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Video > Light Body Development and DNA 2/2

Light Body or Spiritual DNA is the blueprint for our Life Purpose and the divine potentialities or the "Divine Blueprint" of humanity; the ultimate expression of us as individuals and ultimately is the way to reach ascension.
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Video > Light Body Development and DNA 1/2

Each plane of existence has a body that is connected to it. One of the super keys to accelerating evolution is to anchor, activate and actualize these bodies into your existing four-body system. One way to effectively connect all those bodies is the development of your light Body through the re-coding of your own DNA...
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Video > Eckhart Tolle - Enlightenment

Eckhart Tolle talks about the concept of enlightenment. For more information see the website
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Video > The Hologram of Love - Learning to Fall in Love with Yourself

The Beacons of Light ~ Reminder from Home For May 2008 : "The Hologram of Love" - Learning to Fall in Love with Yourself.

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Video > Law of Attraction Directly From Source

A music video featuring the Non-Physical Source Energy known as Abraham, speaking through Esther Hicks. The Teachings of Abraham have been presented by Esther and her husband Jerry in workshops and seminar cruises for over 20 years. The music is from the CD entitled "Law of Attraction Directly From Source" - available in early Summer 2008 from
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Video > Timeless Love

In this message, Harold W. Becker shares that unconditional love is a timeless love. By understanding how we flow with love versus when we attach ourselves to limiting emotional perspectives, we can learn how to be present in each moment and experience the fullness of life through love.
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Video > The Law of ONE

We are all one. When one is harmed, all are harmed. When one is helped, all are healed. Therefore, in the name of who I AM, and I am one with all;
I ask that Only That Which Is The Higest Good of All Concerned happen here and now, and through all time and space.
I give thanks that this is done.
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Video > The Huna Prayer for Lightworkers

Huna Prayer from Djwhal Khul for Personal and Collective Abundance
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Video > The Ripple Effect: The Heartbeat to Eternity

1 Concept
Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring. The Ripple Effect is rooted in the belief that all we are all connected by our shared Humanity.
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Video > Spectrum Vision - Open Your Eyes

The Beacons of Light ~ Reminder from Home For April 2008


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