Reincarnation, Continuity, Individuality, Inner Being and Time

GUEST: What is the process of sequence of events that would transpire in relation to reincarnation from the time that one leaves the body to the new birth.

ABRAHAM: We cannot really give you the answer in the way you are asking the question because the premise of your question is flawed, and that's all right. And it's normal because you're asking the question from your physical perspective where the reincarnation takes place from the non physical perspective and it's a different thing than you are perceiving. What we mean by that is as you are here in your physical body, let us begin in this place.

Esther and Jerry awakened in Hawaii a few months ago. And when Esther awakened she laid in the bed smiling, feeling real contentment about the continuity of her physical life experience. Because in her dream state that night she'd been all over the place in different time frames, in different locations. Some of it was so nebulous she wasn't even sure if it was a physical format. And it was so satisfying to awaken remembering how she got in that bed, remembering flying across the ocean, remembering who she was with. And we talked with her a little bit after that. That the reason for the physical format is because you/we all from our non physical creative perspective found that it was extremely beneficial for a large number of perceivers to come forth into a similar format so that there is a launching pad of familiarity from which we can create. And that's really what this physical time space reality is. It's an agreement of SOME things which serves as a platform from which you can springboard in to further thought.

And so things like the time line, time itself. Things like gravity. Things like the structure of your physical framework are nothing more than beliefs or agreements by this body of beings that is currently inhabiting your bodies as you inhabit this time space reality. So from the non physical perspective, your inner being cannot be separated. >From your physical perspective you could not tell the difference between your inner being and the inner beings that are in vibrational alignment with your inner being. In other words it would be difficult for you to separate your inner being from Abraham. Because Abraham as you are hearing us here is a conglomerate or a collection or a group of many inner beings. So as it comes out in what seems like one voice, that is because we are so in harmony that we speak from your perspective it feels like one voice. In the same way that from your physical perspective what you seem to see and perceive through your physical senses seems like one experience. The sky is blue, the grass is green, the ocean is big, the mountains are high. You are not deciphering them much differently, you are collectively similar in what you are perceiving. So what we are getting at with all this rambling is that from your non physical perspective, which is the perspective from which you make the intentions to come forth into the physical experience you could simultaneously be experiencing many different time frames at the same time. It's not a linear thing.

Sometimes people will ask us questions like, well Abraham, have you ever been physical? And we say again the question is a bit flawed because that implies that you are physical or non physical, dead or alive, when in reality we are always non physical and sometimes we are focused in a physical framework. Also it is important to understand that we don't have to wait for a new baby to be born in order to perceive in the physical. We can, anytime we are desiring it, which is always and often, we can perceive through physical experience through the tree, through the frog, through the human. As we are here expressing we are expressing more fully through Esther in this moment than we ever express or experience through a normal being. A normal physical human being in pure spirit or soul form. When that new baby is born and it takes its first breath and the non physical energy expresses through it by the power of the calling of the physical being, more is happening here as we are soaring through Esther than the soul entering that new body. So we don't have to wait for a new body in order to express or participate, you see. Your inner being could simultaneously and by your inner being we are talking about the you that you were asking about when I come back into physical experience. That's the inner being part of you that you were talking about. That part of you could simultaneously be in one hundred or more physical beings. And so it's not a matter of.

Every now and again we will hear a physical human who finds a particular affinity with an artist or a musician or a landscape architect or an architect. And they will say hmmm, he died in 1927 and I was born in 1928, I wonder if I am him? And we say, you didn't have to wait for him to die before that same energy could come forth within you. It is much easier to understand all of this if you begin to think of the non physical energy as consciousness. Better still as a stream of consciousness rather than clumps of consciousness as you see yourself as clumps of physical bone, flesh and blood.

GUEST: So if your inner being could have concurrently be incarnated into a multitude of individuals in the physical format as we know it today, what are the implications of that in relation to your own individuality and stuff like that.

ABRAHAM: Well, you would have full individuality. In fact much of the time if one of those aspects were to run into another one of those aspects you would not even have a recognition of it. It is the true implication of the term soulmate or twin flame. When you are in a moment of true connection which just means that you have no resistance, your cork is floating, your energy is vibrating in that high pure fast place that is natural to you. And you were to bump into one of those other aspects that was the same energy and that physical human also was in a moment of appreciation and connection,
when the two of you rendezvoused, you would have a strong delicious encounter. That's truly what that in love feeling is. That's truly what that feeling of coming home is. You know those people that you've met where you just feel so attracted and so at one that's what it is. But also, remember our vibrational meter that we talked about yesterday where when there is strong positive emotion, which means passion, which means true connection, which means strong wanting and no resistance and on the other end of that stick is that strong negative emotion, lots of times those people that are the raspiest, most hard to deal with people that you run into, they are soulmates too. And one or the other of you, and usually both of you, are not well connected to source and when you rendezvous you are on different wavelengths. And so there is a clashing. There is a powerful and strong desire and intent that in this moment is not being satisfied and when the two of you get together and see each other in your disconnection, sparks fly from the friction.

That was really good. Did you write really good? (Laughter) Very clarifying.

GUEST: So the ramifications of someone having an affinity like you said for a particular musical figure or historical figure would that imply that that person was maybe connected to the same inner being that you are?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Yes. And you begin to bump into those kinds of things. Often as you are reading something and you are so powerfully drawn to it, it means your getting a soul confirmation. Something more?

GUEST: I can't think of anything more. Thank you very much.