Mermaids of Mu, Neptune and the Cosmic Trine (Total Solar Eclipse - 21st August 2017)

Currently in your time period, August 2017, you are in a most 'auspicious time' if you will. This is the time period we refer to as 'The Emerald Gateway' that encompasses a full moon/lunar eclipse, followed by the Lion's Gate into a Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st 2017. The Mermaid is a most appropriate symbol for this time period.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick using royalty free media.


Toni 25th August 2017 9:20 pm

Beautiful. :thumbs:

I shall always remember the date I unlocked my Mu codes & opened the floood of the jigsaw pieces from my Earth now through Lemuria to Sirius as inception point.

It was the 8th of the 8th of 2008...Lions G8. I had just climbed this rather steep hill as I love the view of the ocean. As I got to the top and saw the beauty I felt a most euphoric energy shift thru me & was compelled to throw my arms up toward the that exact moment a lone dolphin jumped from the ocean below in perfect synchronicity with my arms. The joy was incredible...& the freedom to express this joy profound.

Not long after I was exploring an abandoned house just across the road from the dolphin nexus and found a wooden eye shape sign with the "Ocean & Earth Surf Travel Equipment Australia" trademark. I absoulutely had to take it home with me. I also found a most beautiful heart shaped rock at my favourite beach & ever since have often felt the presence of Poseidon and what I consider my perfect beach conditions.

Thanks for my legs Dad. I love them. :smitten:


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Magenta Pixie

These are channelled messages coming from a collective energy who present as 9 White Winged beings. The channel Magenta Pixie has been receiving this information since 1993 but has now been told to release this information to other like minded souls and those known as 'Lightworkers'.


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