Does It Feel Like The Next Logical Step?

GUEST: I would like a clarification on purpose, which, I understand from your tape, is coming forth and creating a joyful life for yourself. I've thought of purpose as destiny. You play a part in it, but then a greater force comes in and plunks you where you are going to do the greatest good. I don't know the right words. But, is everybody kind of on a destiny path if they think they are? The purpose of your life is joy. The goal of life is joy!

ABRAHAM: We say to our physical friends, the purpose of your life is joy. And they say, "Yeah, but for what? Toward what end? What will that get me?" And we say, really, the purpose of your life is joy. The basis of it is absolute freedom to choose. And the result of it will be growth. So then they say, "Oh, then the real purpose is growth because the joy gets us to our growth -- and so the real thing we are after is growth." And we say, well, you cannot help but have expansion. Your purpose really is joy, because if your purpose is anything other than joy, you won't be able to find the vibration that allows the Energy which is the reason for growth. And they say, "Oh, so the real purpose is growth after all." And we say, "The purpose is joy. The purpose is joy!" And they say, "Yeah, but for what?" And so, then there comes this belief: "There must be some price to be paid for any real growth."

The goal of life is joy. Now we know that's hard for you to hear because you've been told that if it feels good it probably isn't. And when you started to question that... When you saw those who kept the rules not thriving and those who broke the rules thriving, and you pinned somebody down to say, "Hey, what gives here? I'm keeping the rules and I'm not thriving, and they're not keeping the rules and they are thriving." Somebody said to you, "Well, you can't judge it now. It's after you die that your reward or punishment comes," which left you in an utter state of never again being able to discern anything about anything. Because now they're saying to you, "The way you feel means nothing. Follow me and be good or don't follow me and be bad." So you follow along and you follow along and you follow along, and then you say, "Where's the purpose in life?" And we say, If you have disconnected yourself from your own Source of joy, you have no guiding light. It is that joy factor that guides you. You can acclimate to that. You can feel where you are in relationship to it. You can feel when you are not there.

GUEST: So the only lesson that we have to learn is to go out and make ourselves joyous, and by the contrast of trying everything that we can possibly try, we sort out the things that we want, to make it work for us -- for me -- personally?

Is Joy Enough For You?
ABRAHAM: We have one question for you: Is that enough for you?

It is enough for you life time after life time. You say, "Oh, good. More contrast to give me more desire." Because you understand that birthing of desire is like the plucking of the ripest fruit. When that desire bubbles up inside of you... Ah. The beginning of something more. The summoning of more life, The summoning of more Energy. The greater reason for being.

So is there any risk? Let's say somebody comes forth. They don't remember this. They're born into an environment where what they observed took them far from their vibration. They bring some terrible experience to themselves and then they croak. And once they are fully focused from their Nonphysical, they say, "That was fun. What now?" They don't say, "Oh, I'm not going to do that again. I'm really tired of climbing the karmic ladder. I really want to get off of this merry-go-round." They don't say anything of the kind, because from that broader perspective they know the value that came forth as a result of their banging around.

GUEST: I've heard people say that everything is a lesson. And Abraham doesn't say that everything is a lesson, but that everything is...

ABRAHAM: Everything is the opportunity for new desire which is life. Everything is about life. The only question that, if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would ask ourselves is, "In this moment, am I making the best use of my life?" In other words, "As the idea of my mother comes, am I choosing the most uplifting thought about her? As I focus upon my mate, am I choosing the most uplifting thought? As I focus upon my physical body, am I choosing the most uplifting thought?" And most of you are not. Most of you are choosing the loudest thought. Most of you are choosing the most present or the most obvious.

When the question is, "Am I making the best use of this moment, am I choosing the thought that is of the highest vibration -- which is the same thing to say as "Am I choosing the thought that feels the best?" Then you cannot help but live out your experience in the way that you have intended.

Before you came forth into this physical body the intentions that you held from your Nonphysical Perspective were general in nature -- but they were joyful in nature. From the Nonphysical part of you, you knew that you would be exposed to contrast. And you knew that the Energy that flowed forth from within you would be so penetrating and so clear that it would be really difficult for you not to recognize whether you were in vibrational sync with it or not.

And so, from the Nonphysical Perspective there was no feeling of guardedness. There was no long list. You did not make a long list and tuck it into the umbilical cord pocket that says, "Now, remember this and remember this and remember this and remember this," because that part of you knew -- knows -- that eventually you will always come back to it no matter how long you do not remember it. And the best thing that could happen is that you'd bang around, find desires, focus on the desires, let the Energy flow and live happily ever after in this life time, too. The worst thing that could happen is that you would bang around in contrast, disallow the Energy from flowing through you, which would make you desire the Energy stronger -- which would only bring you back to the Energy Stream eventually, anyway. That is as bad as it gets.

The worst thing that could happen to you is negative emotion. The worst thing that could happen to you, in all of the Universe, is you finding a thought that deprives you of who you really are. And so, there are some who say, "Well, then, because the negative emotion only comes up when I really goose up my wanting, I'll stop my wanting, and then I'll always feel peaceful and contented. Every time a little desire comes up I'll bring it back down, and if there's no strong wanting, then there can be no strong negative emotion." And we say, "All that does is not summon life." It doesn't pinch it off, but it doesn't summon it to begin with. If you had a choice, would you choose passion or peace? If you say, "passion," it means you're eager and ready to expand. If you say, "peace," it means you are focused more on what you don't want, which means your vibration has been beating up on you, which means you need a good rest. We would encourage you to take it. And when you wake up you will feel eager again.

GUEST: When I listen to the Abraham tapes I am in a wonderful, wonderful place, and it makes me happy. Which to me means that Abraham is communicating with my higher being to know, "Yes, this is the right stuff. Just go for it!"

ABRAHAM: What it means is, as you focus upon those words, it reverberates within you and causes you to be a vibrational match to who you really are.

When Feeling Limited By Time
GUEST: There are an unlimited number of things I want to achieve, but I'm faced with a limited number of hours to achieve them. I can't find the time to make it all happen.

ABRAHAM: Have you heard it said that time is illusive? That time is responsive? That time is perceptive, is perception? In other words, have you ever had a piece of time that was long but seemed short or a piece that was short but seemed long?

Time is a very flexible commodity that is acted upon by Energy. Most of you are action oriented, which means most of you expect to perform a certain amount of activity in order to get a certain amount of results. Well, what that means is, you are very limited in that which you can create because, as you say, there's only so much time. Or better said, there is only so much action that you can offer within the confines of so much time.

Now, as you come forth into this physical environment, there are many things that you agree upon. The idea of gravity, that's an idea that you agree upon. In other words, the physical time/space reality has within it many things that have been set into motion by many thinkers like you from a broader Nonphysical perspective. So there is this platform, or launching pad, that has much that you agree upon. And that is the reason for the passage of time. You wanted a focal point, where when All-That-Is is focused into a specific time/space reality, it gives you a sort of agreement or platform from which to launch your Creation.

When you visualize, or when you get in that imaginary place, when you vibrate on purpose, when you take the time to set your Tone -- what you set into motion is so much more powerful and so much more productive than anything that you could do with your action. When you've taken the time to set your Tone, and from that vibrational place you are called to action -- now that action is not what actually creates. It's just the way you enjoy or pluck the fruit that you have created through thought.

You, like almost every other physical human, are under the misunderstanding that it's through your action that you are getting things done. And so, you work many hours a week, usually, in action or behavior, to try to make things happen -- and you spend 15 minutes a day, maybe, if you're really hard after it, in your visualization. And we're not suggesting that you flip-flop those completely because it would upset your orientation to this time/space reality. We certainly would envision more and act less. We would make a decision that our action would always come on the heels of our visualization. We would make a decision that the action that we are offering would always be action that is inspired rather than action that is motivated. (Inspired meaning, "I've visualized it. I've imagined it. I have made it familiar...") These are important words for you to receive: "I have practiced my imagery so often that the vibration of this success is so familiar, even more familiar than the reality." Now you haven't allowed that to be, relative to this subject. You keep saying, "There's not enough time. There's not enough time." Where if you would get into a visualization state and imagine that there is plenty of time -- you would begin to offer a different vibration.

You are trying to justify your value through your hard work or through your action. And what we're wanting you to hear is that you need not justify. You don't have anything to justify. Think about it. If the Universe is responding to your vibration, do you think it makes any difference whether the vibration is in response to what you are observing or in response to what you are imagining? So you can image plenty of time, you can image all kinds of help, you can image...

And so, the answer to time is, there isn't any. But that's hard for you to find any belief in when you are here with clocks and calendars and others that are in agreement about it. And so, change and modify it by saying, "time is perceptual."

Let's say you are in a canoe and you have 30 minutes to go a half a mile and you can go upstream or downstream. It's your choice. What's logical? Let the current carry you. You see. But when you have created a current that's going that way and you say, "I want to go that other way," then there is not enough time in the world to ever get you there. It's like saying, "I want some hot tea." So you turn on the fire under your tea kettle, and just before the water boils, you turn it off. Then you turn it on again, and just before it boils, you turn it off. And then you turn it on again, and just before it boils, you turn it off, and then you complain, "For ten years, all I've wanted is a cup of hot tea." And we say, "Just leave it on."

To Make Time Expand For You
The way you make time expand for you... The way you get greater productivity from any moment in time is by flowing with the current -- and the way you flow with the current is by finding thoughts that feel good when you think them. One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. There is not enough action in the world to compensate for a misalignment of Energy.

Most people who are acting to create, can create, at best, only mediocrity. It isn't until you step into the vibrational realm of visionary that any big things happen.
It is a really rare one of you who has ever allowed yourself the benefit of focusing upon something long enough that the Energy began to move with you. When you do that, it is effortless. Doors open. It's as if the entire Universe is conspiring -- and it is -- to assist you in what you are wanting. But most of you spend your actions rather than aligning your Energy, and then you feel overwhelmed because there is not enough action or you can't muster enough effort.

Most of you have convinced yourselves that you prove your worthiness through your effort or action. Well, what we are wanting you to do -- if you're wanting to prove something -- is prove your connection to the Energy Stream.

Is This The Next Logical Step?
Don't try to take action about anything until you have visualized it and made it real enough that it feels like the next logical step.

A friend said about her daughter, "My daughter has found something that she really, really, really wants, and she said to me, 'If this happens... If this really happens like I want it to, then this joyous thing will make up for all of the things that have gone wrong in my life. All of the things that I haven't been able to make happen, it will make up for all of them if this just goes the way I want it to.'" And we said, when your desire feels that big, you're not really on the brink of it. You know when you're on the brink of it when it feels like the next logical step.

So if we were to say to you, "Does it feel logical to you that all of a sudden time will open up, that you'll have time on your hands, that you'll have leisure, that money will be flowing to you effortlessly, that your action will not be really a part of the magnificent things that come?" And you say, "No. Right now that feels like a pipe dream that I want to believe, and if I believed, Abraham, that you could take your magic wand and zap me with that, for this moment, I would be thrilled beyond description." But it doesn't feel like the next logical step. Does it? And the reason it doesn't feel like the next logical step is because you have not practiced that imagery. That imagery doesn't feel familiar. That vibration is not familiar. Therefore, it's not the next logical step for you.

So how would one go about expanding time? By acknowledging leverage.
Imagine a big heavy box. You want to pick it up. So instead of trying to pick it up, you take a pole and a fulcrum and you stick it under and then you push on the other end of the pole. Leverage. Use the leverage of the Energy that creates worlds... When you get into the flow with the Energy that creates worlds, you will have leverage beyond your wildest dreams. Seventeen seconds of focus that is not contradicted is equivalent to over 2,000 action hours. Only twice that -- 34 seconds of non contradicted thought -- is equivalent to 20,000 action hours. Add another 17 seconds to it and you can multiply by ten again. 68 seconds of non contradicted thought is equivalent to more action hours than you could work in ten life times. Esther said, "Why don't I know that? If I have access to this kind of leverage, why don't I know that?" And we said: You rarely hold yourselves on a subject for 17 seconds, long enough to allow that thought to combust into a more specific, and therefore more powerful, thought. "You are like most people," we said to Esther. "You are so caught up in the reality of what you are living, that the vibration that you offer is mostly only about what you are living."

So whenever you say, "I don't have enough time," that's the vibration that you offer, and you don't have access to exercises or thoughts or ideas or people that you could delegate to. You don't have access to the way the world works without so much action.

Haven't you been mystified when you see people who seem to not work very hard at all that have so much coming to them? While those that are working the hardest -- seem to be getting the least. Haven't you ever wondered what was wrong with that? Haven't you been mystified when you see people who seem to not work very hard at all that have so much wonderful stuff coming to them? And then, you see those that are working the hardest -- and they seem to be getting the least. Haven't you ever wondered what was wrong with that? They just haven't learned the leverage of aligning Energy. They are going about it the hard way. They are trying to use their action to create -- rather than their alignment of Energy.

Earth Wasn't Created by Action
So now, is it starting to make sense when we say to you, "Seek joy"? Joy is the purpose, because in your joy, you connect to the Energy that makes things happen. Aren't you knocked over by this Earth? Isn't it awesome this massive space? This big chunk of matter? Don't you find it remarkable? Now try to find action in any of that. Who built it? Who scooped up that much dirt? Who used physical action to scoop it up and make it be? This is not the nature of Creation. Creation is not and has never been about action. It has always been about alignment of Energy. So when you focus upon alignment of Energy time becomes irrelevant. And when time is irrelevant, it will be so expansive that you will wonder where it always was.