The Power Of Feeling Good Now

We are called Abraham and we are speaking to you from the Non-Physical dimension. Of course, you must understand that you also have come forth from the Non-Physical dimension, so we are not so different from one another. Your physical world has come forth from the projection of the Non-Physical. In fact, you and your physical world are extensions of the Non-Physical Source Energy.

In this Non-Physical realm, we do not use words, for we do not require language. We also do not have tongues with which to speak or ears with which to hear, although we do communicate perfectly with one another. Our Non-Physical language is one of vibration and our Non-Physical communities or families, are those of intention. In other words, we radiate that which we are, vibrationally and others of like intent assemble. That is also true of your physical world, although most of you have forgotten that this is so.

Abraham is a family of Non-Physical Beings naturally assembled by our powerful intention to remind you, our physical extensions, of the Laws of the Universe that govern all things. It is our intention to help you remember that you are extensions of Source Energy; that you are blessed, loved Beings; and that you have come forth into this physical time-space-reality to joyously create.

All who are physically focused have Non-Physical counterparts. There is no exception to that. All who are physically focused have access to the broader perspective of that which is Non-Physical. There is no exception to that. But most physical Beings have become so distracted by the physical nature of your planet that you have developed strong patterns of resistance that thwart your clear connection to your own Source. It is our intention to help those who are asking to remember that connection.

While all physical humans have access to the clear communication from the Non-Physical, most are not consciously aware of it. And often, even when you are aware that it is possible, you hold habits of thought that act as resistance hindering your ability to consciously interact.

However, on occasion, a clear channel of communication opens and we are able to convey our understanding, vibrationally, to someone who can clearly receive it and translate it. And that is what is happening here through Esther. We offer our knowing, vibrationally, in a way that is similar to what you understand as radio signals and Esther receives those vibrations and translates them into the physical word equivalent. There are not, however, adequate physical words to convey our satisfaction and joy in being able to offer our knowing to you, in this way, at this time.

It is our powerful desire that you be pleased with where you are right now, in this moment – no matter where you are. We understand how strange these words must sound to you if you are standing in a place that seems far from where you want to be. But it is our absolute promise to you that when you understand the power of feeling good now, no matter what, you will hold the key to the achievement of any state of being, any state of health, any state of wealth or any state of anything that you desire.

We are here to give you a better understanding of yourself and of everyone else around you and you may find some of that helpful, but words really do not teach. Your true knowledge comes from your own life experience. And while you will be constant gatherer of experience and knowledge, your life is not only about that – it is about fulfillment, satisfaction and joy. Your life is about the continuing expression of who you truly are.

You only hear what you are ready to hear.

The above excerpt is taken from “Ask And It Is Given,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.