The Emerald Gateway (Lion's Gate into the Eclipse, August 2017)

When we speak of the Emerald Gateway, we refer to the time portal or 'period of time' you are now experiencing. This began around July 21st 2017 and will continue through the August 7th Full Moon into the August 8th Lion's Gate, continuing through to the August 21st Eclipse and begin to close between August 23rd and 27th.

Channelled, written and narrated by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick using royalty free media.


Cheri 3rd August 2017 2:33 pm

Oh my goodness these transmissions seem to be getting more and more powerful in resonance to me anyway. Here I find a large welling of tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat chakra. A familiar knowing deep within my emerald heart. Like the part in the movie where we wake up from the slumber of the poppy fields and fling open the doors to all the magic of the Emerald City haha!!

There is some mixture of joy and relief in my heart of another very important milestone being reached. These crop circles are confirmation to me of the magesty inherent in nature communicating to us once again the beauty of perfect divine resonance and sacred geometry within the one of all that is. Like a welcome home to the magnificence of DNA unified and aligned in full splendor again within human, nature and all the elemental kingdoms.

May our wheat be healed and whole again and restored to perfect resonance within our body as it was originally intended as a sacred and spiritual gift to this planet. Thank you for letting me share my heart within the sacred space of Spirit Library. :)


Toni 3rd August 2017 9:12 pm

haha...had a few tears myself with the double download statement "Open your hearts Angels of Earth..."...ok my hearts emerald...not keen on lime tho cos i prefer my emerald pure...prefer my magenta pure too. hehe :)

I watched Dr Strange last night...the geometries are amazing...I do believe that each Starseed ascends to hold a particular point of this crystalline grid.

The triad energy of this emerald gateway is what I experienced last eclipse with the resurrection gateway when we got critical mass. Be interesting to see how it unfolds through this one.

Loved what you wrote Cheri...Thanks again Magenta, beautiful.


Cheri 4th August 2017 10:15 am

Thank you T!! Really looking forward to getting full access to our Akashic and restoring or embodying all our memories, well integrated and free and clear of emotional dross.

PS: Not a fan of lime either haha!! I love emerald green, deep verdant and lush like nature. There is a great mediation piece by Source Vibrations called "Emerald Heart Ascendance" which uses Solfeggio frequencies broadcast in Theta. I am so looking forward to the alchemical marriage of my right and left brain hemispheres. As awakened starseeds we now know what the other 90% of our previously unused brain was for hahaha!! This marriage will bring all of our creavity back online.

Welcome home Green Goddess!! (I used to love that salad dressing hahaha!!) With so much love to you :)


Cheri 4th August 2017 1:02 pm

Maybe this is the time when the travellin music man finally finds the woman who can tame him and bring him into that place of perfect balance :)


Toni 5th August 2017 7:52 pm

:thumbs: Yes lime to me has too much ego & not enough pure heart...for an honest truthful balance anyway...An ego leak that drains energy rather than creates it is lime... I am playing this 528 Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance as we speak, beautiful, yet I always seem to ground back into the music that makes my body dance and my heart sing.

This is what I have been working on, the marriage of the masculine and feminine within. It takes a while to ground through the dimensional density into that which be solid reality. I have to keep shifting thru one glitch after another...The twisted masculine control (pride) that effects base power is healing for now and everything is flowing with minimum entropy therefore we have maximum time. There is also more to do with the feminine flow that requires more expression. The expression at present is mostly internal. I kinda like how it is tho, so there's no rush or motivation to change anything for now.

It feels like when the masculine and feminine unite within we create a new baby aspect of ourcellves to explore.

Toni 5th August 2017 8:11 pm

I'm gathering we have all the time in the world to tame our travelling music man into a place of perfect balance...with wholeness rather than holiness. The seeding took care of the holes.

Much love & hugs to you Cheri. :smitten:

Toni 5th August 2017 8:27 pm

Entropy = Ego leakage...I treat my ego as one would a child...eventually the child matures. :)

faye 6th August 2017 8:52 pm

Cheri and Toni,
I sometimes read comments first. I knew your words in the first 2 comments and was confused thinking I had already saw this. But nooooo!
Guess this is the "knowing" . that undefinable (goosebumps here) connection of US, the service to others group.
These changes this past couple weeks have been exciting and a bit scary as well. Gotta love that Bliss Spin. Just happens my b-day is the 23rd. Humm think I may need to get some weights to keep me grounded. I have used the analogy of a helium balloon and sometimes I feel like an old one only half floating but even then the bliss and peacefulness is still there. Thanks Pixie for another mind tingling video.


Toni 6th August 2017 11:18 pm

Hi faye, ha think I'd fly away too if i didn't do all my weight grounding exercises... Wonderful to goosebump into you again. I do love those bliss spins, can't remember the last time I went on one tho.

May your landing be smooth, peace be with you and celebrations abundant for the 23rd.

:smitten: Love & Hugs T

Cheri 7th August 2017 2:51 pm

So wonderful to connect with you both again. Agree with us being a part of the new crystalline grid, like we are remapping the very fabric of time and space. All joined as part of the human heart grid.

I too love music that I can sing and dance to in wild abandon!! I grew up with and will always love rock-n-roll. It's the lyrics though that always spoke to my heart.

Faye, my birthday is on the 24th!! We are both Virgo cusp girls, love that hahaha! I often thought of myself too as a kite, like a balloon, high flying and free in spirit. I was always looking for someone in my life to be my anchor so that I wouldn't fly too high and be tossed to the wind.

Ten years ago or so there was a time in my life when I went into what I would call a free fall, letting go of everything and wondered if anyone would catch me. And lo and behold I finally found it within myself to be my own anchor with a very long roll of string so I could fly as high as possible without being lost. Such is and always has been my joy and bliss.

With love of goosebumps in spirits shared too!!


Cheri 7th August 2017 2:58 pm

PS. Thank god hahaha!! that holiness is becoming wholeness. Although I love swiss cheese, I don't like that drafty feeling of some of my pieces missing :)


Toni 7th August 2017 5:09 pm

Wow a double Birthday celebration at the end of the gateway... may wonderful love, laughter & happiness happen for you both. My grandmother and daughter have birthdays at the end of this gateway also. Mass celebration.

Ha we have a rock n roll festival every year here...fancy cars, hooped skirts, greasy hair and a whole lot of rock n roll dancing...yeee hah

I used to think there'd be someone to catch me too...think now that was the old timeline where we needed a physical male and female to balance the whole yinyang. This new timeline seems to be m/f united & grounded within the one physical territory in this reality.

Much love, laughter & magic
T :)

faye 12th August 2017 10:58 pm

Thanks for the nice comments. Back to work after week off and told coworker had to come to work to get drama break. Fell into the yuck and muck of 3D this past week, long time since I went that dark but only makes the return to light and bliss that much more grand! Plan on giving a huge Leo rock and roll roar during the eclipse here in the beautiful Shenandoah (daughter of the stars) valley of Virginia. Yee hah for sure! Catch you all again I'm sure :)


Toni 14th August 2017 10:52 pm

Aha…you were the one that had the week off… I was indeed informed altho I wasn’t sure who it actually was…Nice to get feedback. We do seem to be connected faye altho I'd love to call you A if thats ok.

Your energy also feels lighter... like the dark stuffs been dumped. I always found the light & dark to balance in polarity. The highs = the lows…I also noticed it creates movement… like the AC/DC current between positive & negative with zero point in the middle. Passing thru zero point we collect/connect another piece/peace of ourcelves.

Much Love :smitten:

faye 15th August 2017 10:21 pm

hey I can be A or B or F or D, just curious why


Toni 16th August 2017 5:23 pm

Haha... boring reasons really. Without going back I remember your name as Awyucha? so A would just make things easier cos its a tricky name for me and would be easy to disrespect and get spelling wrong. A is also my favourite letter of the english alphabet. A is for Ace & Awesome & Amazing. Also when I put both of us together it spells AT - a point or place occupied in space or TA - thankyou.

A it is hey. :thumbs:

faye 19th August 2017 11:23 pm

Toni you are just too cool, you could also call me sunny or my Indian name Spirit Mother (Cherokee) or my first name is Diannia but I probably won't answer to that never been called by except first day of school hahaha. So AT TA. that be us eeesss........ Anyway may be evolved past the A name, my services as recycler may not be needed after the eclipse...........I hope, I hope, I hope :)


Cheri 21st August 2017 2:40 pm

Yo wonder women of Andromeda hahaha!! I really am feeling your sentiments Faye or A or Spirit Mother Ray :) I am really hoping to see an end to my active service as well. It has been 5 years of full time work through this most awesome and previously ascended (last lifetime) lightbody. However it is on a non stop transmutational energizer battery that I am ready to have wind down soon. Evidently I am still under contract by my higher self to finish this work on the timelines and earth grids as there is still something out of alignment within the Sun (who I lovingly call Ra Ra hahaha!!) that we are working on.

Thanks for letting me share as I feel a bit selfish for wanting it to end but man, I am actually really tired of living and breathing this work 24/7. Although I do understand at a soul level that being gifted with such a vehicle comes with a reasonable amount of responsibility to give back, which I have wholeheartedly in service to evolution. It is being called a "reference" vehicle and even knowing who I am and what I came here to do makes it no easier.


Cheri 21st August 2017 2:56 pm

However after this last transmission of Magenta's not published here yet I did hear "Merkaba Landing" several times so I am ever hopeful to bring this beautiful transmutational device in for a smooth landing and some well deserved time off to restart my long life here on planet earth!!

You sound better Faye, there is a lot of anger percolating throughout the US right now which I am sure you were feeling being in VA.

Toni is super awesome that's why shes an "Aussie" hahaha!! (plus she is a gifted empath). Thank you both for your online friendship as it really has helped me to share at this very deep, but real level. I am still trying to figure it all out but in reality we are creating it aren't we? It is ever expansive which is the beauty of it however I am ready to be done with the old and create anew. Love ya both!!

Holding down the west coast from the San Francisco Bay Area


Toni 21st August 2017 11:29 pm

Hahaha gosh thankyou for the compliments lovely ladies…Ego going up…”Look mum I’m flying”.

Sunny, I like that…A peaceful Sunny US of A with rainbow showers. I have a feeling this eclipse is the end of this service. The last eclipse was the end of mine. Merkaba Landed hehe.

I feel on a Merkaba world scale the southern hemisphere reflects the feminine tetrahedron and the northern the masculine. When they both polarize, merge & align to truth then we can begin spin & manifest love to highest potential.

I have another good friend who is of the House of Ra. She is starting to take her power back now. I am also assisting her with Rara haha...There’s a leak with the Central Sun pressure so like Earth we are taking timelines back to the core & starting again. We just needed to be the plugs for the leak through the gateway for max result if that makes sense. It shall be easier from here on out. There is much of Lemuria between us CoH.

Thanks for sharing... Many Happy returns for tomorrow & day after tomorrow Birthday girls. Sending much Love & Hugs…catch. :smitten:

Cheri 22nd August 2017 3:40 pm

Thank you for the intel. Always love getting confirmation!! Will keep "plugging" away hahaha!!

Bringing the earth back into balance completes the prophecy of the eagle and the condor, the return of dharma!!

Oh for love of the motherland, we are indeed on opposite shores of Mu. Did lots of clearing on the ring of fire. I could see the ancient crystal beds fanning out like a swan off the east coast of Australia which to me typifies the feminine energy and spirit of Lemuria.

I visited Tahiti (Moorea), Australia and Hawaii on my honeymoon years ago. I have never seen anythng so beautiful as the Great Barrier Reef. Drove up the gold coast from Sydney to the rainforests of Cairns. Hydroplaned to a Cay resort 2 hours off the coast to see the stars like never before (love that CSN song "Southern Cross"). Rode horseback on the beach of Dunk Island. But most of all I will never forget the people, lovely funny and friendly just like you!!


Cheri 22nd August 2017 4:00 pm

I have actually been drawn to Moorea in French Polynesia twice in my life only to find out that one of the Sun Discs is anchored there hahaha!!

There is also one at Uluru. Tyberron wrote about them as the 12 Lemurian sun discs carrying the codes of the 144 crystalline grid and how they tie to the human blueprint. That we would be drawn to these places to participate in the activation and recoding. There is a great article on it which you have probably already read:

Synchronicity is indeed amazing as we are all exactly where we need to be to network together and amplify the energy. Faye you are really close to the largest crystal beds on the planet in Arkansas.

Sorry, I went on and on. I am still excited about all this stuff as it is so fresh and amazing to be a part of!! Well keeping my fingers and toes crossed for "merkaba landing" hahaha!!

With love in the joy of spirit shared!! CoH


Toni 22nd August 2017 8:22 pm

:) Ha yes Aussies are a friendly bunch…Nowadays tho its more like “spot the Aussie” with the invasion of multiculturalism. Sounds like you had a honeymoon dreams are made of. Alas the Great Barrier Reef is not as beautiful as it once was. But then what in this world is? Pesticides multiplying the crown of thorns & now the sun bleaching much of the coral…not to mention a greedy government that’s more interested in profit than preservation. We are at a turning point now tho thank goodness or goddess…its basically only a matter of time before Earth is restored to her former beauty minus the hidden & the greedy. Rara is next.

Uluru has always held a special place in my heart…from 3d in ‘75 when she was Ayres Rock & I got to climb to the top & walk to the centre to 20d (10+/10-) where she is a sentient crystal ruby & is called Alara. I adventured back to visit her again as Uluru in ‘96 to activate my mission, the sun disc & bury my asleep sheep aspect.


Toni 22nd August 2017 8:28 pm

It is natural law that the condor (feminine aspect) fly higher than the eagle (masculine aspect). However the eagle was jealous with fear & polarized the current so man made law & machines are the highest we ended up with. This has now been polarized back to natural law within the 6d dreamtime cos Earth is taking her power back…eta 20yrs to densify into Heaven once again…

Sharing brings many of the peaces together... Love, peace & prosperity, T :thumbs:

Cheri 23rd August 2017 11:44 am

Thank you T! I didn't realize that Australia has experienced the same multiculturalism, greed and total lack of awareness that we have. I really love the melting pot concept at the highest level of expression which would be us all integrating and celebrating our commonalities while loving and embracing our very unique differences in total cooperation. Instead different cultures come here and clump together creating littler versions of where they came from rather than creating anew.

We come here then immediately separate into divisions of neighborhoods and religions and with that brings division, hatred and crime. Most don't even bother to learn the language which further creates ignorance and separation. Our schools have become a joke trying to cater to all and serving no one.

And because of our legal system we all then bow to the lowest common denominator rather than raising to the highest. In the meantime ego, greed and political corruption has not only raped the women and children but the land as well.


Cheri 23rd August 2017 12:01 pm

It is for this very reason that the work we are doing now in service is so very important!! As my inner voices repeat over and over during lightbody clearing work, the energy is described as "putrid" which needs no further explanation :(

It is the love for the planet that keeps me going as the knowingness of all I stated above is my inspiration. What we have created in ignorance is insanity and degredation of epic proportion.

Ok, back to love and light hahaha!!

PS: Toni you have the best emoticons ever!! I love them all but the flowing hearts are my absolute favorite!!


Toni 23rd August 2017 6:22 pm

Happy Birthday Beautiful. :smitten: Make it an awesome one. :thumbs: The ah smileys are Spirit Libraries... you can use them too. They are hiding in the Smileys box above where we write. Open the box & go to town Birthday Girl. xo

You express yourself wonderfully CoH. I love to read what you write as it also expresses my view. Yes we seem to follow the American lead in many ways. Our major cities are separated into different countries & cultures. I don't see it uniting anytime soon, old monkeys don't change. Best we can hope for is respect without issue. I see all cultures becoming one in maybe 300yrs with the influence of the younger generations. This is only the beginning. Remember when we first started this Earth project & collected all the donations of Galactic DNA ? It's the same event point. This time however we create the dimensional spiral rather than the linear circle.

:smitten: Love, Light & Magic. mwah...catch. :thumbs:

Cheri 24th August 2017 11:24 am

Thank you dear Toni for the best birthday message recieved this day!!! I do so appreciate your friendship and share in spirit.

With so much love back atcha hahaha!! from my flowing heart to yours as we begin anew in unity consciousness forevermore.


PS: Yes I do re-member the library!!!


Cheri 24th August 2017 12:09 pm

I mean the galatic library, or original collection of DNA expression you mentioned. Like Faye mentioned with her beautiful Cherokee roots, I am so fascinated by just the Indigenous DNA inside of me (Kickapoo, Algonquin, Paute, Incan, Etruscan, Iriquois). Not to mention our biological pedigree which I have been privy to hearing as we reassemble these strands from the original root races........were baaaack hahaha!!

Ok, dont want to roll over to page 2 so will sign off with much love and gratitude for my birthday gift from Toni of the previously unknown emoticon discovery hahaha!! Here's a toast to our little triad of shared energy TFC
:angel: :angel: :angel:


Cheri 24th August 2017 1:01 pm

Oh well, so be it if we roll over hahaha!! What have you learned about your galatic heritage Toni? I have been wanting to ask you about that knowing you have of being from Andromeda. Is it in the Andromedan Galaxy like Arcturus is in Bootes?

I have no specific memories yet nor do I know what being Arcturian means. Is it a frequency or vibration? Did our souls have their first experiences on these planes within these planets? Obviously it is part of our DNA matrix and galatic heritage.

I would love to know your thoughts but don't want to impose on you too much only if you are willing to share a wee bit. :roll:



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