Does Vibration of Joy Cancel Unwanted Beliefs?

GUEST: You talk about when you’re feeling good or bad, and you have strong feelings either way, then it’s very clear what you are attracting, but a lot of the time, you’re in between, and you don’t know what you’re attracting. In other words, she was attracting vulnerability, she had a vibration of vulnerability to some degree and she didn’t realize it.

ABRAHAM: Yes, but then what happened? Whatever her current vibration was, attracted a condition that helped her then to realize what it was.

GUEST: Right. But that’s kind of, you know, after the fact.

ABRAHAM: Well, we agree. In other words, what you’re saying is, it would be nice to know how I’m vibrating before I attract something I don’t want.

GUEST: Well, right. But what I’m getting to is, that, you can have all these different vibrations, you can have a vibration for lack and a vibration for vulnerability or all these things.

ABRAHAM: There are only two, actually: connected or not.

GUEST: Okay. When you talk about joy, or the place of well-being, and you’re in that place, does that eliminate all these other vibrations?

ABRAHAM: Yes. In other words, you cannot be connected and disconnected at the same time. As you are basking, as you are applauding, as you are acknowledging positive aspects then vibrationally you are not lackful.

GUEST: And you don’t have to worry about what beliefs you have in your subconscious, or that kind of thing?

ABRAHAM: Well, here is the thing, and this is what you’re getting at. Let’s chew on this for just a little bit, here. As you’ve moved through life experience, you’ve launched a lot of thought — and now you’re living the culmination of that thought that you’ve been launching. So in some areas, you are feeling more secure than others. That’s what we meant when we said you have a sort of mixed bag. Well, very often, you don’t realize, as you have just said to us, what you are actually vibrating until you attract a condition that sort of amplifies it. So the true value in your physical experience is that once you’ve attracted a condition, then to let that condition help you to identify more what you do want so that you find a more positive feeling place rather than just regurgitating and amplifying the negative one.

So often, what we see, a woman will have a negative experience, maybe she has an abusive father, and so, she can’t wait to get out on her own, and all of her life she says things like, “I just can’t wait to get out from under this domination.” So all of her life, even though she’s talking about liberation, she’s vibrating in the domination. So the person that she attracts as her first partner has that same vibration as her father, and he controls her and dominates her in the same way that her father did. So she tolerates it for a while. Then she attracts a mate who is very much like her past experience. She tolerates it for a while, but in time, says “I cannot stand it anymore, I’m leaving.” But as she takes action, she takes the vibration of lack with her — which means her point of attraction does not change. So somewhere along this process, if there is not a recognition of why it’s still coming, then it will continue to come. It is the acceptance that “I am not wanting this,” which causes an eruption of clarity that “I am wanting this,” but then that part, we talked about that is the hard part, “How can I feel safe when I’m being robbed or how can I feel free when I’m in bondage,” and we say, therein lies your work. You must discover through trial and error that as you conjure and vibrate you attract. So what we encourage you to do is think and feel, think and feel, think and feel and notice the results.

Think and feel, think and feel, think and feel and notice the results, until with not a lot of effort, you can convince yourself that what comes to you is absolutely correlative to the way you have been feeling about some subject. And once you catch a glimpse of that in one aspect of your life, then you are able to apply it to another and another and another. You see, the beautiful thing about this is, and we feel the discomfort of our physical friends as we teach this: We hear you say, “You mean I’ve got subconscious beliefs that are actually attracting to me stuff I don’t want?” That feels a little uncomfortable, doesn’t it? “You mean, I could be pulsing something I don’t want and attracting something that I don’t want,” and we say, but wait. Every time you’re doing it in significant enough way that it could affect you, you know it. Your Guidance System always tells you. You’ve got negative emotion about it. Your Guidance System is always giving you a warning bell. If you are vibrationally allowing something you do not want, you feel negative emotion every single time. So when you feel negative emotion, you say, “Ah, this is good. My Guidance System is working. I can feel that I am right now achieving vibrational harmony with something not wanted. What is wanted and why?”

When Esther drives, the highway department, very often, has put reflective bumps on the lines in the road. Good for night driving, and sometimes she drives on them, not meaning to. Her mate says she drives by Braille, and when she feels those bumps bumping along under her tire, she knows she’s drifting. And she also knows that if she doesn’t do something, correct her steering, make a new decision, she could end up in the ditch or alongside another car. Well those bumps are like your negative emotion. They let you know that, without meaning to, you’re on your way to the ditch. So just stop and say, “Ahh, this is good. I know what I don’t want. Don’t want to be in the ditch. What is it I do want?” And as you restate what you want and refind that feeling place, now you have changed your point of attraction.

Now, here’s what you’re getting at. For whatever reason, you’re vibrating where you are and you might not know what it is, bump, bump, bump, you’re just vibrating along, and so here you are, vibrating, and then you attract an experience or a condition that you don’t like very much, and then you say, “Hmm, I don’t want this.” Now, what most physical beings do, once they’ve experienced a condition they don’t want, is they keep talking about why they don’t want it, they pray to God, “Give me something different.” They demand from their boss, “Give me something different.” They demand from their mate or the government, “Give me something different,” but the whole time they are stating what they want, different, they are still condemning this, so vibrationally they hold themselves right there, you see. Now, that is what we call using the contrast of the Universe to your disadvantage. The way you use it to your advantage is by clearly identifying what is not wanted, which always helps you to feel an eruption of what is wanted, and then as you turn toward what is wanted, and as you so beautifully did earlier in the earlier question, you described what you want and why you want it. You imagine it, you envision it, you describe it until you feel it. Now, you have taken that vibration, that may have existed for years within you, and by utilizing the contrast of the Universe — you have now left that vibration in a new point of attraction. So the next condition that you attract is going to be less severe than that one, or maybe entirely different, you see.

You have heard many teachers say, “Bloom where you are, start wherever you are,” and what they’re saying is, you can’t change whatever your point of attraction is, not all at once, because it’s taken you quite a bit of thinking, a lot of patterns of thoughts, to get here, but now, as you’re here, the experiences that you attract are your confirmation of how you’ve been attracting, how you’ve been vibrating. So, if you don’t like what you’re attracting, now is your opportunity to conjure an image of something different or better.

If you were a sculptor, molding clay, you would not take your big clump of clay on your first day and splat it down on your table and then complain, “Oh, it didn’t turn out right.” You would expect to mold it, you would expect to push it and pull it, you would expect to practice it — and with enough time, you could make that clay look just like the image in your mind. Well, you’re not molding clay, but you are molding Energy, and the way you mold it is by thinking and feeling, thinking and feeling, thinking and feeling.

We see some of our physical friends, especially those of you who have been students of deliberate creation for some time, and when you feel a negative emotion, you start beating up on yourself. You slap your hands, you say, “Oh, I’m not doing it right.” That’s what’s bothering you, that’s what bothered Jerry about having the flu. It wasn’t just being sick, it was irritating to know all this stuff, intellectually, and not always be able to apply it. But when you beat up on yourself, what are you doing? You vibrationally disconnect yourself from the clarity and the Energy that would create something differently. So instead, instead of being mad at yourself when you have miscreated or mad at yourself when you have negative emotion, if instead, you will appreciate that your Guidance System is working. Appreciate your conscious awareness of how you’re flowing Energy, and then just gently say, “Well, if I don’t want that, what is it that I do want, and why do I want it?” And little by little by little by little by little by little by little by little by little by little, your point of attraction will be very different. In 30 days you can be vibrating in a place significantly different from where you are today, and everyone who knows you will be aware that something has changed, because the current that flows around you is very different. Good.

JERRY: So, a number of years ago I was out in one of the little country towns in Cuba, and we were in a little restaurant at night, and I saw a man make eye contact with me, even though I was with a large party of performers, and it didn’t mean much. I lived in the train, and so, I went back to the train and I wrote some letters, and then it was late, late at night, and I thought, well, I’ll just go and post these letters here in this little town because we’ll be in another town tomorrow. And as I went out and started, in the dark, down this back pathway, I realized this man had been waiting for someone, out in the bushes, and he began to follow me. And so, I knew he was after me, so I just picked up some half bricks that were, you know, a piece of the cobblestone kind of streets and I’m juggling these so he’ll know that I can handle things very cleverly, and I’d drop one every now and then so he’d know they were heavy and hard, because they would echo in the night in those little alleyways. And so, he stayed behind me, quite a bit, and then I got into the town, and I put the mail into wherever it was, and then as I started back I felt embarrassed, holding my bricks, in town. So as I came back out into the dark, again, he was behind me again. And so, as I started running, he tried to head me off, cut me off, beat me to the train, so he could get in front of me. And I ran and ran and ran, and then I realized I could hear him running, and I thought, well, he can hear me running. So then I stopped running forward, I just stood still and ran in place, but faster, so he started speeding up, and I could hear him speeding up to outrun my feet that he could hear, but I wasn’t going that way anymore. And so, I waited a few hours, and then I circled around and came in and nothing happened. Now, relative to all this, something I’ve learned from you, it’s not particularly subconscious beliefs. I really liked to fight in those days, and I liked a lot of excitement, and I liked people beating up people, and stuff like that, particularly if I was doing the beating. And so, it was all a part of my experience, so I understand how I would attract some stranger out of a cafe, or wherever, that would always come to me for that interchange. But here’s my point, it seems to me, and I’d like you to clarify this, it seems to me that we are, those of us that want it, are always safe through all of this, that somehow it seems like, even though we’ve created something that we don’t particularly want — at least we don’t want to be on the negative end of it — it seems like when it finally gets up to the action part, or almost to the action part, there’s some sort of inspiration or guidance or a sense of, intuitive sense, that actually tells us what action to take at the moment. So, do we all clearly get this, that I always feel that I’ve had, so that in every moment we’re always safe if we just follow this feeling, or whatever it is?

ABRAHAM: Not really. Here is what we want to help you to understand. As you were describing yourself as someone who was seeking the adventure of this physical interaction, would you say that the Energy vibration that surrounded you was positive or negative, under those conditions?

JERRY: I felt positive about it; I enjoyed it.

ABRAHAM: What we’re getting at is this. As you are vibrationally focused upon something wanted and you are feeling positive emotion flow through you, then you are connected to Nonphysical Energy so that your clarity is always there. In other words, there’s a difference between someone on their way to an adventure, who is seeking the adventure, and someone on their way to an adventure who is frightened by the adventure.

The only thing that you need to focus upon, “Am I, in any point in time, connected to my source of Energy?” If you’re connected, you’re clear, you’re agile, you’re faster, you zig and zag appropriately. If you’re not connected you’re usually bumbling and in the wrong place at the wrong time. And so, what you are beginning to understand is that you are all at varying degrees of connectedness and disconnectedness relative to different subjects. And so, as you accept your well-being, first and foremost, then no matter what the conditions are that are around you, vibrationally you will always attract that which will please you from those conditions. But it’s hard for most of you to hear because you are still so used to responding to conditions, and so, if the conditions aren’t just right…In other words, it’s not difficult being born into a family… that loves each other, where there’s plenty of money, and where there is love that is radiantly abounding and abundant around you, it’s not too difficult to learn that vibration. But more often than not, even someone that is born into that sort of environment, sooner or later goes to school where that’s not the dominant vibration that surrounds. You see what we are getting at? So what it really comes down to is how fast, or how completely, you can reemerge into the Energy that is your natural Energy of Well-being. And it’s what you all are about. You are teachers to assist others in finding that place. You are teachers of well-being.

JERRY: So, you wouldn’t say there’s anything negative about beating one another up, provided we enjoy beating one another up? That’s not a negative thing, if people enjoy it, and if that’s a conscious thing they’re doing, is beating and being beaten, that’s not negative then?

ABRAHAM: Well, in order to understand that, you’ve have to step back from it a little bit. In other words, we do not recall you ever having an intention that you were going to beat someone up. In other words, what we remember your intention being, “I’d like the world to be a better place. I would like appropriate things to take place. I would like to be a facilitator to help people realize their wrongdoing.”

JERRY: Yeah. That just seemed like the solution to it.

ABRAHAM: Now, as you talk about why you’re wanting what you want, you always come back into the vibrational harmony that’s at the core of your being. In other words, the reason you want to stop the rascals, is because you want more people to understand well-being. The reason that you are pushing against people that you considered were wrongdoers, is because you were wanting the world to be a better place. What you discovered, in time, was, you didn’t like the way that interacted with you. In other words, you discovered that when you hit them, it hurt your fingers. You discovered that you were as likely to break your hands on their face as their face on your hands. In other words, you discovered that while you did have an intention to make the world a better place, that that behavior was not necessarily leading you to it in the most gratuitous route, you see. And so, then from that experience, you began making different decisions until eventually you said, “I want the world to be a better place, but I guess I will just find myself within it and if any of them are interested in how I’m doing it they can ask me about it” — which is more or less what your work is about, now, you see.