The Body Electric

The first question requires me to describe a physical condition that I have, which is the result of a traumatic incident in my life 3 years ago. I was struck by an automobile and it was painful and difficult and I realise now or very shortly after the accident that I had chosen this on some level...

Vibrationally you choose everything, whether you want it or not.

Thank you Well I didn't quite want it this way but I wanted the result of it. I don't think I'd want to do it again this way if I had to do it again, and it accomplished what in retrospect I had set out to do, and that's change the course of my life much for the better I think. However, I carry with me a residual after effect from the physical trauma. I've got a very bad (I shouldn't say very bad) I have a leg that does not compare with the ability of the leg prior to the accident. I had been very active, I walked roundtrip to work every day 5 days a week 4 miles round trip. I ran 2-3 miles five to six days a week and so on for years and years and years. I don't think at this point I have enough command over my body to enable me to do that now, and I would like to do that now. So if you have some thoughts on this particular situation that I can convert, I would appreciate it.

As we behold your body you are much more a electrical circuit board than anything else. You are flesh, blood and bone that is clear to YOUR eyes but you are like an electrical circuit board more.

As we visit with you here it sounds to most of you that we are wanting to assist you in using your brain to focus more precisely, and that is true but your brain is not the only thinking mechanism in your body. Every cell has a brain, millions of them .The cells of your body have been pre-programmed pre-paved, pre-intended to maintain the continuity of your body. The cells of your body as individuals, actually know their function within your body much better than most of you know your function within your physical arena. All cells do not do the same thing , each cell knows exactly what its purpose and function is. The cells vibrationally communicate, they electronically, electrically communicate with each other and with their Non Physical source. So the cells vibrationally ask for what they are needing to maintain the continuity of your body, and the Non Physical answers them. While this is taking place which is every waking or sleeping moment of your day or night. As you are thinking thoughts, if your thought is thought is one of appreciation, then in its vibrational harmony with the Source of the energy that comes to your body, as the cells are asking and the non-physical is answering, there is no resistance. There is perfect harmony so the communication process is complete. But if while the cells are asking and non-physical is answering, if you are frustrated or worried or focussed upon lack.- And its easy to do especially when your body is hurting or when it is not functioning as you are accustomed to it functioning -then what happens is, you vibrationally without meaning to offer a resistance and that resistance slows down the ability of the cells and the non- physical to inter-relate. And that is what slows the process of healing, it is also what causes pain.

What happens when the cells of your body recognise that they are out of alignment, they have one mission only and that is to get back into alignment. So every cell in the affected area of your body goes to work overtime. As those cells are generating more asking, the non- physical energy is offering more answering so there is often an intensity around that area of your body . Well if you are not relaxing into it, and allowing it then the more they do that, the more you tense against it, and the more you tense against it, the more they try to do it. You see what we are getting at?

So the best thing for you to do, is first of all acknowledge that the cells know what they are doing. Acknowledge that the pure energy is being offered and your work is to find the feeling place in other words your work is to relax into an attitude of wellbeing.

Now- you have great advantage . As we were listening to you in your offering, we can hear clearly how easy it is for you to bask in the good health that you lived. It is also easy for you to feel unhappy that that good health is not there.

See yourself standing before a picture window, it is a magnificent display. There is something there that you want very very much. You cannot afford it today but you really really want it. You are yearning for it.

Now see yourself looking into the same display window it is magnificent, you really really want it but you cannot afford it today. But instead ofyearning for it which is full of lack, you are just purely appreciating the splendour of it. Can you feel the difference in those two vibrations?

So what you are wanting to do, is to spend more of your time basking in the memory of a perfectly functioning body. Not tensing against the body that's not working quite so well but spend more time remembering, more time regurgitating more time finding that place of Pure Positive Energy , and your bod  will realign itself. It is certain.

Abraham-Hicks G 3-16- 94