Addictions, as the Cell’s Adjustment to Conditions

GUEST: I wanted to talk a little bit about addiction. I’ve been trying to quit cigarettes, for sometime. And I’ve gotten a lot of answers from you in the last two days about this. One thing I kind of wanted to pinpoint on, something I figured out, has been my inability to consistently ask myself what it is I really want every minute of the day.

ABRAHAM: Oh, that would be a little consuming for any of you. That could make you crazy. Here is a better way of approaching it. Just make one statement at the beginning of the day: “I want to feel good,” which will alert you to your Guidance System, and then ask yourself that question, “What do I want and why do I want it,” anytime you’re feeling emotion. In other words, you go through a lot of the day and you don’t feel any strong emotion, positive or negative. Emotion is a small part of your day, really. So let the emotion be something that signals you to ask that question, and your day will be less tense.

Let’s talk about addiction. The cells of your body, millions of them, have been preprogrammed or pre-paved or pre-intended even before your birth, and the cells of your body know their work. As we address you, you can feel that we are wanting to help you to guide your thoughts more toward what you do want. And so, we are wanting you to intellectually do that. But your brain is not the only thinking mechanism in your body, every cell is, millions of them. So the cells, vibrationally, are talking to each other, electronically, so to speak, and they are talking to the Nonphysical Energy that is their Source. The cells ask, and Nonphysical Energy answers. The cells vibrationally ask, and the Nonphysical Energy vibrationally answers — and this is what you call Life Force.

Now, when you introduce to your body something that you would say is not natural, now, we say there is quite a bit of quibbling going on about that. In other words, most of you don’t drink much that is natural. Water is the only substance on your planet that is really natural, to your physical body, and most physical beings in your society drink very little water that’s not mixed with something else. But let’s say that you have introduced to your body something like a cigarette. Now, do you remember the first time you did it, and can you describe to us how your body responded to it?

GUEST: My body constricted. My body didn’t like it or want it. It was mainly for image.

ABRAHAM: And so, on that first day you coughed a little bit and choked a little bit and buzzed a little bit, and then what happened as you continued to smoke?

GUEST: Well, eventually, physically, I began to accept it.

ABRAHAM: Your body stopped resisting it. What your body did was, it compensated. Now, hear this. This is a very new way of hearing this, and it will be of immense value to you. So the cells are asking and the Nonphysical Energy is answering, and the cells are asking and the Nonphysical Energy is answering — and the Life Force is taking place. Now, as you are basking or appreciating or applauding during this process, you offer no resistance, and so all is well. This communication process takes place. But if you’re angry or upset or worried or tense about something or guilty or lonely or fearful or having some attention to some lackful thing, then as that process is taking place, you’re offering resistance which hinders the process so the cells cannot receive, as clearly, what the Nonphysical Energy is answering — and you feel this as resistance. It’s what negative emotion is.

So let’s say, you’re sitting on an airplane and somebody next to you is coughing, hacking, dripping this something and you’re basking and appreciating and barely noticing, but this person coughs a virus into the air and you inhale it into your lungs, and right away your body knows that it’s there. So your body, the cells of your body, vibrationally begin compensating for it right away, and they ask Nonphysical Energy to assist them in the compensating. Now, the same sort of thing happens when you introduce, artificially, something into your body that your body isn’t naturally thriving with. Your body asks Nonphysical Energy for the Energy to help it stabilize and compensate.

So what is actually happening, is your body is adjusting to the intruder and finding its balance, because Well-being is natural. That’s what the cells of your body have been trained to do: under any and all conditions maintain the equilibrium of this body, you see. And to large extents the cells of your body are able to do that. In other words, you are able to introduce tremendous quantities of very strange things to your body and your body is able to maintain a very consistent…So then you say, “Well, body, thank you very much for adapting so well to this, but I’ve decided,” for lackful reasons, usually, “that I’m not going to do this anymore.” Now what you are doing is exaggerating to your body this thing that you’re not going to do, which is inducing your body’s natural compensating for it. In other words, the more you say, “I’m not going to do it, the more your body maintains the balance of having done it — and that’s why it becomes so difficult to no longer do it.

So now, what you’re wanting to do is gently, not abruptly, but gently — while you continue to smoke — gently begin introducing the thought to your body, and therefore to all of the cells of your body, that you are getting ready to diminish this. And do it gradually, in other words, each day, just offer your body a little less of that so that your body, every day, can adjust. Just like it adjusted as it was coming in, it will gently adjust as it goes out. Truly. Addiction is the cells’ adjustment to conditions.

So you say, “Well, I changed my mind,” and we say, well, then give your cells a chance to adjust to your new decision. And, most importantly, make sure that your decision is coming from a pure positive Energy place, because your cells are always coming from a pure positive Energy place. Have you noticed that every time you say you’re not going to do something, you can hardly stop yourself from doing it right then and there? Just looking at what you’re going to do just vibrationally brings you right into harmony with that. “So what I am going to do is align with the natural Well-being of my cells. I’m going to, through my picture of Well-being, I’m going to gravitate to more thought, word and action that harmonizes with Well-being. And I’m going to relax into that image, so much, that my Inner Being inspires me, sometimes. I vibrationally connect with other people who inspire me, sometimes.” In other words, just be easy about it. Good.

GUEST: I want to use Jerry’s chickens as the context. I love those stories. I’ve learned so much from them, and the question is, after Jerry had spent some time building context on it, and it was about the hose and the snakes and the chickens being afraid. He wanted happy chickens, and he was pushing it, and you looked at him and you said with a little bit of intensity, “What are you wanting from this?” And he says, “I want happy chickens.” And you said, “Are you sure what you’re asking is same?” And I’ve been holding that and working with that, and I want to know, with more clarity, if we can do anything, have anything, want anything, and you really start pushing for it, and really wanting it, and going and relaxing and easing and doing the principles, where would be the marker?

ABRAHAM: There isn’t one. Truly. There is not a marker. Open, free, unended, unending.


Rob Meyer 12th January 2008 1:52 pm

When you smoke you take in the life force of the Earth next to your heart and you breathe the intentions of your spirit back into the world. Namaste, Two Eagles - Wolf Clan - Earthship Central