Whatever You Like Is Appropriate

Are you among the rare humans who have come to appreciate the contrast of your time and place?

When we ask, "Are you appreciating the contrast of your time and place?" we are not asking, "Do you like the bad things that are happening, and do you applaud them right along with the good things?" What we are asking is, "Are you acknowledging that in this environment of perfect balance and utter freedom, if that which you adore must be allowed as part of the mix -- then that which you don't adore must be allowed as part of the mix?"

Sometimes our friends say, "Well, I could accept it if you would say that that which I adore must be part of the mix. Yes, I like that! And I can also accept that that which others adore must be part of the mix. But I have a hard time accepting that something I abhor could be something someone else adores. Aren't horrible things just horrible things?"

Can We Eradicate It?
There is a case to be made for that, and you keep trying to make it in your world courts. You want to sift through the content of your time/space reality to find those things that most can, if not agree on, at least accept. But most of you still want to eradicate those things that you believe that most would vote against. And that can never be, nor need it ever be for your joyous fulfilled experience.

Can We Control It?
This is a vibrational Universe that is attraction based, and as you offer a vibration, you match up with vibrations that abound -- and those matching vibrations manifest in your experience. This vibrational Universe, managed by Law of Attraction, is so superbly managed that it is not necessary for anyone to attempt the impossibility of controlling the content of the mix. It's like saying, "I'm a chef in a well stocked kitchen, and my palette prefers this limited variety. I pretty much eat only one or two things. So there is no need for anything else in the kitchen. So, let's throw out all of the things that I would not put into my pie. I don't need it, I don't want it, and I'd prefer if others around me don't eat it, too."

But in the very throwing out of the unwanted ingredients, they come right back -- because this is a Universe that is based on attraction. There is no getting rid of anything unwanted.

In your very effort to rid yourself of this unwanted thing, you achieve vibrational harmony with it -- and it comes more fully into your experience.

When we say "Are you appreciating the contrast of your time and place?" we're asking conceptually, not specifically as you look at those awful things you do not want. Can you accept that the Universe is big enough for all to create whatever they choose, and what someone else chooses need not affect you?

Many of our friends say, "Well, Abraham, I'm certainly not wanting to disagree with the Laws of the Universe, but still, are there not extreme situations where there are those things that are so abhorrent that they deserve scrutiny and attention?" And we say, Whatever you like is appropriate.

We Can Choose It!
Whatever you choose to give your attention to is your choice, and whatever you give your attention to, will activate a vibration within you. Whatever activates a vibration within you, will eventually manifest into your experience. And whatever manifests into your experience is always a perfect vibrational match to your vibration. The way you've been feeling matches your vibration; your vibration matches the way you've been feeling -- and everything is in perfect order when you understand the management of Law of Attraction.

As we talk about Creation, we say to you that there are three parts in the equation: The first is asking: When you ask, Source Energy always answers. Step two: Source Energy answers. Step three: You allow it.

We Can Prefer It!
You are not asking with your tongue or words, you are asking with a vibration that emanates from you. You're asking from that which you feel, know, and desire. You are asking from your preferences. And every preference is read, and instantaneously responded to, by the Energy that creates worlds -- by the Energy that has the ability to line up circumstances and events for the fulfillment of any amazing thing that you have conjured or determined in your physical environment. And the next thing that you must do is be a vibrational match to that which you are asking for. So the big question is, what are you going to allow?

We Can Allow It!
It is a vibrational Universe. The Universe is magnetic, in the same way that your radio signals are, and when you come to accept that what you think and feel is always a vibrational match to what you get -- then everything else falls easily into place.

When you understand that nothing comes to you that you are not vibrationally inviting or allowing, then you are less needing to change conditions around you -- that you really have no control about -- in order to be in your happy place.

Bomb It or Vote It?
It is a very confounding place, for most humans, to stand in a sea of contrast, much of which they disapprove of, in fact, much of which they greatly fear, and to recognize they have no control over it. And then they attempt, with their puny vote or their puny bomb, or their puny influence of a physical action nature, to control the circumstances that surround, hoping that they can hack away, that they can obliterate, in some small measure, part of the scourge of the planet, so that maybe they can then relax a little, for a little while, in their belief that they have gotten rid of something unwanted, and now, they can live in a wanted space.

Free to Choose
We want so much for you to discover the joyous delicious freedom in recognizing that you cannot control others -- but that you do not have to. You cannot control what others are choosing to do or experience -- but you can control your vibrational participation with it.

Once you understand vibrational participation, then, you are able to be the absolute allower that you were born to be. Many misunderstand, they think that allower means, let someone spit in your face and don't spit back, or let someone abuse someone that's important to you, and just passively do nothing about it, grin and bear it. Tolerate the injustice.

Tolerate It?
In allowing there is no tolerance. In the moment of tolerance there is usually anger or fear, or rage -- there is just absence of action about it. While in the Art of Allowing, it is true there is not the aggressive action, but there is also not the pushing against, in the form of anger or fear. What allowing truly is, is standing in my physical now, and choosing a vibration that allows who I really am to be fully present within me, in this moment.

When you are in the state of allowing, your Source Energy is flowing through you in a non-resisted way. You are feeling love or appreciation. You are acknowledging Well-being. You are knowing that all is well. You are looking for evidence of that. And you are reverberating your resounding affirmation of Well-being in your moment of allowing.

Justify It?
So, in your moment of fear, or in your moment of hate, even though there are circumstances where everyone would agree that you are utterly justified in your temporary disconnecting from who you really are, there is no value, and nothing good has ever come, from that feeling.

Some say, "Well, I'm getting better and better at practicing the Art of Allowing. I'm discovering I can choose my own thought, and take counsel from my own Source Energy. But the world around me calls me Pollyanna. They say, I have my head in the sand. But what happens when those around me, most of which do not have a clue about the Art of Allowing, or the Science of Deliberate Creation, or the Law of Attraction, what if they all get worried or frightened about something? Will that resounding, global collective consciousness not have a devastating effect upon all of us? Could I, as one allower, make any real difference?"

What Can I Do?
You, as one allower, can make a big difference. But the only difference we're wanting you to make is in your own experience. We're not asking you to line up your Energy so that you can save the world. The world does not need to be saved.

The most significant thing that we're wanting to give to you here, is that, in a time of great upheaval, where there are billions of people focused simultaneously upon the 9/11 event, that brings forth within them strong determination about something, can you feel the power of the asking that is coming forth from your global community?

A Time of Asking
We've never seen greater asking in a focused period of time, ever, in your time/space reality. That's a tribute to your mass media, to your interconnectedness. In other words, you collectively sent out a big one. Now, Step two takes place: Source Energy answers.

A Time of Summoning
Some of you are getting it that the more you ask, the more Source Energy flows -- the more current there is for you to ride on. This is the Energy that creates worlds, that you are summoning through this powerfully focused desire.

You are personally and collectively, summoning more Source Energy than ever before. This is good news. Then our friends say, "But Abraham, aren't we, as a planetary consciousness, more disconnected today than usual?" And we say, Your resistance globally is not greater than usual -- it's just about a different subject.

"So, are you saying that turmoil and contrast, and conflict, cause a summoning of Source Energy through the power of desire? But the same contrast, which produces the powerful resistance within us at the same time, is not equally devastating proportionate to the power of the desire?" And we say, remember, this is an attraction based Universe, and when you ask, it is always answered. The question is, are you going to let it in?

The Rich Get Richer If you trace back through history you will discover that every time there is upheaval the thrivers thrive exceedingly well, while those who are not thriving do not thrive exceedingly well. The magnifying glass that is laid over that which you are, is more powerful. So whatever it is that you are feeling, whatever it is that you are radiating, whatever the vibrational content of your being -- is amplified. So those who are sick are sicker than usual. Those who are well are weller than usual. Those who are rich are richer than usual. Those who are poor are poorer than usual. Wherever you are vibrating, your level of resistance indicates the degree of the Well-being, that has been asked for, that you allow into your experience.

When you are feeling good, you are letting it in. When you are not feeling good, you are not. We cannot put it in any more simple terms, but we do realize that together we have some hurdles to overcome, because somewhere along your trail, you have programmed yourself, in most cases, to the unbelievable: you actually have come to believe that you cannot trust your feelings, because if it feels good, it probably isn't, and if it feels bad, it's probably right.

Does Feeling Good Feel Wrong?
You have come to believe that struggle and suffering is virtuous and therefore good. (And on many levels you set yourself up to some of that suffering.) On the other hand, you've come to believe that joy, or following one's own bliss, is a sort of decadent thing. If you are joyful and doing what feels good to you, somehow you will be punished for it later, because, "after all, not feeling good must surely be the order of the Universe."

We don't know how you get that stuff. You are focused in the most joyful of environments. You are Universal focusers of Energy, and the Energy, itself, that you have to focus toward your individual and collective creative endeavor, is joy itself. It is love itself. The Creative Energy is joy.

Source Energy is the only Energy that flows. There's not a Source of dark, there is a Source of light, which you may be allowing or you may not. Well-being flows.

Allow The Wanted In
And so, rather than saying, "I think I will go on a diet in order to keep the fat out," what you're wanting to say is, "I'm wanting to allow the slender in." When you're allowing slender in, you are a vibrational match to slender. When you are trying to keep the fat out, you're a vibrational match to fat. When you're trying to get rid of sickness -- you're a vibrational match to sickness. When you are trying to allow wellness in, you are a vibrational match to wellness.

When you are wanting people to experience the joy of Connection to Source Energy -- you are offering words that are soothing or uplifting in nature. When you're wanting to depress them and suppress them -- you're pointing out their flaws.

Turn your attention toward what makes your heart sing while you turn your attention toward it, and if your heart is singing, or if you are in this place of appreciation -- then you are in the place of allowing.

Appreciate Something All day long, every day, you are launching vibrational desires. And Universal Forces are receiving that and answering that. And Law of Attraction is managing all of that. You are being answered, steadily.

As Jerry and Esther drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, the city was so beautiful. The sun was beginning to set, and the light was shining on the buildings in the city, and there was a fog muting everything; and the combination of the grays of the background of the city with the lights in the windows, that the sun was reflecting, and the pink in the sky... Esther nearly stopped the car on the bridge to savor it. She said, "Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?" She said, "I'm going to remember this always, always, always."

In that moment, as she found something to appreciate, she was in the utter state of allowing, so that every desire that she had ever uttered, vibrationally or verbally, was being allowed fully, in this moment. She did not have to think about the building projects. She did not have to think about the computer projects. She did not have to think about the CD projects. She did not have to think about the book projects. She did not have to think about the water garden project. She did not have to think about the new grandbaby on the way. She did not have to specifically think about any of these things that she wants to be perfect in every way. All she had to do was admire the beauty of a moment and hold herself not in resistance to what she's been asking for.

You do not have to hammer anything into place. Universal Forces know how to make it happen. Universal Forces know how and where and who -- and when. All you have to do is not be in the place of disallowance. All you have to do is not be in the place of doing that thing you do that doesn't allow yourself to receive all that you've been asking for.

With each moment of bliss, more of that which you've identified as your desire flows to you, until another moment of bliss comes and another, and another, and it seems as if the entire Universe revolves around you -- and it does.

So, a very short seminar would serve you, if you could hear it. And it would go something like this: Find something to be happy about. Goodbye!