Void Spaces, Mandela Effect for all

Each timeline has a totally different physical reality. So much cleansing our bodies on a cellular level with new atomic & molecular codes, we've entered a "re-distribution process" on every level (I'll write about this more very soon).... Every nook and cranny, every crevice.... Cosmically, all energetic patterns have gone.... whole new ballgame now. As Galactics, these highest timelines create the Mandela Effect.... as each timeline now experiences totally different realities now. Multi-Dimensional Earth no longer bound to anything....


spiritdiver 20th April 2017 12:00 am

Hi Lisa,

Thank you.

If you were referring to this last weekend, in particular Sunday 16th...Wow I really felt the ascention/light. The Sunrise said it all. Christ Consciousness rising. Way big, as you say diamond coded energy downloads. And pretty nice it was offered to us on Easter. It was so amazing. I think I may have taken too much in though. As from Monday I was completely, physically knocked, down. I could not move. I don't know if you, or others had a similar experience. But it felt like every cell, organ, brainwave, and structure (there were some old patterns i thought long gone) releasing, changing... melting. I ached to the point of my body was not able, or seemed would allow to move. I've experienced this before, where it feels like a major flu out of nowhere and then within a day completely cleared. But this one was the most intense. Finally my energy is powering back up... sloooowly. All else you speak of, Sister, I appreciate u putting into words. I am feeling it too.

With love, in peace. Tomorrow another moment, this incredible journey of one/together.