Come this way

We promise you, once you get in the rhythm of remembering Law of Attraction, and once you deliberately, day by day-- you see we're not teaching you how to line up with your energy so that you'll get your stuff. Oh you'll get your stuff. The manifestations must come. But we're not teaching you to line up with your desire so that the manifestations will occur. We're encouraging you to get moving in the direction, because the ride on the river is what you really, really want.

[Story of Esther felt ripples go all up through her body from a salad. "What is in that salad?"]

... And we say, when you're already tuned in, when you are allowing yourself to be in the vibrational alignment with who you really are, then everything that you're living feels like that. Then you can receive those insightful: Come this way. Come this way. Come this way .... And your Inner Being is always calling you toward the culmination of that which YOU have set into motion.

But we don't want you - and sometimes it happens - you hear stories like that or you have experiences like that and then you're bummed out when you're over here beating a negative drum and NOT feeling like that, and we want you to feel all right no matter where you are. We want you to give yourself the benefit of the doubt and make peace with where you are, wherever it is. And in that attitude, you'll just keep turning, and you'll just keep turning, until you'll begin to live a predominant amount of life right there, close to that vibrational becoming, hearing the call of Source guiding you minutely, infinitesimally, step-by-step toward all of the things that you are wanting. And that really is what you planned.

You wanted life to be like that for you. You didn't intend to make it hard. You intended to feel the blessing that you know you are deserving of. And when you're hearing that voice you're in that mode.

Good. Yes. Very good!

Maui, HI, 1-28-07