Healing and Calling Forth Energy

 [Abe:] If you find yourself in negative emotion, and you reach for a that feels better until you actually feel yourself back in a receiving mode, it is easier to do that with negative emotion than  it is to do with physical pain. But the same process is really  called for. You could talk yourself into ease or into less pain just  by reaching more for the receiving mode.

What we would do -- in the beginning especially -- until you have  convinced yourself that you are good at this, until you have  convinced yourself of your connection to source energy, here's what  we would do.

Put yourself in your bed. You all have access to source energy, and  it is flowing to you because the cells of your body are asking for  it. Now as this nonphysical energy is flowing in, you're wanting to  just relax and be in the place where you are allowing it. If you  will think in terms of your brain being the point of reception of  the energy -- now it really isn't, every cell of your body does, but  your brain does manage all the aspects of your body -- see or sense  your brain as the first point of receiving, and put out a question  or a statement or a request to the universe that says, Universe (or  God or whatever label is most comfortable), I am asking for your  physical aligning. I'm asking for a vibrational manipulation or  adjustment to my body.

Close your eyes and relax as much as you can and if you have a physical condition that you are wanting soothing for or adjustment  for, hold that physical condition in your mind in the form of a  request: Universe, please, align my hip... or... help me with this
headache... or... help me to release this allergy... or... help me  to find better postural alignment in my body... or... assist me with  these menstrual cramps... or... whatever it is where you are feeling  a little bit out of alignment, and feel the source energy actually  sending signals to your brain which will then translate into the  rest of your body. What you will feel is an actual manipulation in  what feels to you like your brain.

When Esther does this lying on her pillow she can actually feel her  scalp moving on the mattress along the pillow, she can actually feel  physical sensation or motion inside her head. You can actually feel  the source energy answering you just as you have asked, and in your  attitude of allowing or receiving, you can actually feel the  physical sensation.

For some it actually feels like your eyebrows are being raised. For  others it feels like even dimples across the back of your head. It  introduces interesting sensations, but focus upon them in the area that you would call your brain or your skull. Expect to feel it  there because that is the first place where the energy is adjusting,  because anything that is necessary for alignment in your body, the  inner being that is doing the adjustment is "tweaking." That is a  good word: Tweak my brain for the alleviation of this.

What happens in that is you take your attention away from the area  that you are concerned about so the resistance is softened  dramatically, and you feel for the sensation in the place that is  most obvious and most readily available, and as you feel the  sensation, then relax and smile as you are lying in your bed and  offer these words of appreciation or gratitude: Thank you. Thank you  for that. And what you're actually doing, you're saying: Thank you  for the effort. Thank you for the energy. Thank you for the  attention. Thank you for the future experience that will be  improved. Thank you for tending to this. What that does is it eases  your expectation; it puts you in a place of greater expectation of  results. And it is our promise to you that you will get them.

We would encourage you to do it every time you lie down. When you  awaken in the morning, instead of bouncing right out of bed and  getting into what you're doing, instead lie there for five or ten  minutes and have this conversation with your inner being where you  say: I'm anticipating a wonderful day, and I was wondering if you  might while I'm lying here, tweak my brain just a little bit so I  can feel the alignment that I'm reaching for.

We see people alleviate migraine headaches in the moment. We see  symptoms of colds and congestion lift right off in the moment. We  see cancers go into remission. We see all kinds of deadly diseases  brought into alignment. We see physical limbs coming into alignment.  We see bones mending and blood becoming heartier. There is not any  physical condition that this is not a remedy for, but you must lie  there in an attitude of trust and expectation. This will give you an  added tool of expectation, because after all, it is only that  expectation that you are wanting to deal with. There are three  points: you are asking, the Universe is yielding; you are wanting to  get into the receiving mode. And that expectation is that receiving  mode. What this does, it just gives you something to expect from,  because when you have laid in your bed and you have actually felt  your brain moving around in your head, as you lie there it is our  promise to you that you will feel it, it will increase your  expectation of physical results, and it is our promise to you that
you will receive them.

There is not a physical condition that you cannot bring back into  alignment, because there is nothing that you can ask for that the  nonphysical energy is not answering, but as you pick up beliefs  along your physical trail that says that cannot be, that belief  holds you in the place of not letting in, not because it cannot be,  but because you are in that belief not letting it be.

~ Abraham-Hicks, 3-31-01 Chicago, IL - [Tape 4, side A] - This quote is copyright Abraham-Hicks Publications.