The Perfect Food For My Befriended Body

What is the perfect food? We would say there is not one, other than water. We encourage lots of that for all of you. Drink as much water as you can get into your body, and then eat anything else that feels good to you.

We would, for a little while, step away from the subject of food altogether in terms of trying to make anything happen. And we'd get as happy as we can relative to other aspects of our life, until we could feel that our cork is floating mostly about most things. And then we would say, "I'm going to befriend my body. I'm going to become a friend with my body. I'm going to make my body my friend." That is so essential: making your body your friend.

Most of you are afraid of your body. Your body feels like something that might trick you. It might get run over, or it might make the wrong decision, or it might die too early, or it might get a disease in it, or it might do something, after all, it has all kinds of mysteries. You can't look into your body. You can't see metabolism. You can't see what's happening with the cells. You don't really understand your body. And your body frightens you in most cases.

We would like to help you to know that your body is oh, so well meaning. Your body is so well orchestrated. You see, your body is trillions of cells that are vibrationally interacting with Source Energy. And if left to their own without a lot of static in your vibration, your body would only thrive. In other words, the basis of your body is one of true and utter thriving. It has no reason to frighten you. It is the greatest evidence of Well-being that exists anywhere in your physical experience. It is an extraordinary mechanism that's come together from great deliberate intent from so many Non-Physical and physical creators. And every one of you who stands in your body, continues to enhance the experience of the physical body. This is an evolution of a species that is extraordinary.

Your bodies are not to be feared. Your bodies are to be revered. Your bodies are to be applauded. Your bodies are to be maybe even amazed at. But they are never to be feared. Your bodies are not vulnerable. They're not fragile. They are resilient. They are flexible. You have the ability to come into alignment again and again and again, and if anyone in the Universe understands that, it's the cells of your body.

Befriending your body is the only way we know of coming to understand that your body is resilient and that it knows what to do, and that it will be whatever you ask it to be. But you have to ask it to be that in a place of nonresistance. It's the most significant information that we have ever expressed relative to your physical body and food. You must love your body, and then lovingly give it the food. And when you love your body and lovingly give it the food, it matters not what food you give it.

Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Sunday, October 29th, 2000