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Video > 2017 Begins With The Full Use of Our Light Again

Here's why you have felt compelled to heal or save others, you did not have full use of your light and now you can reclaim it.

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Video > How To Manifest From Duality

How do you manifest multiple choices and options? By using your duality, human and spirit, to create an expanded array of choices.

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Video > 3D Full Moon

This full moon is participating in the ongoing unraveling of 3D paradigms as we integrate higher 5D energies. The illusion of 3D only exists when we believe it and support it; when we remove our support we create holes that can be filled with higher vibe energy

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Video > Why Transformation Takes So Long

Why does transformation seem to take so long? Because we have to fill the gaps in the changing timelines. This video explains why.

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Video > Create Space in Reality

Why releasing is a step in our transformation, we need to create space in our reality to allow new energies to enter and that requires that we move what is in a space to allow new energies to enter.

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Video > Your Intuition and God's plan

Our intuition is the bridge between our 3D and 5D realities. It is how we link our human self with our divinity and is an important aspect of our ascension cycle. It works like a flashlight, which needs the container, light, and battery to function.

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