About Spirit Library

Spirit Library was born from a strong desire to make easily accessible in one website the wonderful abundance of inspiring and empowering messages available on the internet.

We wanted to combine our passion for spirituality with our passion for technology to create a virtual library of messages updated each day to assist people in finding their personal Alignment and Well-Being.

Spirit Library aims to be a way to inspire your thoughts to guide you to a more conscious creation of your life. We invite everyone to be open and use personal discernment with all the materials here offered and always take with you what resonates and leave the rest.

Since everyone's journey is unique, each with different questions and needs, Spirit Library offers a variety of ways for people to receive the answers and guidance they are looking for. At Spirit Library our readers can browse and search through a vast archive of messages and are enabled to sort through them by authors, entity, date, special subjects and tags. Our powerful search system gives also the possibility to look for very specific words or details amongst all the messages in the library.

We know that the value of the information within our library expands incredibly when people are able to share it with others, that's why we offer different ways to do that. People can share directly with others in our forums, they can send a particular message to a friend easily or publish the latest messages directly into their websites by using our widgets.

Spirit Library is always evolving and changing to reflect new needs and requests, we hope you appreciate what we have achieved so far and want to keep enjoying the journey with us!

P.S. If you enjoy using Spirit Library and feel you would like to help financially support it, you can do so on the donations page where you can contribute using paypal.

Any further questions please contact us.