Every Preference Summons Source

Are you feeling the life-giving quality of a desire formulated within you? And even though sometimes the desire is not manifesting as quickly as you would like it to, do you still understand and appreciate fully the value of the desire, even in its unfulfilled form? When you get there, you have it all figured out.

You wanted to come forth into an environment of contrast and variety so that you, a specific individual perceiver, or experiencer, could actually give birth to your own desire or preference. You knew that the moment that that pulsing, vibrating preference happens (whether you talk about it or not; it happens vibrationally) it is the summoning of Source Energy itself.

Contrast. Sometimes you think you would like to do without it, but you don’t really mean that. You certainly don’t mean it from your broader, Nonphysical perspective because anything that stirs that desire is literally the summoning of Source. You knew, when you came forth, that desire would happen and that the desire itself would summon Life Force, and therefore, you would be in your physical body and alive.

You knew that your life, the life of the Universe, the very evolution of All-That-Is, is dependent upon you coming up with a new idea of something that would make your life a little bit better (spoken or not spoken). And you knew that in the moment a desire emanated from you, that all of the resources that create worlds would come forth to fulfill it.

So, you knew that you would have desires, and that every desire, large or small, would be answered by Source—you knew that. And we’re here to talk about the part that many of you seem to have forgotten, which is how to line up with what you want so that you don’t hold yourself vibrationally apart from your own desires.

So, if you have things that you’ve been wanting for awhile that seem to not be happening, it’s only because you have developed patterns, (some call them beliefs) patterns of thoughts that hold you in vibrational difference from the very desire you are talking about.

Sometimes you say, “I’m stuck. I’ve been stuck where I am.” And we say, that can’t happen because you can’t stand still. You can’t be stuck. What could be happening is that you keep creating the same thing over and over so you think you’re stuck. But it’s not because you’re standing still; it’s because you keep looking at what-is and offering a vibration about what-is, and recreating more of what-is. So, you’re not stuck, you’re just creating the same thing again.

In other words, if you’ve been in a position where you say, “As long as I can remember, I haven’t had enough money.” We say, well, that’s because you keep looking at not having enough money and talking about not having enough money, and, more importantly, feeling what it feels like to not have enough money. And then, the money that you really want can’t come to you because you are emitting a vibration that says, This is how it is. And when you emanate a vibration that says, “This is how it is,” guess what? This is how it is.

So you say, “I’m stuck in this place I don’t want to be.” And we say, you’re not stuck, you’re just creating it again and again, and again. And you say, “But still, it feels like I’m stuck.” And we say, well, that’s because you keep looking at what-is and creating it again and again, and again. And you say, “But I’m stuck!” And we say, no you’re not stuck, you’re just creating the same thing over, and over, again. And you say, “But I’m stuck; I can’t get off this place. I’m stuck; I cannot get off of this place.” And we say, that’s because you’re predominantly looking at this place. That’s because you have been born into an environment that has touted the virtue of being historically accurate for so long; so you say, This is how it is.

You look out into your environment and you gather your statistics and you say, “These are the facts; this is the truth.” And we say, that is so screwy, because what you’re actually saying is, “I’m looking into manifestation, which is only the result of how somebody else looked, and I’m seeing the results of their looking and I’m calling it history or fact, or truth. And now, because I’m looking at it, I’m offering the same vibration, which means now I’m proving their “truth” in my experience, and now I’m calling it truth again.” And we say, why not just call it what it is? Why not call it create what I look at?

So, if I’m looking at where I stand and I don’t have enough money, then rather than saying, “I’m stuck,” why don’t I say it like it is?I keep looking at this not-enough-money aspect of my experience, and because of my attention to this not-enough-money aspect of my experience, I continue to recreate over and over again not enough money in my experience. “But, dear friends,” you might say to others, “I’m not stuck. I’m not stuck; I just keep creating the same things I don’t want over and over again.” (We’re getting your attention, aren’t we?)

So, you look out into your society and you see things you don’t want, and you say, “Oh, we need to keep track of those things we do not want.” And we say, why not tell it like it is? I’m looking out into society and I’m finding things I don’t want, and then I’m subscribing to cable news; I’m subscribing to newspapers; I’m subscribing to information that goes all around the world and looks for things that aren’t working well. And then I hold my magnifying glass on them and look at them, too, so that I can be sure that I can recreate those unwanted things in my experience.

Now, we have to admit, we are exaggerating things a little bit, because, fortunately, you have so many things to look at so there are many wonderful things that you give your attention to that you recreate constantly. Many of your expectations are serving you very well. Look at the lifestyle that you are living. It is amazing, by world standards, the things you have come to expect, and therefore, the things that you hold stable and constant in your vibration, which you continue to recreate.

You expected this room to be here when you got to this Workshop. And you expected to be able to come into it freely. You expected the roadways to bring you here in comfort and speed. You expect the food that you will eat today to be there for you. You expected these chairs to hold you. You expected this meeting room to be beautiful and for it to be comfortable for you. There are all kinds of things that you expect, and therefore you live. And what we are wanting to give to you, in a way that you can really hear it, is: You get to choose what you expect.

As you practice a thought, you will come to an expectation of it. And when you come to an expectation of things desired, then things desired will be your life experience—it must be that way! Your life is a perfect vibrational mirror: what you are living is always a perfect vibrational match to that which you are giving your attention to, which is also always a perfect vibrational match to how you’re feeling.

When you make the correlation that what I think and how I feel and what manifests is always a match, then you begin to understand that you can, with a little selective sifting, with a little deliberate thinking, with a little deliberately offering words, with a little deliberately sifting through past, present and future for things that feel good to you while you focus upon them—you can train yourself into a vibrational expectancy that will yield you a life that you, or anyone watching you, would have to call a very lovely life. Not a perfect and complete life, because it is always changing.

In every moment, you’ll be collecting new data that will give you a new idea of something that you would like to flow your attention to. But then, friends, that’s what life is. Life is eternally moving. Life is always unfolding. You cannot cease to be.

We want to help you to find conscious awareness of what you are doing with your vibration. If you are consciously aware of how you are feeling, then you will have the opportunity (if you want to) of reaching for the thought that feels even better. And that is really the most powerful tool that we could ever give anyone, because when you think about it, I am my vibrational center, and everything that’s happening to me is coming in response to the vibration that I’m emitting. So, if I’m aware of the vibration that I’m emitting—and I’m constantly reaching for a better vibration—then is not my life on all fronts improving in a steady way? And we say, yes, it has to be.

Stop beating up on yourself about where you are, and start appreciating what is going well about where you are. Your new mantra is, “I’m going to start beating the drum that feels better. I’m going to start making the best of things, making the best of things, making the best of things.”

One thing, the only thing, that is really important for you to decide (and there is such power in decision): Nothing is more important than that I feel good. And we’re going to modify that to say: Nothing is more important than that I feel as good as I am capable of feeling.

Nothing is more important than that I reach for a better-feeling thought. Nothing is more important than that I be aware of how I feel and that I want to feel good, and that I am willing to reach for a better-feeling thought.

I’m not ever again going to beat up on myself for not being able to get to the goodest to the goodest to the goodest, to the goodest, of all thoughts. I’ll take the goodest thought that I can find, and I’ll pat myself on the back—and I’ll keep reaching.

Excerpted from the workshop in Cincinnati, OH on Wednesday, September 24th, 2003