The Attraction of Abraham

Abraham: The Attraction of Abraham

Question: I would like very much to know the relationship in consciousness between Abraham and other channelled entities like Ramtha.

Abraham: Non physical energy, non physical consciousness is very much like a very big library, with everything imaginable in all sorts of combinations available. And what you describe as Abraham or Ramtha or as any other, is an attraction which has taken place by virtue of physical vibration. In other words there is a mis-understanding that non-physical sits wanting to assert information into physical  experience. Where the reality of it, the agreement of it is all Law of Attraction, and so it is by virtue of the vibration - the wanting and believing of those physically involved - that this attraction process takes place.

Let us give you a little example. Some years before when Jerry and Esther began interacting with Abraham in this way, Jerry was reading Seth. Seth was a non-physical rascal - still is as a matter of fact (group laughter) - spoken through the mouth of the woman Jane Roberts. As Jerry read books he was still relating to many questions. Some of what was written did not interest him, much of what was written did. But the thing that was most important in this dialogue was that Jerry and Esther were stimulated to questions that the books did not answer. And so with their vibrating questions, they attracted the energy that we now describe as Abraham.

The reality of it is the energy of Seth and the energy of Abraham are the same energy, but it is received by different beings with different vibrational wanting. Are you getting a sense of what we are saying?

G 6/27/92