Moving Up The Vibrational Stick!

Are you understanding that you are vibrational beings? Are you understanding that everything is vibrational and that your experience, no matter who you are, whether you are physical or Non-physical, whether you are human or insect, your perspective, or that which you perceive, is only about your translation of vibration?

You Are Creating From The Inside Out
In this tangible, physical world, where you can see and smell and hear and taste and touch, your physical senses are literally your interpreters of vibrations. And so, the world you perceive is about your sensors that are interpreting it from vibration to perception. When you look at your television, a similar thing is taking place: A mechanism has projected and translated, and now you are using other physical human sensors to further translate. You don't look at your television and assume that somehow those people are really in that little box. You know that the screen, or the process, is giving you an interpreted version of something. And everything in your world is that. It's hard for you to get a sense of that, because you are surrounded with so many other interpreters who are born with similar sensors or senses to yours.

And so, when we say to you, what you see with your eyes is an interpretation of vibration, what you feel with your fingertips, what you hear with your ears, what you smell with your nose, all that you are experiencing is vibrational interpretation, you say (because so many of you are having a similar experience) "Well, this interpretation of vibration is reality." And we say, the reason you are calling it reality is because so many others are agreeing with you, in general terms, about the reality you are perceiving. But, in truth, you are all interpreting uniquely from your perspective. We approach your physical experience in a rather unusual way because once you understand that you are vibrational interpreters,then you can deliberately take it further. Then you can go beyond your physical senses, which are interpreting vibration by utilizing your emotional basis, which is a further interpretation of more defined, intricate interpreting. Your emotions tell you more subtle vibrations.

Everything is about vibration. And everything that you are perceiving is already vibrating. When you give anything your attention -- whatever its vibration is -- it now becomes included in your vibration. So it is true that everything that you are allowing yourself to ponder or remember or imagine or observe affects your vibration. And many would say, "Well, so what?" And we say, it is a very important "so what." Since Law of Attraction is what is sorting all of this out, then whatever it is you are offering in your vibration is what Law of Attraction is giving back to you. Whatever you are observing, or whatever you are pondering, or whatever you are imagining, or whatever you are giving your attention to -- whether you are remembering it from past, or observing it in the now or imagining it in the future -- whatever you are giving your attention to is causing your vibration to be what it is. And whatever it is, is your point of attraction.

As Esther was watching the television and hearing about some recent violence, she said, "Abraham, if we were to turn off our televisions, if everyone on the planet were to unplug the television today, would that decrease that violence we are seeing?" We said, dramatically and instantly: It would become a new world in a moment.

Then we said to Esther: If you were to turn off your television, you would no longer be a part of it. You could allow whatever other people are choosing. By withdrawing your attention, you would no longer have vibrational access to any of it. And that is really a much better way to approach it. Rather than asking everyone to do what you think needs to be done so that they can all feel like you think they need to feel, why not you just do it? Because whatever you are offering in your vibration is only what will affect you.

You don't even have to turn your television off. You can just be so clear about who you are and what you want that you could get the best from your television. You could become such a vibrational selective sifter, that in the same way that violence never touches you out in the world, it would not come to you through your television. You would never cower in a corner, hiding from someone. You would not dodge bullets, or even dodge mayhem in traffic, because your vibration does not include that... As you would give your attention only to what you are wanting, your vibration would be such that you would not rendezvous even with those negative things that are projected on the television.

If you would make a determination that "There are plenty of things on the television that are in vibrational harmony with that which I want and that which I am, and those are the things that will come to me," then you will find yourself not cowering in some corner of seclusion trying to prevent yourself from rendezvousing with those things you do not want.

Deliberate Creating is adjusting your vibration so that you have access only to that which you are choosing. You have been deliberate, or have wanted to be deliberate, about controlling your own experience. But the thing that most humans have not understood in their sorting out the details of life and in the choosing of the specific details that you are wanting to live is that the sorting is not about looking at the results of what has been created and then dividing it into piles of wanted and unwanted, saying yes to these things and no to these things (That has not been working very well for you.) because Law of Attraction says, everything that you give your attention to is like saying yes to it. In Law of Attraction world, there is no such thing as no. Because when you're looking at something wanted and shouting yes to it, you are including it in your vibration. But when you are looking at something you don't want and you are shouting no at it, you are including something you do not want in your vibration. And so, as you are sorting out the piles of creation, and you are saying yes to these things, and no to those things, you are creating a sort of jumbled vibration, or point of attraction, that is allowing you access to things you don't want.

We call this seminar the Science of Deliberate Creation. ("Science", because it is forever expanding, and deliberate because you are being purposeful about it.) The "Science of Deliberate Creation" is about offering your vibration on purpose, perceiving on purpose, pondering on purpose, remembering on purpose. It means thinking on purpose. It means observing on purpose. It means reaching for, in a purposeful manner, those things that you would like to participate with.

Your Point of Power is Right Now!
Your Guidance System, your emotional mechanism, is your mechanism by which you understand more fully the vibration of your being. And since everything is vibration, your Guidance System is the mechanism by which you understand your creating in this moment.

And all creation is taking place in this moment. Your power is here and now, because here and now is where you are vibrating. You cannot attract your past. You are not vibrationally there. Perceptually, you are standing here, you are perceiving here, you are attracting here. This is your point of power. This is your point of attraction. So how you feel right now, right now, how you feel right now, right now... Whether you are thinking about then or now, or tomorrow, it doesn't matter whether you are perusing past, present or future -- how you are feeling NOW as you are perusing past, present or future, IS your indicator of your point of attraction.

Creating from the inside out says, "I will generate the feeling, which will cause the vibration, which will affect the attraction." Creating from the outside in says, "I will ponder that thing that has happened, and then I will have a feeling response to it." If you are creating from the outside in, which almost everyone is, then you become one of the millions on your planet who then believe that you must somehow join together, and with enough force, that you can demand behavior from other beings, so that you can feel better about what you see: "When I see you, sweet one, I feel wonderful. But when I see you, rotten one, (fun) I feel terrible. So you need to change your behavior so that when I see you I feel better. You, rotten one, need to behave more like you, sweet one. And when you do, I'll be happy."

The problem is, rotten one doesn't even know he's rotten. All he's trying to do is satisfy his own desires. And the fact that his desires differ from your desires is what makes you call him rotten one. And it is not a problem for him, because he calls you rotten one, too. You are using each other as your excuse to not feel good a good part of the time. And what we're wanting you to understand is that that very conditional approach to life, which says, "Under these conditions I feel good, let me applaud and support these conditions. But under these conditions I feel bad, so let me join forces to try to destroy these conditions" will never get you anywhere. You are born in a diverse Universe where there will always be more that you disagree with than that with which you agree, on the peripheral leading edge of thought.

When you believe that you have to clean it all up in order to feel good, you've got a task you cannot complete. But when you understand that it's about creating a vibration, which is your point of attraction, from the inside -- then you only have access to those things that you are wanting.

As you learn to adjust your vibration or affect your emotions deliberately, now you have access only to those vibrational things out there in the Universe that are a vibrational match to that -- and it is an ever so much easier way to create. And it is in keeping with what you know from your broader, Non-physical perspective. You said, "I will adjust my vibration, which is my way of allowing the Well-being that is natural to me, to flow." The key word in there is: "allowing", because Well-being is flowing to you. And you are, in differing degrees, allowing or not allowing it. No one is depriving you of anything. But sometimes you do not allow the Stream of Well-being that would flow to you otherwise.

You have established rather definite, habitual patterns of thought relative to many subjects. And some of your habits of thought serve you very well, because they matche your now desire. But some do not serve you very well, because they do not match your desire: Your belief in illness, your belief in decline, your belief in aging, (in the way you mean it, not moving through time, but declining through time) those beliefs do not serve you well. Your belief in vulnerability, your belief in violence, your belief in bad things happening to good people--those beliefs do not serve you well. Your belief in cancer, in AIDS, your belief in getting run over by big things, your belief in falling out of the sky in airplanes -- they are all valid beliefs, but they do not serve you well.

And so, what we're wanting to begin to help you do is to sort out your beliefs, but not in terms of their reality, because, in truth, everything is real. You say to your children, "Well, you don't have to believe in that, because that's not a real thing. That's a pretend thing." And we say, if it is evoking negative emotion within them as they are watching this horrible thing at the movie theatre, on television or wherever, whether it is real or not is not the issue. How it is making them or you feel is the only issue that is important. Anything that affects your vibration is affecting your overall experience.

Every Stick Has Two Ends
Every subject is really two subjects: There is that which is wanted and lack of it. There is the subject of wellness or not. There is the subject of abundance or not. There is the subject of light or not. Every subject is of that which is wanted or of the lack of it, or the absence of it. Every Subject is Two Subjects: That Which is Wanted and the Lack of It!

When you pick up the very long Stick (or subject) that has two ends to it, the stick that has the label "money" or "abundance", the only question that is really important to you is: "Which end of this Stick am I vibrating on?" If you really want to know: what you are living is your evidence of that -- because whatever you are thinking and feeling, and whatever you are getting, is always a vibrational match. The manifestation that you are living is a true indicator of what the vibrational content of your offering is.

When you pick up the Stick that says "money", you can tell, you can feel it in your solar plexus, which end of it you're vibrating on. You can feel eagerness and enthusiasm, or you can feel worry and concern. You can feel whether you're thriving or whether you're worried. When you pick up the Stick that says moving through time, maturing, aging, living... You can feel which end of it you're vibrating on: "Eager, happy for my evolution, worried, or not liking the wrinkles under my eyes..." You can tell.

When you pick up the Stick about wellness, you can feel whether you have confidence in your vitality, or whether you're worried about some limitation. You can tell by the way you feel. And that's really what we're wanting to help you with. We want to help you to identify clearly what your now vibration is relative to things that matter to you. And we want to show you (and we promise you we have endless ways of going about it) how to vibrate more with the end of the Stick that you are choosing than with the end of the Stick that you chose without knowing you were choosing it. It's what we call Creation by Default: Vibrating all over the place by virtue of what you've been observing, so you're offering vibrations that are limiting you and offering vibrations that are keeping you from some things that you are wanting. You are offering vibrations that are attracting to you things you don't want, and you are offering vibrations that are attracting to you things you do want.

You are full of vibrations -- many of them are serving you, many are not. We want to help you to deliberately, consciously clean up your vibrational offering and to start offering a purer signal. It's what we call Setting your Tone.

You get to choose what you offer vibrationally -- and in doing so, you get to choose what comes back to you. But if you are letting what you're observing choose it, then you're vibrating all over the place.

Then you are feeling a little bit like Esther was this morning after watching the violence, "Please, let's just all unplug the televisions and stop this madness." And we say, it will only stop some of it, because you'd be out there with your eager eyes exploring things that are none of your business, causing vibrations within you that are attracting things you do not want. And all of that is part of the fantastic voyage through human consciousness. You wanted every bit of that. You said, "I will go forth into this sea of contrast, because I know, in my exploration of these things of variance and difference, that out of it will be produced within me a focusing mechanism, a creative genius. Out of it will be focused within, new desire, new unto the Universe, new unto me -- new unto All-That-Is.

The Cycle of Creation
So here's how it works: Here you are, examining the contrast, and out of it is born a new desire. Now, in the beginning, this desire feels very strange to you, because it is not anything you have felt before. It was born out of the contrast. It's a new and different vibration for you. It feels weird, because this is not where you are accustomed to vibrating. So now your work is to turn and look at this new desire. Never mind what produced it -- turn and look at the new desire. Talk about it. Think about it. Imagine it. Play with it. Let it become familiar. And when it becomes more familiar than where you were when it was born, now you and it are vibrationally the same, and Law of Attraction must bring you together, and a manifestation occurs...


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