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Video > Jim Carrey on awakening

Jim Carrey as you have never seen him before. His honest, candid, humble self discussing openly his life-long pursuit for meaning and purpose, his encounters with Awakening and his optimistic view of the emerging "New Earth." Recorded at the 2009 Inaugural GATE Event (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) Video was Shot and Produced by Eckhart Tolle TV.

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Video > Twin Souls: When Love Incarnates

The longing for our perfect mate is a need engraved in our DNA.

We harbor a desire for restoration and unity, and search for the piece that is always missing.

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Video > "Language of Light" 528 Hz Love & Miracle Sound Transmissions - Divine Blueprint Activation

Shekina's voice transmissions" have been analyzed by Physicist Attiqe Choudry and her vocals resonate to the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair}and amazingly 6 other frequencies. In Shekina's frequencies of sounds of the Language of Light, some doctor who uses them to awake the inner wave energy of the human also called the kundalini serpent.

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Video > How To Stop Absorbing Other Peoples Energy

If you or a loved one has ever been labeled as "overly sensitive" this video is for you. Bravo for all the sensitive people out there but we must learn to nurture our sensitivity in the chaotic fear based world.

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Video > Lira - Feel Good

A wonderful song from a great beautiful singer!


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Video > The Pleiadians: Let Your Stellar Light Shine Pt 3

The Pleiadians: Let Your Stellar Light Shine Pt 3 is a channeled message from the Pleiadians by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - Photos by Julie Coningham
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Video > Eckhart Tolle: Are Thoughts The Source of Ego?

Is the ego the source of our thoughts or are our thoughts generated elsewhere and passed through the ego? The ego arises out of the state of identification with thought. The moment of freedom arises when we realize that we are not our thoughts—rather, we are the awareness.

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Video > Taking the Hand of Spirit - Instructions for the Old Soul in the New Energy

This video carries an excerpt of the full audio message from Kryon. The channeling took place during the Kryon Cruise 11 over the waters of Hawaii on Friday, August 17, 2012

The text have been edited for purpose of creating this video. However, the essence of the message remains intact.

For the full audio message from Kryon - Instructions for the Old Soul in the New Energy


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