Can I Think Negative Yet Feel Positive?

Jerry: So how can we give our attention to, or have a thought about, something that's negative and not have a negative emotional response to it?

Abraham: You cannot. And we would suggest that you try. In other words, to say never have negative emotion would be the same as saying, "Do not have a Guidance System. Pay no attention to your Emotional Guidance System." And that is the opposite of what we are saying. We want you to be aware of your emotions and then guide your thoughts until you feel relief.

As you are focused upon a little (negative) thought, you will feel a little (unwanted) emotion. And if you are sensitive to the way you  feel and want to feel better, you will change the thought. It is easy to change it when it is a small thought and a small emotion. It is much harder to change when it is a big thought and therefore a big emotion. The emotion will be proportionate, in intensity, to the
amount of thought that you have amassed by the Law of Attraction. The longer you stay focused upon what you do not want, the greater
and more powerful that thought will become. But if you are sensitive to your emotions and you withdraw your attention from the unwanted subject very quickly, you will begin to feel better, and you will stop the attraction of this unwanted thing.