Take the Emotional Journey First

Just like when you set your radio tuner on 98.6, you can’t hear what’s being broadcast on 101 FM: Your frequencies have to sync up. So, the frequency of your desire and the frequency of your day-to-day thought about your desire have to be on the same vibrational wavelength. And how do you know when it is? It feels good to think about it. How do you know when it isn’t? It doesn’t feel good to think about it.

So, it might be a good idea to start talking about where you’re going instead of about where you are, and where you’ve been. Because, as you talk about where you are, or about where you’ve been, that’s the signal that you offer—and that’s the signal that everything Universally is responding to. That’s why it feels sometimes like you’re stuck on this spot. You’re not stuck because things are always changing. But if it feels like you’re stuck, it’s because they’re changing to the same thing over and over again.

Your motor’s always running and the Universe is always responding to it, and wherever you’re pointed is where you’re going, and if you’re pointed to the past, then you’re just recreating more of the same, or if you’re powerfully looking at what-is, then you’re just creating more of the same thing. But if you are looking forward; if you are looking into the future; if you are looking for change; if you are looking for new, if you are looking for improvement, then that’s what’s coming to you—it has to be. It is illogical for it to be otherwise.

The Laws of the Universe are constant; they respond to you unerringly. You never get something that you are not a vibrational match to. It has never happened to anyone, and it is not happening to you.

You can get to wherever you want to be from where you are. And if you will stop trying to do it all at once, it will go better for you because Law of Attraction is the best friend that anyone has ever had, but it’s this consistent, fair-minded friend that always responds to your vibration so that you are never again confused about how things work.

Law of Attraction won’t pull strings for you. It won’t let you behave one way and attract another way. It will be so very consistent that you will—if you’re paying attention—learn exactly what it is you are doing that nets you the results that you are getting. In other words, with a little bit of paying attention to the way you feel, you will always know.

As Jerry and Esther travel between Phoenix and San Diego, their destination is San Diego. They are clear about where they are going. And as they get about half-way between Phoenix and San Diego, they find themselves in Yuma, Arizona—a nice enough place, but it is not where they are wanting to be. Yet, when they find themselves in Yuma, they do not get so disoriented about not being where they want to be, that they turn around and go back to Phoenix.

It’s really important that you understand the essence of this story, because what this story tells you is that because they understand this distance between Phoenix and San Diego, they don’t lose their way; they don’t lose hope; they don’t lose heart—they know that if they just keep pointed in the right direction and make some reasonable effort in moving in that direction, that—sooner or later—they’re going to be where they want to be.

We want you to understand that that is true of everything that you have ever wanted—whether it is a magnificent career; whether it is a magnificent relationship, a new one or improving one that already exists; whether it is attracting dollars, which feel like freedom, (so that you can do more of the things you want to do) whether it is an improved situation with your body… No matter what your desire is, no matter where you are, you can get from where you are to where you want to be—but you first have to make it an understandable journey.

Every journey—whether it’s from no money to tons of money; whether it’s from a really sick body to one that is magnificently well; whether it is from relationships that make you want to run and be a hermit in the desert to relationships that make your heart sing… it does not matter what your request is, every single time—it must be an Emotional Journey first.

Rather than saying, “I’m in deep, deep debt; I’m scared to death; I can’t pay my bills; I’m disappointing people who I care about; I’m disappointing strangers, and the strangers are making my life miserable, and I want more money,” instead, what you want to say is, “I want to go from the pain of not enough money to the feeling of freedom of more money. I want to go from the fear of a sick body to the feeling of security of a well body. I want to go from the anger and discord and frustration of an argumentative relationship to the joy and satisfaction of an open, communicating relationship.” Because if you will make it first an Emotional Journey, then we can show you how to change the way you feel, no matter what the topic. When you manage to change the way you feel, on any topic, you’ve changed your vibrational point of attraction and manifestation must follow. But until you make it an Emotional Journey, until you figure out how to change the way you feel even though circumstances haven’t changed yet—nothing changes.

Begin saying, I can get to wherever I want to be, but right now, I’m just going to reach for the best-feeling thought that I have access to—right now. And when you get there announce to everybody, “I am so angry I could wring your neck, and I feel so much better than I did earlier.” And then, if you have it within you, you might say to them, “I will try to restrain myself, but meanwhile, you might want to go someplace else. Eventually, I will be in frustration, and then, I will be in appreciation. But right now, I am in anger and I like it here. I did it on purpose.” And those are the key words… I did this on purpose.

Watch your children. Watch anybody who finds themselves in a place where they feel powerless. In fact, you know, this entire range of emotions… Oh, let’s talk about some of them. So, here is despair and powerlessness and then, not too far from that is a feeling of rage. And not too far from that is anger, anger, anger. There are lots of degrees of anger. And then, you can get into that place that you would call frustration-overwhelment. Then, you could get into pessimism, hopefulness, optimism… then, you could get into appreciation, belief, even those feelings that you call love, even those feelings that you call knowing, into that place that you call empowerment or Well-Being. And, of course, there are many, many words that we did not speak, and sometimes, the word doesn’t mean the same thing to you that it means to somebody else, but that’s the general vibrational range. We like to call it the Emotional Range.

On the far end of the Emotional Range, where you are truly Connected to who-you-really-are, there is one word that stands out above all others, and it is the word empowerment. It is the word free...being in complete alignment with the Energy that is You. The only place that freedom exists is in that vibrational place where you, who hold all of the power to you, (nobody else does) where you have discovered the way to create within yourself a pattern of vibration that allows you full Connection to who-you-really-are. That’s the only place that you can ever be free. Nobody else can give it to you; you have to do it to yourself. And, on the far other end of that is the feeling of disempowerment. It’s the feeling of powerlessness.

When do your children most act up? Is it when they feel empowered? Is it when they are inspired? Is it when they are full of themselves? Or, is it when they are being restrained? Is it when they are being told that they are inappropriate in some way?

As you pay attention to yourself or to anyone that you know, begin to notice that the feeling of empowerment is bliss, and the feeling of disempowerment is as far from bliss as you can get. And everything about your emotions is about that range, no matter what you call it.

So, as you make the decision that you are going to reach for the best thought that you have access to, there’s something very important that you have to decide right along with that. (Some of you are going to like the sound of this; others, it will frighten you.) You have to decide that you no longer give a rip about what anybody else says, because they’re trying to guide you from all kinds of other ways.

Sometimes people will say, “Abraham, you teach selfishness.” And we say, indeed we do because you have perspective of self; your Guidance System is about self; every point of Consciousness has this awareness of self. Think about it. If there are all of these Consciousnesses, and we’re not just talking about the human Consciousness, although we are mostly talking to you about that, but think about it. If every Consciousness, even the one-celled amoeba in the ocean, even the cellular Consciousness that is within you… if every point of Consciousness is reaching for what is best for it, must that not be what is best for the whole?

Humans think that there is competition. They think that you are in competition for the good stuff. “So, if somebody over there wants what’s best for it, then it might get it, and it might deprive you of what’s best for you.” But that’s not the way this Universe works. This is an expanding Universe that expands proportionate to the desire that is conjured within all Consciousness.

When you understand that there is no competition; nobody can get your good stuff, only you can allow it or disallow it, then you begin to understand that that’s how the Universe expands—you don’t need to worry about what anybody else is doing; they’re not getting your stuff.

You are the creator of your own experience and your dominant intention becomes a vibrational match with the Well-Being that flows... oh, that’s so much what we want you to hear. That’s why we call this gathering the Art of Allowing. When you don’t feel so good—you’re not letting it in. (the Well-Being that you want and deserve) The better you feel—the more you are letting it in.

When your mantra is, I’m going to start making the best of things; I’m going to make the best of it, what you’re actually saying is, No matter where I am, no matter what I’m focusing on, I’m reaching for the best thought that I can find, and when you’re in despair, the best thought that you can find might be anger, but you can find it. And when you find it and say, There, that feels better. Now, I’m going to still reach for the best thought I can find, it might be a thought of true frustration but you can find it. And when you find it, you will feel better. And then when you say, I’m still going to reach for the best-feeling thought I can find, it might be a thought of overwhelment; it might be a thought of blame…

Where is blame on the Emotinal Scale? So here is despair, and here is anger—where’s blame? Does blame improve your Connection or is there more resistance in blame? So, “I feel powerless and now I feel angry, and now I feel blameful.” Is blameful improving? It really is, isn’t it? “Now, I feel guilty. I feel guilty about being blameful, actually.” Did I move toward my Connection or away from it? [away] You see, you know this stuff. You know the way you feel. You can tell the way you feel.

So, somebody’s watching you, someone, from the outside, who has a list of rules and requirements to get into the good clubs, and they see you in your depression, and then they see your anger. Do they understand that you’ve made an improvement in your anger? Usually not. In other words, no one outside of you knows that you have made a vibrational improvement. No one knows but you.

And so, if you’re asking someone else to tell you the way to go, you will be lost in the desert because they’ll say, “Go that way. Go that way. Go that way.” They’ll tell you what they’ve done in their past; they’ll tell you what you’ve done in your past. In other words, you get so scrambled, you’re upside down and all around—but when you are paying attention to the way you feel, now you’ve made this an Emotional Journey. And when you make it an Emotional Journey, you’ll never again…you never…you knew…you already know. You can feel which way was an improvement.

It’s like, your cork floats on the surface of the water; that’s where you’re supposed to be. You can hold it under the water, but that’s unnatural, and when you let go, it’s going to bob back up to the surface. And you will, too, if you’ll pay attention to the way you feel and let your new mantra be, “Nothing is more important than that I feel good, but I’m not going to follow my bliss today. I can’t even see my bliss; I can’t even smell my bliss; I can’t even remember the last time I felt bliss. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt bliss. I’ve never known anybody that felt bliss. I hate the idea of bliss! (fun) I hate everybody that’s ever been in bliss. I’m perfectly happy here in my rage.” And we say, good for you. Just make another statement that says, “I’ll only be here for a day or two because I know that there’s something that feels even better than this.” And then, keep reaching for it. And try to disregard anybody else’s response. And it is our promise to you, within a matter of hours (in many cases), certainly within a matter of a few days, you can go, on any topic, from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.

And this is the most important thing you will ever hear anybody say to you: Once you have made the Emotional Journey, the physical manifestation must follow—it is Law.

You can’t feel as good as you are going to begin feeling without doors opening everywhere; without smiles coming everywhere; without the Universe catering to you... People will watch you and say, “When were you anointed king of this world?” People will say, “I cannot believe the good things that happen to you! How is it that all of this wonderful stuff happens to you?” And you will humbly say to them, “Not only to me—to all of us. I’ve just figured out how to stop blocking it. I’ve practiced beating the drum of praising and appreciating. I’m beating the drum of making the best of things. I’m trying to make the best of everything. And, in doing so, I’m achieving vibrational alignment, more and more, every day, with the Well-Being that we all deserve. Now, I’m glad that it’s showing up in my life. I hope it’s not making you jealous, because it’s there for you, too.” Good.

Well, there isn’t anything else that we could ever give you that would be of one bit of value beyond that. That’s the whole thing: You’re good; you deserve good; good’s flowing to you; get happy—it will. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely.

Excerpted from the workshop in Atlanta, GA on Friday, April 23rd, 2004