Claim the Mastery - a message from Kryon, July 8, 2012

Out of the four questions raised by the audience, this question: What can we do to help clean the planet? resonates with me the most. And I felt drawn to share it in this video. 

If you have given pure intent to be in partnership with your Higher Self you are well on the way. However, let us also begin to consciously be in partnership 24/7 rather than only in moments when we find ourselves in dire straits. Making every moment a spiritual moment is the next step to being a Master ourselves. There is a constant flow between Spirit and you because you have chosen to open the portal for messages to flow through for inner guidance and you take appropriate action. Pure intent is about 100% determination, focus, being in energetic flow of trust, allowing for divine timing and unfoldment to take place. And you see divine perfection in yourself, in others and the situations that lay before you. This is how you carry peace and compassion within you wherever you go. Your energies of peace and compassion affect others. This is how we move energy.

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Oribel Divine

Oribel Divine

Oribel is an inspirational movie maker, an interspecies communicator, a teacher and a healer. Since 2009 Oribel has been creating videos to inspire the heart and soul. Bringing all the video elements together – message, images and music – she creates experiences that celebrate our divinity and our rise in consciousness. Her Spirit-inspired and nature-inspired videos have given her a voice to communicate to the masses at a cellular level by engaging your senses and supporting your mastery, awakening and empowerment.