I Want More Joy, Happiness, and Harmony

Jerry: What if someone would say to you, "Abraham, I want to be more joyful. How can I use what you're teaching to attract more joy, happiness, and harmony into my life?

Abraham: First, we would compliment the person on discovering the most important desire of all - the seeking of joy. For in seeking and finding joy, you not only find perfect alignment with your Inner Being and with who-you-really-are, but you also find vibrational alignment with all things that you desire. When joy is really important to you, you do not allow yourself to focus upon things that do not feel good - and the result of thinking only thoughts that feel good would cause you to create a wonderful life filled with all things that you desire.

When you hold the desire to be joyful and you are sensitive to the way you feel, and therefore guide your thoughts in the direction of things that feel better and better, you improve your vibration, and your point of attraction becomes one that will only attract - through the Law of Attraction - things that you desire. Deliberately guiding your thoughts is the key to a joyful life, but a desire to feel joy is the best plan of all because in the reaching for joy, you find the thoughts that attract the wonderful life you desire.

Jerry: Some would say that for a person to want to be joyous all the time would be a very selfish way to want to be, as though desiring joy is a negative.

Abraham: We are often accused of teaching selfishness, and we always agree that we certainly do teach selfishness, for you cannot perceive life from any perspective other than from that of yourself. Selfishness is the sense of self. It is the picture that you hold of yourself. Whether you are focusing upon yourself or another, you are doing it all from your selfish vibrational viewpoint, and whatever you are feeling is your point of attraction. So, from your perspective of self you are focused in a way that you are feeling good, then your point of attraction is such that the things that you are attracting - through the Law of Attraction - will please you when they get there. If however, you are not selfish enough to insist upon focusing in a way that feels good, and you are focused upon something that feels bad, then your point of attraction is such that you are negatively attracting - and you will not like what is coming when it gets there. Unless you are selfish enough to care about how you feel, and therefore direct your thoughts in such a way that you are allowing a true connection to your Inner Being, you have nothing to give another anyway. Everyone is selfish. It is not possible to be otherwise.

Because of the powerful Law of Attraction, whatever you are giving - by way of vibrational offering - you are receiving. The Law of Attraction always accurately sorts things out and brings to everyone the matching product of their thoughts. So when you give a thought of Well-Being [ie - gratitude], you always receive the matching equivalent. When you offer thoughts of hatred, the Law of Attraction cannot bring you loving results. That defies the Law. (Abraham through Esther Hicks, from the book, The Law of Attraction, page 63-64) -