Limiting Beliefs and the Art of Allowing

Are you among the rare humans who have come to appreciate the contrast of your time and place? Are you understanding that when desire is born within you, that it comes from the same contrast that sometimes you would like to do away with? Are you coming to recognize that the desire, that is so life giving, could not be without the variety? Are you coming to recognize that the variety is all about choosing?

It is not different from the buffet or the department store where you appreciate variety. You do not walk through the clothing department petitioning against those ugly clothes. You are satisfied and even comfortable in recognizing that someone else might choose them, while you might not. You do not feel that someone's going to knock you down and make you wear them anymore than someone would fill your plate and make you eat it. Although, that did happen to you. Maybe that's where your fear of contrast really began, with those bigger people, sure that they knew what's right, forcing you to accept their beliefs until you were big enough that you could at least run away.

We're wanting you to realize that beyond that which your parents attempt, there is no assertion. In other words, Law of Attraction (That which is like unto itself is drawn) is the order of the day here. And when you come to realize that as you offer a vibration, your vibration is answered, and that through the powerful Law of Attraction, all things that you are offering, vibrationally, come back to you, then this business of assertion is no longer something for you to worry about. Because there really is not any of that.

You are offering a signal, that is coming forth from you in every waking moment, that is being answered, and the manifestations that are occurring are perfect vibrational matches to that which you are about.

It is nice to know that whatever it is that you are feeling is a true indication of what you are offering, vibrationally. And that when you are able to understand the basis of your feelings or emotions, that then you can consciously understand exactly what your vibrational offering is, so that you could, if you wanted to, adjust it before the manifestation, that always answers it, occurs. That can be very helpful.

This Very Important Moment
The Art of Allowing is about paying attention to the way that you feel in any moment. This moment is a very important moment because in this moment, where all of your feeling is, is where all of your power is. In this moment you hold the vibrational leverage to allow the Well-being that you want and deserve, or not. No one else that you have ever known, whether it is government or that which you call God, certainly not your family or peers, no one has the ability to pinch off the Well-being that flows to you. Only you.

"In terms of in this moment, am I letting it in or not? Am I letting in my abundance when I'm dissatisfied with my current financial state of being? No. I'm not letting in more Well-being when I am feeling unhappy with the Well-being that exists.

"If I go to the doctor and he takes an x-ray and announces that I have arthritis in my shoulder, am I now allowing the Well-being that my body is asking for? Or in my concern, that has been amplified by this diagnosis, am I disallowing? When I see my friend's gorgeous new car and I feel thrilled beyond measure at her achievement of it, am I allowing my own abundance? Oh, yes! When I feel jealous of my friend's amazing new car, am I allowing my own abundance? No!"

The Power of Your Emotions

Your emotions are your indicator of what you are doing. Your emotions don't have any power. All of your power is in your choice of thought. All of your power is in your ability to focus your mind upon those things that cause you to feel good when you focus upon them. That's the power of your emotions.

Is It a Limiting Belief?
Do you know that the only thing that can ever hold you back is your own limiting beliefs? Now, what is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a belief that contradicts your desire. That's it. Well, how did you get those beliefs? You just picked them up along your physical trail, and now you drag them everywhere you go.

Do you do it deliberately? Do you say, "I think I will carry limiting beliefs around with me, to keep me from thriving, to keep me from being clear minded, to keep me from being safe, to keep me from being well, to keep me from being prosperous. I think I will just pick through the rubble of physical human experience, and I will just gather up a whole parcel of things that don't serve me well. And I'll carry them around and pass them on from generation to generation, and I'll make my life miserable with them and, hopefully, I'll pass them on to my children who will do the same."? It's not like that at all, is it? Not one of your limiting beliefs did you pick up deliberately intending to do yourself or someone else harm. You did not do any of this in a deliberate way, you did it in an indeliberate way, because you did not understand the power of your emotions. You did not believe that feeling good meant that it was good for you.

It does not matter how you picked up these limiting beliefs. The only thing that matters is that you recognize that the negative emotion is pointing them out to you. Negative emotion is saying to you: You're holding a belief that is thwarting your light from shining. It's thwarting the God Force or Creative Life Force that is naturally being drawn through you.

Sometimes we see you moving through your day-to-day experience, and you can tell that you have a limiting belief, or at least you can tell that something is screwy within you because you can feel the strong negative emotion that is within you. It often comes forth right after you have clearly identified that you want something. When you clearly identify that you want something, when you heighten the focus of some desire and the Energy begins to move more quickly -- the limiting Energy becomes more evident.

Should I Lower My Desires? It's sort of like if you drive your car at 100 mph through a forest of trees, the trees are more apparent to you. They are more hindering to you than if you are driving your car through a forest of trees at 5 mph. At 5 mph, you feel you have more discretion to pick your way through them. But at 100 mph, you're crashing into a lot of trees. So the more deliberately you are focused, the faster your Energy is moving. And the faster your Energy is moving, the more important it is for you to release those limiting beliefs. Otherwise you sort of have a rocky ride.

Often, once you become aware that you're having the rocky ride you, almost without exception, begin to slow down your car. You begin to slow down your desire, and it gives you some temporary relief. When you say, "Oh, never mind, I don't really want that," your angst goes away because you slow the Energy deliberately. And so, the contradictory feeling is not so hindering or so apparent or so uncomfortable, or so noticeable. But we want to say to you, this is really going about it the hard way. And the reason that we know this so powerfully, and that we want to speak it to you so emphatically, is because the entire Universe has been established to produce the contrast that will constantly give birth to newer, fresher, more leading edge desire within you. And deciding that you will then go against all of the Universe, and keep yourself in a place of not letting yourself focus the desires that are born naturally within you, is a lifelong challenge. You have to work very hard at talking yourself out of the things that you were born to conclude.

I Am Consciousness, Watch Me Create
So, what is a Creator in this human body? You are a focuser of Energy, just like we are, not in a human body. In other words, whether you're Non-Physically focused, or whether you're physically focused, you are far more than these physical bodies. You are Consciousness that is projecting thought. There is Non-Physical Source Energy that is really You flowing through you. You are the leading edge extensions of so much more. 

When you allow the true Non-Physical essence of You to shine through you, or to flow through you, when you become in perfect vibrational harmony with the whole of You, -- this is when you are at your very best.

When you are allowing the Non-Physical essence of You to flow through you in a non-resisted way, that's when you become a consistently passionate being. Because when you allow your Inner Being to shine through you, we promise you, you will be continually concluding new desires. It's like your Inner Being and you are partners in this motion forward, leading edge experience.

In the beginning, as we spoke to you about the physical you and the Non-Physical You, it almost tended to separate you. It made you feel as if you were two pieces. And the reason that we spoke about the physical you and the Inner Being You, is because so many of you were not really aware of the partnership you have with this Eternal, Non-Physical Energy. We did not want to separate you. In fact, our intent was to help you to become One -- one powerful, conscious Being.

We want you to understand the important role that you play as Consciousness focused here in these physical human bodies. You come forth with such powerful deliberate intent. But sometimes you say, "Well, why would we come forth into an environment where there are things that we do not like?" And we say, because you understand the power of variety. You understand that it is like the smorgasbord where you go for Sunday brunch, where the more variety there is, the better it is. And as you are moving through that smorgasbord you say, "Yes, I would like some of that and I would like some of that, and I would like some of that." But you don't find yourself being very uncomfortable with the things that are there that others may choose, that you do not choose. You do not find yourself feeling great resistance for the things that you do not want to put on your plate and put into your own mouth -- because you do not fear that someone else is going to put them on your plate and put them into your mouth, although, that may be where all that got started for you. You may have had parents who asserted, or they seemed to, in their quest for your Well-being. It may have felt to you in the early days of your experience that you were without choice about what got put on your plate and about what got put in your mouth. And that may have been one of your earliest points of resistance.

Your Emotions Hold the Key
We are wanting to help you to dissolve that feeling that you must push against those unwanted things. Pushing against those unwanted things never pushes them away, all it does is set you up for resistance that keeps you vibrationally apart from the things that you do want.

There's no such thing as "no" in this Vibrational Universe. Everything is "yes". So when you look at something wanted and you shout yes at it, you are including something wanted in your vibration. But when you look at something not wanted and you shout no at it, you are including something not wanted in your vibration. And that, right there, is the basis of all resistance. Looking at unwanted things and saying, "No, no, no, no, I want not that," is the very thing that holds you in vibrational discord with that which you do want.

So, are you getting the sense that your emotions hold the key to all of this? It is our desire to assist you in recognizing -- by paying attention to the way you feel -- how closely you are vibrationally matching your desires, or how far apart from matching your desires you are in this moment.

"In this now moment where all my power is, am I allowing that which I've been telling the Universe in many ways every single day what I want, or not?" When you feel passion, it means you have a strong focused desire. There's lots of summoning power. There's lots of asking. And it's probably been happening over quite a period of time and you've honed it to quite a sharp edge. Passion means pointed, powerful summoning of Creative Life Force. Passion means Creative Life Force coming at your request to satisfy your desire.In the feeling of passion, you are in a state of utter allowance. There is no resistance within you. There are no contradictory beliefs that are not letting the Energy pass through you.

Relationship of Desire To Passion or Rage
Whether you feel rage, or any strong negative emotion, it means almost the same thing. The desire is equal. It means you have been moving through contrast; it means you've been calculating; it means you've been fulfilling your purpose; it means you've been looking at variety; it means you've been honing the Energy; it means you've been coming to conclusions; it means you have come to an important conclusion.

Whether it is passion or rage that you are feeling in the moment, they both mean strong focused desire through you. It means you are being a powerful creator -- but in passion, you're letting it in. And in rage, depression or fear, those strong negative emotions are saying you're not letting it in. Why? Because you are choosing to focus upon something that is opposite of that which you desire. That which you are focusing upon is dominating your Vibration so that you have set up an Energy field that disallows the very thing that you are asking for. In short, you're not a match to what you want.

Becoming A Conscious Vibrational Match to Desire
If there are things in your life that you don't want, it's because you are a vibrational match to them. If there are things not in your life that you do want, it means you're not a match to them.

This workshop is about matching up with what I want. It's about talking about what I want and why I want it. It's about pretending it, visualizing it, playing with it until, little by little, I become a vibrational match to the thing that I want. It's about not letting your now reality dominate your vibrational sphere any longer. It's about no longer allowing what-is to be the big hairy deal that I've been making it. It's about no longer letting what-is be such a powerful point of my attention, that I cannot move from this spot. It's about finally bouncing on the trampoline and catapulting into the new idea and becoming the passionate, powerful, forward moving creator that I am.

Well-being is Your Natural Birthright
As you stand in your now and you feel pretty good -- that means that you are pretty much allowing the things you've been saying you want. As you stand in your now and you are aggravated or fearful or embarrassed or feeling unworthy, if you are frightened, if you are frustrated, if you are angry, if you are blameful, if you are guilty, then, in this moment, you are hindering the Universe, who adores you, your Inner Being who assists you, and all of the Well-being that is your birthright. You're pinching it off. To the degree of the intensity of your negative emotion, that is the degree of the intensity of your pinching off your Well-being.

Our favorite analogy is the cork that bobs on the surface of the water. And when you hold it under the water, it is unnatural. It is natural for you to let go of it, and it is natural for it to bob. But when you take hold of a thought that does not feel good, and the negative emotion sweeps over you, you remain in an unnatural state for as long as you hold your attention upon it.

You talk about a teacher you call Jesus who expressed it as clearly as we've ever heard it when he said, turn the other cheek or look the other way, or resist not this thing you fear. Because when you take your attention from whatever it is that is drowning your cork, your cork will bob right back to the surface.

Upliftment is natural to you. This gathering is more about distracting you from the things that you have come to believe that are important that you are using as your excuse to hold yourself in an unnatural vibration.

Now, we have to say to you that if you could effectively hold yourself in an unnatural vibration, and keep yourself from wanting anything, that your physical body would not take such a beating. Every illness that you know of is because you are holding natural desires that are summoning Energy -- but you are holding beliefs that you've picked up along your physical trail that are not allowing the Energy that you're summoning to flow through.

You Eagerly Anticipated New Thought
You are the holder to the keys. You have come forth as genius Deliberate Creators, knowing that you hold in your hands the ability to create anything that this time/space reality can cause you to imagine. You said, "I am so eager to go forth into this magnificent variety to give birth to a new thought. And once it is born within me, I will turn my attention to it, and I will achieve vibrational harmony with it -- and I will become one with it, and the universal forces will yield it to me. And once that happens I will stand in a new, clear place with a new set of contrasting experiences that will give birth to yet another desire, which I will then turn my full attention to, using my powers of imagination and concentration. Until, by paying attention to the way I feel, I have honed this new desire into a blended Energy so that it resonates through every fiber of my being, until the desire that I say with my mouth, I feel with my being.

"When I hold a desire and it thrills me, I am a match to my desire. When I hold a desire and it tortures me, I am far from a vibrational match. When I hold a desire and love pours through me whenever I think about it, my desire and I are one. And manifestation is around the corner.

"When I hold a desire that frightens me or threatens me, when I feel unworthy of it, or blameful of others who have achieved it, when I feel jealousy, yearning, or fear, then I am holding myself in vibrational disallowance. No one, not God, not Mother, not my sister, not my mate, not my friend -- no one is holding me apart from this thing that I want but me and my choice of thought.

Am I letting it in? Letting what in? What might that be?" Well-being, clarity, vitality, enthusiasm, abundance, stamina, the ability to articulate, understanding, broader view, Inner Being, God, all that you consider to be good. There is not anything that you want that you will not be in a place of letting in once you understand how important it is to ask yourself in this moment, "Well, how am I feeling? Am I letting it in?" The Art of Letting It In.

Excerpted from the workshop in Dallas, TX on Sunday, November 11th, 2001