Celia Fenn: The Tsunami of Luminous Light

A discussion by Celia Fenn of the information from the channel of Archangel Michael for the month of September 2015



MareGrane 13th September 2015 2:24 pm

Thank you Celia, that was powerful information I'm sure we can all put to good use. I am particularly working on healing my multiple allergies that have overcome me. I feel a move coming for me which is inevitable. Its been a year of upheaval for me. But I know I am on the right path.
I am a Virgo 8-28-1957. Thank you again, blessings.

Forever in the Light, Mary


Blessings of Love & Light in the Universe


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Starchild Global, channeled by Celia Fenn from Cape Town - South Africa, is devoted to the empowerment of all who live on Planet Earth, through an understanding of Who You Really Are and how you can live a Creative and enjoyable life. The essence of living in the New Earth is to be Here, in the NOW moment, and to understand that life is an adventure of Creativity and Unconditional love.