A Simple Choice: Which Thought Feels Best?

Vibrational Frequencies and Creations of Realities
Guest: I've heard for many years that we create our own reality, and I have always wondered, more specifically, how do we create our own reality?Long before my Spirit took part in this flesh, I have been projecting thought into this reality.

Abraham: When you say, "We create our own reality" or "I create my own reality," the first thing you have to do is accept that "I" didn't just start with this body that was born back in whenever it was born. I am a very old being that has been projecting thought into this time/space reality long before my Spirit took part in this flesh. And so, I and others like me, have projected all of this.

Guest: Okay. So what I'm understanding from you is that there are lots of different vibrational frequencies and groupings of frequencies, and the platform that is my current agreement has an average vibrational frequency. And it is out of that average frequency that my contrast occurs, and my desires come out of that. And all I need to do is use my Guidance System to sense the things that are basically of a higher vibration -- things that make me feel better. And by controlling the focus of my attention on those things, then that pulls forth the Energy from my Inner Being that flows toward that and creates more of it...So, the main thing that I should be working on is my ability to focus and to maintain a focus?

Does Your Desire Feel Good?

Abraham: Here's the thing that we want you to hear: The contrast provides stuff to focus upon and gives you the variety that, naturally, without effort, gives birth to the desire within you. So that's just a natural consequence of coming into an environment that produces that.

So now, the desire is within you. It was born out of the lovely contrast, and now your work is, singularly, to align your Energy with this new-found desire, which means think about this subject that has been born within you -- and feel good at the same time. That's the modulation process: Think about your desire until it feels good. Think about it until it feels familiar. Think about it until feeling like this, feels like the most normal thing in the world to you. And when you and your new desire are in alignment -- then the manifestation occurs.

We often say to you: "Think about what you want and decide what you want; decide what you want." And the reason that you hear us hammering about that, so much, is because most people are running around making decisions about what they don't want. We are wanting you to let the contrast, of course, tell you what you don't want, but then always look for the nugget within it. We want you to feel the nugget, the prize, the wonderful uncovering. The fresh new desire that is born is the reason that the entire Universe exists -- and once the desire is born within you, then the Non-physical Energy will answer it.

The saddest thing that exists in the human experience is when a being allows the contrast to let a desire be born, and then keeps himself, through old habits of thought, vibrationally out of sync with the new desire. Almost all of the philosophies that you have inherited, and that you teach to one another, on this planet about why things work the way they work, come from that "not understanding how I could possibly be deprived of the things that I want?" And yet it's such a simple thing, once you begin to understand the vibrational nuances, and once you begin to understand: The reason that I have feelings, is because of two things: I'm summoning the Non-physical Energy by virtue of my desire. And I'm allowing it, or not allowing it -- by virtue of my thought or belief.

When we first began articulating through Esther, the words that we used were these: When your desire and your belief are the same -- it is. And, in those early days, the words that Esther found to express what we are offering here, with many more words, said: When there is something that you want -- you must believe it.

That's a hard thing for people to grasp, because you've been carrying some of these uncomfortable beliefs around for a long time. And we would like to help all of you let yourselves off the hook, because you can't buck Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn). If you've been thinking this thought and thinking this thought and thinking this thought, that's the thought that's active in you now. And Law of Attraction is going to bring you more stuff that matches that thought all the time. And then you beat up on yourself. You say, "I shouldn't be thinking those thoughts," when, in truth, you can't stop thinking those thoughts, because your "radio signal" is programmed to those, and so Law of Attraction is bringing you more. That's the trouble that most people have with this business of "You create your own reality." Try as you will, you can't buck that current, you see.

Dormant Beliefs Don't Affect You
We don't want you to try to buck that current. We want you to start setting a Tone that is more in alignment with the current that is really already you. You can be chuck full up to the brim wtih beliefs that do not serve you well -- and not one of them will affect you unless it is activated. And when it is activated, you'll have a feeling response to it.

When a belief that is not in harmony with your Source Energy is activated, you'll get that funny feeling in your stomach. And as you get that funny feeling in your stomach, what it is telling you is: This thought in this moment does not match who you are and what you are wanting. And so, you have a simple choice. You can go with it, you can try to beat it to death, you can get people together, you can try to isolate it, you can add to it and get it bigger and bigger, or you can, as Jesus said, turn the other cheek, and allow that vibration to become inactive again, while you are tuning your vibration to that which feels better.

If It Feels Good, Choose It And so, you see, it's all about choices. Which feels better? Does it feel better to be connected to my Source, or not? Connected would feel better! Clarity or confusion, which feels better? Vitality or a tired body, which feels better? Abundance or poverty, which feels better? Connection or resistance...?

And so, it isn't complicated, but we have to do such a sales job to convince you dear beings that it is right for you to seek that which feels good. Somehow you've come to believe that if it feels good, you should be feeling guilty about it. If it feels good, there must be something wrong with it. And we say, however did that become such a big part of your mass consciousness, when there is not a shred of evidence that supports that anywhere in the Universe?!

Everything's out there pulsing. So here's someone experiencing a terrible experience. And I see it. And I don't want it. I don't want it for them, and I don't want it for me. But as I address it, my "switch" is on. So I'm not only adding to it for them, I'm adding to it for me. Now most humans would say, "Well, Esther, do not turn away from this and put your head in the sand." And Abraham would say, Esther, turn away from this -- and achieve vibrational harmony with something else.

If Esther sees some horrible thing and she says, "No, no, I want not that, what I want is..." and out of this abhorrent thing a desire is born, and Esther is wise enough to turn her attention now only to the desire, and find vibrational harmony with the desire -- now that situation has benefited All-That-Is, because something very powerful and very good has come out of it.

But if Esther does like many people do, and gets stuck in what she sees here, so she suffers, in despair, and adds to the negative, or even if she takes the next step where she says, "Oh I don't want this, I don't want it to touch me," and looks away, but then feels guilty because she's not helping -- no good comes from any of that. Then she has just started one of those other vibrations, so all kinds of bad things start showing up in her experience. And then, on her tombstone, it says, "See, I told you this is how it was."

Esther is always reaching for the best possible feelings that she can find prior to one of these gatherings, because she wants to be as connected as she can to Source Energy before you begin summoning Abraham through her. And she said to Jerry, this morning, "What's one of the best feelings that you can ever remember from one of these gatherings?" She was reaching for a feeling. And Jerry said "Are you asking for a room or a face or a question?" Esther said, "I'm reaching for the feeling." And Jerry said, "Well, I always love the feeling at the end of the session, when everyone is feeling fulfilled and satisfied and connected and glad and empowered and secure, and knowing who they are." And Esther said, "Yeah, that's what I meant, that's what I meant." She's reaching for the feeling, the feeling of empowerment. There isn't anything in the world that feels better to a teacher than to empower another.

In This Moment, Which Thought Feels Better? Let's say that someone made you feel a little insecure. And out of that feeling of insecurity is born, in this moment, a stronger-than-usual desire to feel empowered and know who you are. Use whatever means you need to, but just reach for the best feeling. How did it feel? What's the best feeling? And so, here's this new desire pulsing, this fresh new nugget. Oh, it's alive and well, summoning Life Force through you, right here in the now. So here you're feeling it, right now. This fresh, new desire. And then, you just try to remember ever having felt like you now want to feel. And just by reaching for that, just by saying, "Have I ever felt like that?.." right away, those things will become be active again in your memory of when you felt like that. And you'll say, "I remember this, and I remember this, and I remember this... and you'll cross the 17-second mark and the 34-second mark and the 51-second mark focused on that which feels good, and you'll stand here in your powerful now, having activated every powerful moment that you've ever lived. And here it is, an apex, a vortex, right here and now. This is what you've achieved, all out of some little slight that someone offered you. Oh, what a gift that was!

The Eternal Evolution of Spirit
Just go through your day-to-day experience, let your exposure happen as it will, because Law of Attraction says that it must, and when and if you get an emotional response -- whether it is positive or negative -- stop in the middle of that feeling, and acknowledge whether it's connecting you to Source or not. If it is connecting you to Source, go with it. Milk it for all it's worth. If it isn't connecting you to Source, but doing the opposite, then take your pivot: "I know what I don't want. What is it that I do want?"

Let the desire be born, and then try to find the feeling place of that. Try to remember something else like that. Come back into your power. And then stand on that new platform where you will now have access to things in your environment that a moment ago, you didn't have access to. This is the eternal evolution of the spirit that is pulsing within you.

Jerry and Esther checked into a hotel, and the person at the front desk was in a terrible mood. And as Esther stood there, she couldn't help but take responsibility for her rendezvous point with it. And that even irritated her more. It's bad enough that somebody's being rude, but to accept your responsibility in meeting up with them...

And so, Esther thought about it and realized that it was sort of where she'd last left her vibration about that hotel, and so it was logical. And as she was talking to us about it, she was still wanting to say, "But Abraham, don't you think that maybe it would be beneficial for the hotel to know that they have a really rude person behind the desk?" And we said, well, but which feels better, to pursue that thought, or to choose another thought that feels better? And Esther said, "Well, yeah, yeah, yeah. But Abraham, don't you think that under these conditions, shouldn't somebody call somebody? Shouldn't something be done about this?"

The business person in Esther, says, "Well, if my employees are mistreating people, I would like to know about it." And we say, no, you wouldn't. You're better off not knowing about it. In other words, let Law of Attraction shake it all down. You don't have to be the monitor of that sort of thing.

You have one question: Which feels better? Which feels better, this thought or this thought? Sometimes that seems like such a big thing to choose from, because there are infinite thoughts, but there are not infinite thoughts in this moment. In this moment, your environment is so perfectly established. In this moment, there are only a certain number of thoughts for you to consider. Not too many for you to choose.

As you start, on day one, deliberately choosing the thought that feels better -- on day two, you will have access to a whole different set of choices than you would have if you had not made those choices on day one. And on day three, there will be a whole different set of choices now available to you -- because each day you will have established your Vibrational Tone to your pure, positive Source Energy. Until in thirty days of playing with this, you can be a living, breathing, eating, light being.

Being Deliberate Does Take Practice
But it takes some practice to say, which feels better? Which feels better, this thought of my mother, or this thought of my mother? "But Abraham, you don't understand. This is who my mother is, mostly." That wasn't the question. Which feels better, this thought or this thought? "But Abraham, you don't understand..." That wasn't the question. Which feels better, is the only question--that's the only question that your Guidance System is asking. Which feels better, this thought or this thought?

Which feels better, to praise or to criticize? "Oh, but you don't understand, there's nothing to praise and there's lots to criticize." That's not our question. Which feels better? Which feels better? "But Abraham, you don't understand. You didn't see what happened." No, we didn't. We're not vibrating there with you. But our question to you is, which feels better, which feels better? "But, but, but, but Abraham, you need to be here where we are so that you understand what we're trying to tell you." Which feels better? -- is the only thing that your Guidance System is asking you.

So which feels better, to pronounce to the world or to myself, I'm not free? Or to pronounce to the world, I can make more decisions?

Nobody can get inside your head and make you think. Sometimes it feels like it, because they're clamoring in your face so loud with whatever they're saying. But you have the ability, if it is your desire, to feel good. You have the ability to withdraw from whatever thought is bothering you, get off to yourself, and reclaim your connection to Source Energy. And that is the freedom that you are looking for.

You have the ability to look here where there is not resistance. Jesus said, to turn the other cheek, and that's exactly what he was talking about. Resist not evil. Turn the other cheek -- and achieve vibrational harmony with that which feels better.

All of you have access to Source Energy! It is always within you, always radiating through you. Sometimes you are providing a shadow that doesn't let it shine, more than others, and sometimes you are letting it shine fully. But the more you are letting the fullness of who you are radiate through you, the better you feel about everything -- and the more you are contributing to the whole of things. However, in any case, you cannot get it wrong!


Julia 29th November 2007 11:44 pm

It really is so simple. You have to wonder why more of us don't JUST DO IT!!