Radio Tower Controlling

When you observe something that is pleasing, by your standards, you have a good feeling response. Life feels better when you are not looking at something that makes you feel bad. And so, there's a very human tendency to want to control all conditions, which usually means you have to limit the breadth of your experience, because any time you decide you're going to control something, it must be rather small. And we have to say to you that in all of the humans we've watched, (and we've watched all of them) we have never seen anyone successful in controlling conditions. That is why it is rather amazing to us that so many of you keep trying.

In every moment, with every thought, you are offering a vibration, sort of like a radio signal, and the entire Universe is responding to that signal. And so, by Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself is drawn), those things that are a vibrational match to the signal you are offering are what you receive back. It's not so different from your radio tuner. You are dialing in to that specific station you're wanting to hear.

Sometimes, in your attempt to control your circumstances, it would be a little bit like sitting at home with the first radio you've ever actually seen, and no one has shown you the tuning dial on it. And so, you haven't realized you had choices. So, you turn it on, and something very offensive to you, by your standards, comes to you through your radio. Let's say that you understand basically how the radio works. You understand that there is a broadcasting tower out there somewhere sending the signal. So you decide that since you want to hear only good things on your radio, you will go out and destroy all of those towers broadcasting the things that don't please you.

So you cut the legs out from under one of them, and you set a bomb in another one, and you burn another one down. It takes you quite awhile, (to shut them all down) but eventually you get all of those broadcasting towers knocked down, except the one that was broadcasting what you want to hear. But all along, all you had to do was change your tuning dial a little bit.

We are wanting you to realize that your work, as a creator, is not to control the circumstances around you so that you can have a good feeling response. Your work is to set your Tone so that you have only vibrational access to those things that will give you a good feeling response. It is so much easier to learn how to offer your vibration. And it also puts you in a place of great freedom.

When you finally get it that it's not your job or anybody else's to control anything anybody else is doing, and when you discover the flexibility and the ease in deliberately offering your vibrational offering -- it can give you an enormous amount of freedom.