An Emotional Journey From Fear to Hope

Abraham: It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creating, do you agree? You are knowing what you are wanting? An evolving thing? Are you enjoying the expansion and clarification of your own desire?

It's the most important question that you want to be able to sincerely answer yes to, because expansion is what we are all about… We cannot cease expansion. The variety will always inspire within you the new idea, and that new idea will always generate a vibration in you—it always will.

And so, as that new idea is vibrating within you, you could call it preference, or a desire, or a thought, but as it begins its own expansion, its vibration causes within you something that belongs to you; it's something that you must align with because if you don't, there will be discord in your vibration.

And so, you just can't run around in your physical world and look here, there and everywhere—taking no deliberate care to vibrate purposefully—and be assured that it will cause you perfect alignment with your Source Energy, because your Source Energy has specific characteristics: Your Source Energy is non-resistant in nature. Your Source Energy doesn't push against anything. Your Source Energy is a high frequency, non-resisted, Pure Positive Energy vibration. So, when you get crossways of your Source Energy, you feel it, and that is what negative emotion is. Negative emotion is your indicator that somehow you got crossways of your Source Energy vibration.

We want you to understand the vibrational content of the thoughts that cause different feelings within you. And we want to show you how, with far less effort than it takes you to learn Quick Books on your computer, you can remember your alignment with who-you-are, and utilize it on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment, basis, and bring yourself consistently into alignment with that steady stream of Well-Being that is offering itself to you and through you in every moment of your life. We want you to let that be not only something that you are aware of, but the most important thing that you are aware of. Because when you begin to feel your way through your thoughts, when you begin to realize that you have options about the thoughts that you activate and entertain—then you will be the Deliberate Creator of your own experience.

As long as you think you don't have a choice about what you think because you don't have a choice about the circumstances that surround you, then you are like a cork bobbing on a raging sea, going wherever it bounces you. But when you understand that you have options, choices in every moment, on every subject, then you begin to make those choices because of the way those choices feel as you make them. And now, you are using the Guidance that comes forth from within you to guide you to the Well-Being; to the prosperity; to the love of self and others; to the experience that you knew you would have—the experience that is possible for all—to the experience that really is only experienced by those who come to understand the Art of Allowing.

So, it is good for you to reach for some thoughts that give you some relief from the discord or resistance that you have presently going on, for with each attempt at reaching for a thought that feels better, you release more resistance. And as you release more resistance, you fill back up with who-you-are, and your thriving resumes. And we want to really emphasize the word "resumes," because thriving is always the dominant part of your experience. But, we will acknowledge that some of you are going to have to croak before you resume thriving, (Fun!) because some of you have pinched it off pretty good. Some of you have developed some powerful habits of thought. Some of you have developed some strong enemies that you take great delight in every day pushing very hard against. And some of you thrive on some subjects and suffer on others. You have different vibrational frequencies, depending upon the subject at hand that is activated. But we want you to know that you have access to Guidance that will lead you always in the direction of your thriving on all subjects. But you've got to figure out which direction is going toward your objective, and which direction is going away from your objective. And before you can do that, you've got to figure out what your objective is.

So many of you have come to the place where you think if it feels good, there might be something wrong with it. (Fun!) And if there's a lot of struggle and suffering in it, then it's virtuous. And we say, you must have been allowing yourself to be guided by someone else who would benefit by your doing whatever they ask you to do in your struggle. Because it is our promise to you that you cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey; it cannot be. It is illogical. It defies the Laws of the Universe.

Law of Attraction says, that which is like unto itself is drawn. Which means, you cannot achieve a vibrational frequency with something unwanted (which is evidenced by the negative emotion that you feel as you embrace the thought) and be on your way to something that you want—it's not possible —it defies all logic and all Law.

So, as you begin to pay attention to your emotions—as you begin to reacquaint yourself consciously with your own Guidance System—what begins to happen to you is, you not only consistently reconnect with the Source Energy that is You, but you begin to take what we call the Emotional Journey. You begin to discover the art of shifting vibration, and therefore shifting the way you feel, which is delicious because you feel good all the time. And then, the big bonus (not from ours, so much, but from your point of view) is, manifestation acquiesces around the vibration that you've discovered.

So, let us clarify the difference between the Action Journey that so many of you seem to be embarking upon, and the Emotional Journey, which is guidance from within: If someone is sick, really sick, (they've got one of those big labels "incurable" attached to them, maybe more than one) and of course they want to be well. The Action Journey goes something like this… "I have to find out what's wrong with me. I have to find a specialist who has done the most leading edge research, because the research that exists says that this is not curable. So, I need a specialist who's willing to take some risks and be out there on the leading edge, and that's going to take a lot of money. So, I need to get together with large groups that can gather resources. But I need to get involved in the political format so that I can get the laws passed that will allow the research and attract the funding that I need in order to discover the cure to this thing that I've got.

"And then, I have to find a doctor who has learned the skill and is capable of administrating it. And then, I need the resources so that I can apply this specific medical procedure to me, and I need the resources so that I can stop doing whatever I've been doing that makes the money I've been making, that makes my life go 'round." And we say, oh, just shoot me in the head now. (Fun!) In other words, there is so much that needs to be done, and so many obstacles and so many reasons to feel defeated, and so many reasons to realize that it's not going to happen fast enough… Oh, and then, by the way, you've only got six months to live, anyway. (Fun!)

That's the Action Journey. Now, granted, we did tilt it so that you wouldn't want to take that journey because we have a much better plan for you, and that is the Emotional Journey.

An Emotional Journey says: I want to travel from fear to hope. That's it!

The Emotional Journey you can achieve in ten minutes with the right application of thought. The Emotional Journey is the journey where you just try to find a thought that feels better, and when you feel a little better, you have traveled a distance toward where you want to go. The Emotional Journey quantifies your journey. The Emotional Journey lets you know whether you're headed toward or away from your objective.

Many people who are on their way to wellness get half-way there, and get discouraged because there is not manifestation, and turn around and head back toward illness. Many people on their way from financial disaster get nearly to where they want to be, where the manifestation is nearly about to show up, but because they take score about the manifestation, they get disoriented and discouraged and turn around and go back to not enough money.

In every moment of your experience, as you have been banging around in this contrast, you have been launching preferences, and as these preferences are radiating from you, they are prepaving your future experience; they are going out like a heavenly rocket into your future experience, and Law of Attraction is lining up around them. And your future experience is being made for you before you approach it—that's why 99% of all creation is complete before you begin to see the physical evidence of it.

So, most of what you're doing is an Emotional Journey. And if you're taking the Emotional Journey that feels lovely as you're taking it, not only do you enjoy the desert, and enjoy the journey, and see the vistas, and have a wonderful conversation and a very good time; but when you get there, you recognize it as that which you have been in alignment with all along. (That was good!)

It is our desire to show you how to take your Emotional Journey. We want to show you that if you are in depression, and you find anger, that you are on the right path because there is less resistance in anger than there was in depression. If you're in fear and you find anger, that relief—that your anger gives you—means you're headed in the right direction because there is less resistance in anger than there is in fear.

And even though much of the world would tell you that your anger is misplaced, (they would tell you that you should not be angry) you want to say to them, "You should be in here where I am! And if you were, you would know that this anger is better than where I was." And then they might say to you, "Yes, but you should have love in your heart." And then we want you to say to them, "I would like to have love in my heart, but right now, this anger is serving me fine, thank you. Because there's a big vibrational difference between anger and love, and I can't make that jump right now just because you tell me I should. I made the jump from despair or fear to anger, so I am on the right path. So, if you'll just excuse me, I wouldn't get around me too much for a few days because this anger is feeling pretty good. I might milk it. (Fun!) I'm going to move as quickly as I can into frustration and overwhelment. And from there, there's a possibility I could jump into humor and hope, and maybe even love… But for now, I'm doing the best I can."

You can't tell someone else the direction of their journey, because you don't know the details of the pre-paving that is calling them forth.

You can't understand the vibrational mix of anyone but you. And when you try to guide someone from your vantage point, you are disallowing them their vantage point.

You do not have to control conditions, nor can you—but you can feel better. And when you do feel better, you've shifted your vibrational point of attraction. And when you've shifted your vibrational point of attraction—you've shifted your life.

So, are there problems in your future? Undoubtedly. But there are solutions right on the heels of them. You could close the gap between the problem and the solution so tightly that you would never even know there was a problem; your problems can be solved before they manifest—when you clean up your vibration. When you make it an Emotional Journey, you're solving problems today that could be in your future experience, and as you feel good now, you never have to walk through the problem—you just go from solution to solution, to solution.

It doesn't matter if you're looking past, present or future—you're doing it now. There are people on the other side of the planet that are sleeping maybe, but it's still now. There are Non-physical Beings like us who have no time, but it's still now. In other words, now is now, is now, is now. And all of the Energy of all of the Planets, of all of the Universes, of all of the decades, of all of the centuries, of all of the years, of all of the beingness, of all of the consciousness, it is culminated into this now. It is a huge source and stream of knowledge and Energy and Well-Being, and it is all available to you now, now, now.

So, the question that we want to put to you, is, what are you doing in your now? And you can tell by the way you feel: If you're angry, if you're frustrated, if you're petty, if you're jealous; if you're pushing against, if you're blameful, if you're critical—you are not in alignment with the resources of the Universe now.

So, as you make a decision: Nothing is more important than that I feel good, what begins to happen to you is, you begin to guide your thought, your every word, and your action. You guide your memory, you don't say, "This is how I grew up and therefore I have to deal with it and dig it up every day and suffer over it." You say, There were things in my past that were unpleasant, but there were things in my past that were pleasant—I will choose those that feel pleasant. Or, There are things in my now that I have imagined into the future that are awful, or there are things that I imagine in the future that are wonderful—I will focus upon those that are wonderful. But you can't jump vibrations all at once. So, stop beating up on yourself.

We want you to be willing and happy to make the jumps incrementally; we want your journey to be about the improvement about the way you feel.

There's relief everywhere you go, and there's reward for you everywhere you go. Do not equate how you feel about something with how anybody else feels, because they're not in on your equation. You're not being compared to anyone. But there is an absolute comparison between the vibration of who-you-really-are, and the vibration of your moment. And it's your job, and only your job, to bring harmony to that.

You have to take the Emotional Journey, first. And when you decide to take the Emotional Journey on every subject that's important to you, you're going to discover—by tomorrow—how much better you can feel about things that you haven't been feeling good about, and in the moment that you change the way you feel, even the slightest bit, everything related to you, related to that subject, will begin to shift—and there will be evidence on your doorstep by the weekend.

We have enjoyed this interaction immensely.

Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop G-10-16-04, Washington, DC

Excerpted from the workshop in Washington, DC on Saturday, October 16th, 2004