Every Clam in the Universe is Naturally Selfish

There is so much we would like to tell you about the selfish nature of every cell in this Universe... Jerry brought a very big question to the forum. He said, "Abraham, I've heard something all my life, and I'm wondering if it is true. Are clams really all that happy?" And we said, it may seem like an unimportant or even silly question on the face of it. But happiness is always about the alignment between the desire and allowing. So in the clam's or the amoebae's, or the cell's perceiving, as it perceives, even though its perception is different from yours, it is still selfishly making a judgment about which feels better. And as it selfishly concludes that this would feel better than that, and it holds itself in vibrational harmony with this, the Universe yields it to it. Thus, the evolution of all species. Thus, the motion forward of All-That-Is.

The Universe always yields. That which many of you are calling God always answers every request -- no matter how big or small it may seem to any of the rest of you. Every request is inherently known to be of utmost importance. As these complicated species, like humans, begin to evaluate the rightness or the wrongness of their own species or any other species in their quest for what they are desiring -- that's when things get all screwy.

As you stand in your exaggerated, powerful, creative, human existence, and you let the contrast inspire you to your important desire which is shining through you in this moment, and you are wise enough to reach for the feeling that matches this desire that you have given birth to -- so that the heavens open and God force flows through you for the creation of this thing -- now you are living as you've intended to live.

Everything in the Universe exists to enhance and help your creative endeavor. And you will never be satisfied, until you are fully utilizing contrast and fully allowing yourself to be a vibrational match to the desire that is born.


creating contrast 4th October 2007 9:16 am

This really resonates.
Growing up, having absorbed so much about the 'virtues of service and sacrifice'...
those 'feelings of right or wrong', even now, allow *someone else* to dictate my reality.

Not necessary!

I loved the quote yesterday, too.

Thank you, Abraham!!.. or perhaps... and as well...

Thank you, Jerry and Esther!