Living the Mystery Guided Meditation by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Chant and feel your way to a glorious relaxation and peacefulness that comes from returning to source, to that divine infinite intelligence within.

During this meditation, you’ll let the pressures of the world fall away and sit in the never divided silence of the present moment. You’ll discover the freeing truth that there is no way to happiness and that holding judgments about others keeps you in a state of unhappiness.

When you choose the way of happiness, you begin to hear that silent inner calling and your uniqueness unfolds as it was meant for you to live your life with purpose and with love. You’ll begin to connect with your ultimate true purpose; to serve others. By accepting the way of things, a sense of divine order will wash over you and relieve unnecessary tension and pain from your body and your mind. Use this free meditation to rekindle your divine spark and feel connected to the oneness of all things.