The Direction Of Your Desire

We see a lot of you (lovely Beings that you are) making the worst of it over and over again. And do you know why you do that? It's for very well-meaning reasons. You make the worst of it because, at every level of your Being, you understand that you are supposed to feel good and that things are supposed to go well for you. And when they don't, you're, sort of, freaking out on even very deep levels, there's something that makes you want to shout "Somebody should call somebody about this! Somebody should call somebody and somebody should fix something, so that my life goes better," because you were born with that promise in place. You were born knowing that you are the center of the Universe. You were born knowing that the resources of All-That-Is would back you up. So when somethings going freakishly wrong, we understand your consternation. We understand how frustrating it must be or how disempowering it must feel. But we want to say to you, all you have to do is make the best effort you can right now, to fork a little bit in the direction of what you want - that's all the work is.

Every moment of every day, you have these forks where you can go closer toward something that you want or further from something that you want.

You want to demand the world give you what you want. And we say, the world cannot give you what you are demanding. The world is giving you what you're deserving. The world cannot give you what you're demanding; the world is giving you what you're offering vibrationally and nobody can change what you're offering vibrationally - but you. We think the reason that you may not be very good at it, yet, is because you want to change too much, too fast. You want the manifestation to change, right now. And we want you to just take this opportunity to mold your vibration. Because as you take this opportunity to mold your vibration and this one and this one and this one and this one, not only do you feel better along the way, not only do you have more friendly clerks across the counter, not only do you uplift rather than make people feel terrible, you feel better along your way. Your journey is brighter and brighter. And ah, the manifestations that reach out to you, the people that you rendezvous with, they are equivalent to the vibrational forks that you take in the road.

You are the creator of your own reality because you are the chooser of the thought right now. Don't be hard on yourself. If you're standing in a place where you've been chopped off at the knees, where you've been hit in the gut, where you're feeling awful, don't feel bad. Don't beat up on yourself for not being able to choose the best thought you've ever thought. Just choose the best thought you can find from where you are, In other words, just fork off gently in the direction of what is important to you. And before you know it, your path will get brighter and sweeter and brighter and sweeter. And the people who watch you will say, "You know, you amaze me. Things go well everywhere you go. Why is that so?" And you say, "I've come to expect it." And many of them will say, "Agh." They don't want to hear how you expect things to go well. They'll say, "Oh, that's because you're rich. Oh, that's because you have an entourage that travels with you." We promise you, no entourage can buck your current. There is no one in the world who can prepare your path for you, you see. You are all as rich as everyone else because you all have the resources of the Universe at your fingertips. And when you take the time, when you care enough to take the time to find the better-feeling thought, now, you're moving toward something that will please you.

Every step you take, you are marching toward a manifestation. And if you feel good while you're stepping - you are marching, marching, marching toward things that are going to delight you when they get there. And if you are ornery, if you're unhappy, if you are frustrated, if you are blameful, if you are angry, if you are hateful, if you are revengeful, if you are fearful, if you are depressed - you are marching, marching, marching toward things that are going to augment that feeling of depression, of anger, of frustration. In other words, the way you feel must net you more stuff that feels like the way you feel.

The better it gets, the better it gets, the better it gets, the worse it gets; the worse it gets, the worse it gets. You cannot defy the Laws of the Universe. please give it up! Stop trying to use your words and your action for the stuff that attitude, mood and vibration are to do. In other words, mold yourself into place. Do the vibrational work before you do the action work; the action work will be a fraction of what it has been.

If you take the time to do the vibrational work first, you won't have to offer nearly as much action. You'll begin to discover that the things that are important for you just unfold for you because the Universe is at your fingertips. The fairies of the Universe are there for you. You are the center of an enormous entourage that means to please you.

And when you, through your magnificent deciphering of contrast, give birth to a rocket of desire, that rocket of desire is duly noted, understood and absolutely agreed with by all of the resources of the Universe. And now all you've got to do, is to get in the vibrational compliance with what you are asking for. (Isn't that nice to know?)

There are three steps to the Creative Process:

Step One: you don't have to worry about; contrast makes you take that step. Contrast causes you to desire or focus or preference.

Step Two: not your work, anyway. Source and all of the resources of Source answer your request. That's that vibrational alignment. That's that one point of vibrational relativity which happens instantaneously.

So, your only work is Step Three. And Step Three is:

Can I find a thought right now that feels a little better than the thought I've been thinking? That's all Step Three is. Finding a thought that causes me to feel a vibration (or a feeling) of relief. So, there is allowing of what I want or disallowing of what I want. There is allowing of what I want or resisting what I want. You are either practicing the art of allowing or the art of resisting. When you're forking off toward things you want, you're practicing the art of allowing. When you're forking off to things you don't want, you're practicing the art of resistance. And every day and every moment of your life experience is a perfect reflection of how you've been forking. (Good.)