Do What You are Here to Do

WHAT IS DESIRE? A desire is a natural product of living in a diverse environment. Desires are born naturally within you. And when the desire is born, the desire is the promise of the future. The desire is the summoning of life.

Although many of you do not understand what you're saying when you say it, you say "Ask, and it is given." The asking occurs through the desire that is born within you. When contrast helps you conclude a new decision or desire, that desire is a vibrational summoning of Energy.

THE DESIRE IS ASKING. The Life Force that comes in response to the desire is the answering to that asking.

"What am I doing with my vibrational countenance in the moment of desire summoning through me? Am I allowing the Life Force to flow through me in a non-resisted way, or am I pinching it off?" You can tell by the way you feel: If you feel good, it means you're allowing it. If you feel not so good, it means, to the degree that you do not feel good, you're not allowing it. Severe depression means really not letting it flow. While passion means really letting it flow.

Whether you feel passion or strong rage, both of those emotions mean there is strong, strong, strong summoning of desire. If it feels good, you're letting it flow, but if it feels bad, you are not.

THERE IS ANOTHER PART OF YOU, YOUR NON-PHYSICAL INNER BEING. And that other part of you, that God force within you, adores that which you are. And the sooner you get to that self adoration, the sooner that you will allow the Energy that is really you to flow.

YOU ARE EXTENSIONS OF SOURCE ENERGY. You have come forth as leading edge creators. You're not here broken, groveling, trying to earn your way back into the grace of something that is complete and finished. You are the leading edge extensions of that.

You are GOD, embodied in physical bodies, taking thought beyond that which it has been before. But if you are not letting the Source Energy, that you are, flow to you and through you, then you cannot begin to do what you've come here to do.

So you say, "Oh, good, now we're getting to it. Why am I here? What did I come here to do?" And we say, you came here to have exposure to more joyful experience. And you say, "For what?" And we say, for exposure to more joyful experience. And you say, "Yes, but for what? I'm willing to pay any price I need to for that joy."

The only price you can pay for joy is joy. You cannot suffer for joy. "Well," you say, "maybe I'm not here for joy. Maybe I'm here for growth?" You cannot cease the expansion of the Universe. You cannot stop doing your part in that expansion, because you are consciousness focused. And as you focus upon the variety, new desires are concluded within you, and Life Force is summoned forward -- and you are fulfilling your reason for being. And then, if your objective is joy, it all comes together in the way that you've intended.

You say, "Hmm, joy. The purpose of my life is joy? I'm here to pleasure myself? Surely, no good can come from that! Isn't that about greed and selfishness and all of those things that I've been encouraged not to be?"

And we ask, who encouraged you? Other greedy, selfish people? "Don't serve your desires, serve mine," they say.

Universal Laws are always consistent. And if expansion of the Universe is a good thing, then your expansion is, too. If God is good, then you, as an extension of that, must be, too.

Jerry and Esther stopped at a rest stop, and a bright, happy group of young men were standing around, visiting with an older man who was riding a motorcycle. And when Esther came back to the car, Jerry had already been talking to them. And he said, "Esther, come and read this fellow's T-shirt." And Esther could see, by the twinkle in Jerry's eyes, that she was going to like it.

And she read, "It's all good."

Jerry and Esther loved reading the essence of what they are coming to know, on the T-shirt of a stranger. As they drove away, they said to each other, "It is all good, isn't it! The variety gives us the ability to desire, and then Life Force comes in the answer. When we come to our own conclusions and allow the Energy to flow -- and allow everybody else to come to their conclusions and allow the Energy to flow -- then we continue to expand. All really is well!