Virtual Reality Process Defined and Refined

You intended to come into these bodies Sometimes you find yourself out there on the raw and ragged edge. (We call it the leading edge; you call it the bleeding edge) But it is what you intended when you came forth into these bodies. You said, I know how this works; I understand Universal Forces; I know about Law of Attraction; I know that I am Source Energy projecting myself forth into the physical dimension, into a physical embodiment--and I know that in that personality I will be on the leading edge of thought. I know that I, with all other physically focused Beings, will play with one another in a sea of fantastic contrast to evoke from one another new, precise, clear, leading edge desire. And I know, you said, that when that desire is born within me, that the asking (that that desire is) will summon forth unto it. And you said, Let me at it!

You also said, I know I will have a Guidance System within me that will help me modulate the amount of desire that I focus in any point in time. I can go fast; I can go slow. I've got my hands on the steering wheel and my foot on the throttle. I get to choose all of that. And, you said, I will use my glorious Guidance System to know, in any point in time, how well matched I am to my desire. I will be able to tell by the way I feel how much harmony I have with my own desire, or how much disharmony I have with my own desire. I will be able to feel my degree of allowing or my degree of resistance. I will be able to feel how aligned with Source Energy and with my own desire I am -- or how misaligned I am.

So here you are. Welcome to planet earth. Actually, you could welcome us as easily, for this is where you reside. We come to visit you occasionally. We are always aware of you, but it is your perspective, it is your point of attraction, that does the summoning. You get to choose all of that. If things get moving too fast, you make a decision for things to slow down without ever speaking it in words. If things move too slowly and you find yourself bored, you make a decision -- without needing to speak it in words -- to speed things up.

All of this just naturally unfolds for you. You cannot get it wrong. What we desire for you is that you relax and enjoy, and savor.

Allowing good; or pinching the good off?
"Allowing" means, how much of who I really am, I'm allowing -- by my choice of thought -- to be present in this moment. When you're ornery, you're pinching some of it off. That's why you feel ornery. When you're allowing who you really are to flow, you feel good. You feel as we feel: You feel clear; you feel sure; you feel invincible; you feel powerful; you feel eager; you feel adventurous; you feel kind; you feel willing; you feel compassionate; you feel understanding -- you feel like giving others the benefit of the doubt.

When you're edgy, when you're feeling a little vulnerable, or defensive; when you're feeling guilty or blameful, when you're feeling fearful -- these feelings are indications that you're pinching off who you are. And it's no wonder you feel bad.

Instead of saying, I think I feel bad because you said such and such to me, or because outside circumstances have happened in this way Éwe would like you to stop for a moment and say, Oh wait a minute, I feel bad for one reason only: I feel bad because I'm not allowing who I really am to flow. And this is what it feels like when I pinch that off.

Shouldn't Somebody do something about Violent Uprisings?
We say, somebody should do something about that. And guess what? There is only one person who can. So we have a new game for you to play, and the game goes like this: I've decided, in my physical human form, that I'm going to take complete, ultimate responsibility for everything that happens to me. It'll take a little getting used to, I'm not ever again going to blame somebody else for where I am, for how I'm feeling, or for what's happening to me.

Can you imagine if everyone would say, my life is my job? So you don't blame your mate anymore. You don't blame your kids, your parents; you don't blame your teacher; you don't blame circumstances. You say, "I take full responsibility."

The reason that this is ultimately so satisfying, is because you have only ever always, only ever always been the one who could only ever always do anything about anything in your life experience. Nobody else can contain their behavior so that you will feel better -- you are the only one ever that could do anything about it.

And so, when you stop and think about it, and you think, Hmm, let's talk about the uprising, the seemingly eternal uprising in the Middle East -- everyone thinking that somebody else should do something different, and nobody else willing to do it different for the other.

When feeling joy you are allowing Well-being
And so, we are calling this gathering the Art of Allowing, because what we want you to focus upon is: Am I, in my physical body, right now, focused upon something that is activating a vibration within me that is causing me to be in the state of allowing the Well-being that is me? The Well-being that I so much want and absolutely deserve?

So when you feel joy, you're there. When you feel exhilaration, you're there. When you feel love, you're there. When you feel appreciation, you're there. When you feel frustration, you're not quite there. When you feel anger, you're even further from being there. When you feel depression or fear, you are not there.

Now, many would say; Somebody should do something about that. Somebody should get those fearful things and get rid of them. Somebody should round up all the terrorists and kill them, so that I don't have to be afraid.

And somebody should round up all of the diseases and snuff them out, so that I don't have to be afraid. Choose any thought or word or action that allows your Well-being. In fact, somebody pretty much needs to gather up everybody that doesn't think just like me, and get rid of them. And then in this not-much-to-worry-about world my fear will be gone. And we say, so will your creative edge. So will your ability to decipher. So will your ability to create new desire.

You have the ability to guide your experience in powerful ways because you have the ability to focus your attention, which means you have the ability to activate vibration within you, which means you have the ability to match your Source Energy any time, anywhere.

Who is responsible for ruining my life?
Can you imagine how wonderful and peaceful experiences could be, if each individual would understand that "Hey, I can do something. I can do something." And what is it that we're asking you to do? We're asking you to choose any thought, any word, any action that allows who you are to come back in this moment.

So you are so angry at your mate, or your mother, or someone; someone you work with, someone you work for. And they just seem to be ruining your life, because they will not change their behavior. You do not seem to be important enough to them for them to change their behavior, which hurts your feelings a great deal.

And then you discover, "Wait a minute. They don't have to change a thing in order for me to feel better. I can start looking for positive aspects. I can look for things within them that make me feel good. Oh, that's impossible," you say. "There is so much that is bad and not much that is good. In fact I haven't seen a glimmer of anything good for so very long..."

And we say, are there other subjects to which you could give your attention? "Well, maybe," you say, reluctantly. "My dog. My dog is easy to love. Or my cat." And we say, do whatever it takes to find something to be your object of attention, and as you give your attention to something that allows you to feel good, you've done something about this relationship that was bothering you.

If you will make it your work to feel good, every relationship that you have will be one that pleases you. Now that's offensive to some of you. Because you've been holding others as being responsible for you feeling good for so long, that it's sort of hard to let loose of that. It's sort of hard to let them be whatever they need to be, while you selectively choose whatever it is that you need to choose to feel good.

The Universe Responds to You
You are the creator of your experience, and the way you feel is the indicator of what you're offering vibrationally. And what you're offering vibrationally always matches what comes back. So you can play it one of two ways: you can wait Ôtil it comes back in manifestational form (That's an exciting life) and then do something about it. Or you can wait til it's reflected back to you in emotional form before it manifests. (It's not as exciting) It's just as much in control; ultimately more satisfying--and really what Deliberate Creating is all about.

The Universe responds to you, (which includes every person, every attitude, every conversation, every person in traffic), and everything that comes to you, comes in response to your vibrational offering. And the Universe that is responding to you does not know or care, or distinguish in any way, the difference between the vibration of some fact that you are living, or something you've imagined, or something that you are remembering. In other words, vibration is vibration.

You are visualizing whenever you are remembering
One day we were talking to some friends about Visualization, about creating a sort of Virtual Reality, which would then conjure a Vibration. And this person said, "Well, I'm not very good at that, because I cannot imagine." And we said, can you remember? And this person said, "Well, yes, I guess." And we said, do you remember where you live? Do you remember where you parked your car? Do you remember how the furniture is arranged in your living room? Do you know where you keep your wallet when you are living at home?

And of course, all of those images came to his mind. And we said, you can imagine, because none of that is here right now in this moment, and yet images are coming forth in your mind. So you know how to imagine.Imagery is only about telling a story, and maybe it's a verbal story, maybe it's a story that brings pictures in your mind. Imagery, it's about expressing something that is not happening here in this moment.

And so what we are wanting to encourage you to begin doing, is to use the power of Visualization, a Virtual Reality Game, so to speak, where you get to make things just as you want them to be, and in doing so, you conjure a Vibration.

A different perspective of using virtual reality
Some of you have been doing something like this for some time. Some of you have been doing what we have called Creative Workshops, or imagination for awhile. But the thing that we want you to hear that may be different for you here today than what you've been doing before, is that when you are working in your Virtual Reality, you make everything as you want it to be. In other words, you would not take a broken relationship into your Virtual Reality and fix it. You would just take a perfect relationship. We think that is the thing that is tripping so many of you up. Because so often, you go to your Creative Workshop to try to fix something that is broken. And then you drag that energy into it, which causes your Virtual Reality moment-in-time not to be any more pure in vibration than what you're actually living.

Something that really trips you up, is that you have been trained to believe that you should face facts, that you should tell the truth, that you should tell it like it is. And what we're really wanting you to hear is that when you are seeing it, remembering it, imagining it, telling it like it is, then you are offering a vibration like it is -- and you're not doing something about changing anything. In other words, all you're doing is practicing the same vibration that is bringing you to the same place that you were before.

And so, as you begin to utilize this Virtual Reality in the powerful way that we are offering it to you, you will take 15 or 20 minutes, maybe two or three times a day, on subjects that are important to you, and you will jump in and imagine something just as you want it to be.

Dart in, have fun--and get out!
And if you find your mind wandering into the arena or area of trying to fix something that is broken, just laugh about it and leave the Virtual Reality. And say, I'll come back later and I'll be as pure as I can be. In other words, dart in, have fun, and then get out before you get negative. Dart in, have fun, and then get out before you get negative.

Try to control yourself. Try to keep from trying to fix anything in Virtual Reality. And, in time, what will begin to happen to you, is your Virtual Reality vibration will become more dominant than your reality, or your telling it like it is. And as that teeter-totter or weight-and-balance tips, then you will begin to see manifestations coming that reflect your new-found vibration.

What vibrations are your emotions indicating?
Do you believe us when we say that you are more electrical than anything else? Are you beginning to get it that you are Vibrational Beings? Do you understand that your emotions are your indications of vibrations? And can you not just really feel that if you could get into a Virtual Reality where you conjure some images that really thrill you, that this is practicing a different vibration than you might have been practicing before?

And can you get it that with a little bit of concentrated practice, that you could activate a vibration within you that's different than anything that's been there before? And then can you see how your life can change???

Get into the mode of practicing so much thoughts that feel good that they dominate. It is not a difficult thing to do, but it does take some practice. You've been practicing the other in most cases without knowing that you're doing it. This will be so much faster.

Feeling less than good is being misaligned
If you've been practicing a thought of vulnerability, or insignificance, or inappropriateness, or unworthiness for a period of time, 20, 30, 40 50 years -- in a month or two you can shift that vibration entirely, by saying, "Inner Being, I know you're in there, and I'm going to align to you.

I'm going to align to you." So what does that mean in practical terms? "I'm going to feel good." That's all it means. Because if you feel less than good, you're not aligned to who you really are.

When you're angry, when you're fearful, when you're fretful, when you're tense, when you're grouchy, when you're defensive, when you're blameful, when you're guilty--you are misaligned. But it is unnatural that you feel this way. It is natural that you feel buoyant. It's natural that you feel eager. It's natural that you feel good. It's natural that you feel love. It's natural that you feel abundance of all things that you consider to be good.

Learning to practice thoughts that feel good
And anything that you need -- to live happily ever after -- we've already given you. In other words, there isn't anything that you need to do now except practice.

Practice feeling good. Practice being the one that does something about it. Practice letting everybody else off the hook. Practice standing in the middle of everything that does not please you and say, "Somebody should do something about that!" And then look right at yourself and say, "And I'm the guy. I'm the one, and I'm going to start right now. Now, let's see, what can I do about this?"

Excerpted from the workshop in Phoenix, AZ on Saturday, March 23rd, 2002