What causes fear?

Question: What causes my fear?

Abraham: Fear is the feeling sensation that is present within you when you have both a desire and a belief that contradicts it. Fear is a response to the state of your vibration. You are a vibrational being, and every moment offering a signal. Your vibration could be called thought, it could  be called memory, it could be called fantasy, it could be called imagination, it could be called Energy. In other words, your vibration could be called, "As I stand in my now, and I think about  the present, or I think about the future, or I think about the past -- all of that is thought. Whatever it is I'm perceiving is causing  me to offer a vibration, and that vibration is being answered or  matched by All-That-Is. So when I feel fear, what it always means  is, I am offering a thought that you might call desire and a thought  that you might call belief that are contradictory. The presence of  fear always means the presence of resistance. The presence of  resistance always means not allowing the Energy of desire to flow through me--always, without exception. Same with confusion; same  with vulnerability; same with anger; same with unworthiness; same  with guilt. All negative emotions mean the same thing. You just call  them different things because they play out differently in your  experience -- but they all mean the same thing. The vibration of  fear is usually a very strong vibration, which usually means there is the presence of a very strong desire within you. Often, when you feel fear, it is because you have a belief that contradicts basic elements that are natural to you......... . You will never be at a place where you won't feel negative emotion. Nor would we ever want  you to be at that place, because that would be like shooting Novocaine into your fingers so that you don't feel anything hot or sharp. You say, "Well, it sure is a lot better now that I can bang my hands on things. You know, I can shut my hands in car doors and it doesn't even bother me any more I feel no pain." But it's not good for your fingers. Pretty soon you have flat, little flabby hands flapping around. You've destroyed your hands, even though it was painless. And so, that's what that fear is.

Excerpted from the workshop in Syracuse, NY on Saturday, October 16th, 1999