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This video explains why we all experience ascension so differently, the energy gaps between us and those who decide they cannot or will not expand their awareness and energy, the difference between consciousness and awareness, and how ascension makes us multi-dimensional (I think you will like the props in this one).


Rayofhelios 28th May 2017 9:56 am


It is SO SO funny how just recently NOW people are starting to talk about defining "3D...etc." Now, I admit I've had my own awareness elsewhere; wasn't on my radar! Also many spiritualists aren't skilled with the greatest amount of some "Adults" really can't stand "Infants." Not every adult is a great parent to infants.

But (So below as above, and so above as below) every parent has some responsibility to nurture infants.

When I was in nursing school in my growth and development and labor and delivery rotation, we were taught about that study (done during evaluations of orphanages) that infants that were not touched (regardless of being fed and changed which WAS done) in loving ways; talked to...cooed to...patted and stroked) DID NOT THRIVE. In fact their "Infant" mortality rose exponentially.

They say that parenting is one of the highest (probably highest of the species in a 3D sense) responsibilities, and viewed spiritually has the potential for fostering tremendous growth. I agree.

Let's keep those connection potentials open.

Love in spirit



Rayofhelios 28th May 2017 10:13 am

Maybe this is something the "Adults" of the ascension process should talk amongst themselves about to start formally synthesizing strategies for fostering infants otherwise...there's going to be a lot of damage being done.

So above as below, and as below so above: "Young Adult Parents" in this "New" developmental phase of "Ascension" often make mistakes with their first and second children...which sends those children to Therapists later on in their developmental stages (if they have the resources to do so) to undo the damage done.

In the olden days, We had the extended family model where there were elders who stepped in to assist the young parents...taught them to be good parents (and if they actually did that as young "Adults" themselves as they became parents then the next new young adults were willing to carry on the nurturing...the learning curve wasn't so steep. Community had integrity (in principle) back then.

What kinds of communities are we building? Is the current model still in 3D while we are all on our "Individual" journeys?

Love in spirit

Ray of Helios


Rayofhelios 28th May 2017 10:33 am

Finally, I'm thanking you for this incredibly simple and comprehensive demonstration. I'll have to admit, I came to these very same realizations already and just recently, but it was done through a life time of piecing together tiny little jigsaw puzzle pieces of a mosaic image (like a 10,000 piece puzzle...thankfully NOT gotten at the" good will" - all the pieces are accounted for in the box).

US (Uriel Speaks) so many teachers out there...stuck in their own process but with no affinity or patience to demonstrate or break it down. One indicator of a really really good teacher is someone who has patience and gumption enough to demonstrate...takes the time...takes the "Props"...speaks in the language that most can comprehend. This helps people "Leap Frog" over a lot of unneeded consequence (though it can not be avoided entirely). It really DOES excelarate learning. And that's what great teachers do.

THANK YOU...THANK YOU THANK YOU...OMG...THANK YOU for putting this particular video out there. You, Dear...are a incredible teacher.

Thank you!


__________________ 15th June 2017 2:59 pm

A simple comparison but it made me know why I had to 'disown' my heart child. His wife caused me hurt, anxiety and pain in my soul. I couldn't take it any longer and explained to them why I no longer wanted them in my life. My son was horrified. However, they are a unit and he was becoming more like her. I lost Eric and my grandchildren because of this. I was heartbroken and full of grief because of this "Death". Then, a sense of relief came over me. Sometimes Death must happen in the Ascension process.

__________________ 15th June 2017 3:04 pm

RO, as seen in my comment below, it was necessary to block my own son. Maybe I can't fully comprehend what you said, but I could no longer keep him as a familial connection. At first there was incredible grief and mourning, but now I feel relief and a sense of pure light.



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